All About The University of St. Gallen

All About The University of St. Gallen- Leverage Edu
All About The University of St. Gallen- Leverage Edu

When we talk about varsities in some of the most beautiful places on earth, you cannot miss out the University of St. Gallen or HSG in Switzerland. Founded in 1898, it specializes in the field of economics, business administration, international affairs and law. Considered to be one of the leading business schools in Europe and even worldwide, it is EQUIS and AACSB accredited.

90% of the graduates of HSG would opt for it again. The list of notable alumni includes Paul Achleitner, the Chairman of Deutsche Bank; Peter Fankhauser, CEO of the Thomas Cook; Josef Ackermann, former CEO of Deutsche Bank, etc.

So, what is it so special about HSG, let’s find out-


  • The university houses 5 schools and 29 affiliated research institutes, which run independently as business houses.
  • HSG has to offer 5 undergraduate and 13 postgraduate courses across its campus.
  • The MIM program of the varsity is considered as one of the best, worldwide. Correspondingly, the average salary of a MIM from HSG today is approximately USD 114,449.
  • At the time of graduation, around 80% of the students already have a job in hand.
  • A Master’s level course requires a tuition fee of CHF 3,326 that equates to around INR 2,16,000 per semester. In addition, this is indeed way less than other B-Schools around the globe or even in India.
  • Other than their routine subjects, the students study psychology, sociology, business ethics, history and philosophy. Furthermore, this allows them to think critically and can attain skills which help them deal with cultural and social challenges.
Class Structure
  • In 2016, HSG was housing more than 8,000 students. Out of which, around 3,000 were master’s and a little over 600 were doctoral students.
  • The proportion of international students at the varsity is 25%, a fixed upper limit by the government.
  • Keeping the number of students per staff member really low at 13.1, the university focuses on the individualistic development of its students.
  • When at HSG, you can expect the Female to Male ratio to be around 33:67.
  • HSG Alumni, the organization of former students of this university has more than 19,000 members and 80 alumni clubs in 4 continents.
  • Probably, one of the best parts of the university is that the campus is located on the top of Rosenberg hill, with a picturesque of the Alps. Throughout its campus, art & architecture has been integrated beautifully, which makes the time spent at the university worthwhile.
  • Hiking, skiing, sailing are some activities which students can associate themselves with, while at HSG because of its attractive location between the Alps and Lake Constance.
  • A few minutes’ walk away from the main campus is a convention and executive education centre, which comprises 54 business rooms as well as several plenary halls.
  • There are international hubs maintained by The University of Sao Paulo and Singapore to connect students, alumni, local faculty, and companies with academic activities.

Whether it’s the academic excellence, diversified range of students’ clubs and societies, or the scenic beauty in and around the campus, one thing or the other about St. Gallen University makes it simply irresistible for the students not to consider it as an option for their higher studies. But what’s more important for now is to not just dream about yourself studying at HSG, but to plan out the course of action which may increase your chance exponentially to make that dream come true. Let’s leverage together and make this a life-changing experience.

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