5 Mistakes in IELTS Speaking that Every Student Makes

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5 Mistakes in IELTS Speaking that Every Student Makes

Wondering why you aren’t able to perform well in IELTS Speaking? In this video, our IELTS expert, Purti is going to address the common IELTS Speaking test errors people make, based on the guidelines of the score.

– Fluency and Coherence
– Lexical Resource
– Grammatical Range
– Accuracy
– Pronunciation

These are 5 errors in IELTS Speaking that every student makes. If you are studying for the IELTS test, try to avoid these mistakes to help yourself get a higher score and perform better. Watch the video to uncover some other errors and how to overcome them. Hope you find the video beneficial and avoid these errors the next time you take an IELTS speaking test. Let us know in the comment section what mistakes you made repeatedly while appearing or preparing for your IELTS test. Stay tuned with Leverage Edu with more such exciting videos about IELTS.

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