How to Choose a College Major ? – A Big Decision

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How to choose a college
How to choose a college

Most of the colleges ask for a college major while filling the application form, and this creates a pressure on the applicant as he’s already got too many suggestions from his parents, teachers, counselors, and mentors. The pressure of identifying how to choose a college major. According to the universities, there are about 25-30% students who shift from one major to another at least once. About 8-10% students are sure and confident about the major that they choose.

So let us read more to identify

how to choose a college



Myths about Majors that create confusion among the applicants:


  1. Opting for a STEM as a major will pay back more
  • Yes, Engineering and computer science are highest paying back majors, but packages within specific programs differ big time.
  • There are ample examples, where history or English major earns much more than a chemical engineer.


  1. Women opt for Social Services or Education, which are less paying fields
  • Women are going to a much wider range of fields. They make up almost 58% of students enrolled last fall.


  1. Major Weighs more than the name of the College
  • Market trends and other figures clearly show that students who graduate from more elite schools, make more money
  • Better the university, better will be networking with classmates and alumni society.
  • Majors in low paying fields like humanities, arts, with good networks help in finding a good job.
  • Elite/ selective colleges provide a platform for better job training at their own campus or graduate schools.


  1. Choose Liberal Arts and Stay Unemployed
  • There are abundant jobs in the market that require this skill set
  • Liberal art is a broader term which includes specific major say Sociology, geography, history, modern languages, commercial art, photography and many more.
  • Additional courses in data analysis, social media, helps increase entry-level job chances substantially.


  1. It’s a must to choose major while applying
  • It’s perfectly fine to first explore different fields before declaring one to college
  • Students, who felt confident of their choice while applying, approximately 23% changed their field by the end of the second or the third semester.
  • Shifting from one major to another, especially if second is not related to first, may demand more time. To avoid such risks, the student may initially opt for meta majors/ undeclared, which is a broader group including many specifications.


  1. Major is required
  • A good number of colleges have now given the option to ignore the major specialty in the initial semester of college.
  • As per studies, only 33% of college majors, take up a job in their field of study
  • Restricting your knowledge and skill set to only major can never be beneficial at the or place.


To sum up, how to choose a college major using following tips:

  • Match your career goals
  • College happiness and success
  • Aligned with your interests and skills set
  • Check degree requirements at the colleges
  • Major must go aligned with your core values
  • Don’t misunderstand your interests as your career goals. Choose elective credits or course Era for your interests
  • Go for introductory courses before declaring your majors.
  • Seek help from the school counselor
  • Take up a career assessment quiz with prospective university


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