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In today’s global scenario, people are attracted towards management education and in order to fulfill the demand, lots of management schools have sprung up across India, providing employment opportunities to those who are technically and managerial qualified. There has not been a significant improvement in the number of institutes catering to Public Policy. Being the inheritors of an enduring democracy, we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to participate in the civic affairs. As responsible citizens, we need to know how the analytical, ethical, and practical skills are necessary to effectively engage in public affairs. Understanding this responsibility is a life-long duty and once must relish it.

The sheer extent, scope, and cost of the intervention of the government in society, the economy, and world affairs make the study of public policy a mandate for participation to keep the culture of democracy vibrant. Similarly, the amount spent by the government at all levels makes this an important topic. Being taxpayers, we have a vital role in effective public policy and the overall scope of the government in our lives. We also consume a vast and varied bundle of public services, many of which we may not even recognize as such. Understanding the policy permits us to actualize solutions to practical problems which are brought to the agenda of the government. These may be our own problems, of our community, maybe our profession or some problems towards which we feel a special commitment. Knowing how a public policy works can improve our ability to deal with these issues.

Would you like to prepare yourself for a career in national and international leadership and government roles through this comprehensive postgraduate program? This program focuses on issues of governance and analyses how our society deals with the challenges and policy problems, often by combining the resources of government, private and community sectors. Students develop practical knowledge combined with high level of research skills and a critical, enquiring approach to questions related to governance and policy development in the new millennium. Students will be exposed to knowing the leading thinkers and debates in the public, private and community sectors, and will develop capacities to enhance effectiveness in the workplace and gain a better understanding of the way governments operate as well as the major public issues confronting our society. Graduates of the governance and Public Policy programs will develop skills in areas such as political overview, government strategies, and policy analysis as well as issues management. Such skills are applicable in the public sector and also in the private and community sectors.

A degree in public policy can prepare you for a career in many different platforms, in the governmental, non-profit, or for-profit sector. Graduates in the Public Policy are changing and improving conditions worldwide in a large variety of organizations.

– Team Leverage


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