Why to Pursue MIM in ESADE Business School?

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ESADE Business School
ESADE Business School

ESADE Business School is one of the most prestigious schools in the world. In the class of 2018, 27% of the students are from Europe, 23% from Asia, 14% from North America and rest from around the world. Located in Barcelona, only 6% were native of Spain.


ESADE Business School

programs have 4 pillars of education:

  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership

Furthermore, one program in which ESADE has emerged as a leading school is their Masters in Management or MIM program. ESADE’s MIM program aims to provide a thorough understanding of management along with focusing on the professional development of the students.


Why pursue a MIM in ESADE?


  1. Ranked 8th Best MIM Program by Financial Times 2016

ESADE’s MIM Program is ranked as one of the best MIM courses across the world. Most noteworthy, it is ranked at the eighth position for career progression and on number three for international mobility. It has been consistently ranked as one of the best colleges to study MIM from the last 10 years.


  1. Multi-national Diversity Exposure

ESADE attracts students from all across the globe each year. Though the college is located in Spain, the class of 2018 had only 6% Spanish students. ESADE is a multicultural hub located in the cosmopolitan and dynamic city of Barcelona. It has about 55 nationalities studying in their campus. ESADE is making sure that each of its students gets the international exposure they aim for with a good diversity and a diverse set of candidates.


  1. The flexibility of Course Structure

The program offers flexibility to the students in which they could tailor their course structure according to their professional and career goals. They have included a long list of elective courses, seminars, areas of specialization, projects etc. from which they could choose and customize their course structure.


  1. Internal/External Double Degree

Students can opt for a double internal or external degree in ESADE. Though this would require an additional 12-18 months for gaining both the qualifications.


  • Internal Double Degree – You can also make a choice between different courses like MSc in Marketing Management, MSc in International Management or MSc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
  • External Double Degree – While pursuing an External Double Degree in Management at ESADE, one gets the chance to spend 12 more months in one of the institutions of ESADE in Brazil, Canada, Italy, Finland or Switzerland. An external degree also gives you an access to alumni of both the colleges.


At ESADE Business School, you learn a lot of things beyond knowing about management. It is not a general management degree but a specialized programme for the future business leaders, influencers, and innovators.

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