CBSE Class 12th Results 2021

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CBSE Class 12th Results

2021 has been anything but ordinary in all respects. The ongoing pandemic has disrupted the working of virtually all institutions and to adapt to this ongoing phase, academic institutions have decided to change their approach toward a previously fixed process of learning, teaching as well as grading and assessments. CBSE is no exception to the situation. After continuously postponing the exams and finally cancelling them, CBSE has released the results of the Class 12th board exams. The result was decided as per the internal and previous year marks of the children. Putting an end to the chaos, CBSE finally released the result on 30th July 2021. So, let’s understand the CBSE class 12th results in detail and focus on the highlights of the result.

CBSE Class 12th Results: Overview

Cancellation of crucial board exams posed a serious challenge for CBSE in terms of determining the results of students. The results were finally derived by this method:

  • 40% weightage to the internal assessments of Class 12th
  • 30% weightage to marks secured in theoretical papers in Class 11
  • 30% weightage to class 10th theory marks

As a result of these policies, 99.37% students passed their class 12th in comparison to the 88.78% in the year 2020. Out of 13,04,561 students, 12,95,813 students have passed this year. It was, again, a huge jump from 2019, with 83.40% of students passing the exams in 2019. This surge in pass percentage can be attributed to the exemption of students from appearing in the exams and weightage of internal assessments, thus eliminating the chances of failure in a subject. 

If we compare the CBSE Class 12th results on the basis of gender, girls outshone boys yet again in passing percentage by a margin of 0.54%. The students of transgender community secured a whopping 100% pass percentage this year with girls reaching a 99.67% and boys at 99.13%.

If we delve deeper into student scores, we find that the number of students scoring over 95% this year is more than twice the number in 2019. In 2020, 38,686 students scored equal to or in excess of 95% marks, which is phenomenal to the 2019 figure of 17,693. Similarly, the number of students who scored above 90% also increased from about 94,000 students in 2019 to almost 1,60,000 lakh in 2020.

How to Access your CBSE Class 12th Result?

Students can access their digital marksheets, migration certificates and skill certificates via DigiLocker. Foreign students can also access their results on their emails through the CBSE DigiLocker page. The DigiLocker is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

How to Give the Optionals Exams? 

CBSE will conduct compartment exams or optional exams between Apr 16, 2021and September 15, 2021 for those who are not satisfied with their marks or have failed in any subject. If you are hoping to put for improvement in one or more subjects, the same window applies to you. 

CBSE Class 12th Results: Regional Statistics

Mirroring the success achieved in the last year, Trivandrum topped the list for the city with the highest passing percentage in India. A whopping 99.89% of students cleared their exams in one go, while Bengaluru is a close second with a passing percentage of 99.83%. Here is a table showing the top-performing cities in India in the CBSE Class 12th results, along with their pass percentage. 

RegionPass Percentage
Trivandrum 99.89
Bengaluru 99.83
Chennai 99.77
Delhi West 99.84
Delhi East 99.84
Panchkula 99.54
Chandigarh 99.47
Bhubaneswar 99.55
Bhopal 99.34
Pune 99.35 

Inspiring Results by Students

While there is no confirmed list of top performers this year, here are some of the stories of the CBSE students who will definitely inspire you.

Ansuiya Scored full 100%

While a lot of students score 100% results in CBSE every year, the story of Ansuiya is an interesting one. Coming from Badera Village from Uttar Pradesh’s Mahoba district, she is the first member of her family to go to school till Class 12th. Due to financial constraints, her parents and sister did not go to school while her brothers are only educated till Class 8th. She is now planning to get a scholarship to study in a college. She is a humanities student where she bagged 100 in all subjects except for political science where she got 99 marks. Her favorite subjects are geography and journalism and she aims to become an IAS Officer.

Keerthi Sundarmoorthi Overcomes Poor Vision to Top CBSE Class 12

Keerthi Sundarmoorthi, a 20 year old girl from Vellore, Tamil Nadu has score 97.4% in Class 12th. She is among the top 5.37% students who gained more than 95% in the exams. She has fought impaired vision and eye-related complications and had to drop out of school for two years after Class 10th to undergo her treatments. She not only topped her results but also cracked IPMAT entrance exam to get admission for a five-year integrated course at IIM Indore. She is also thinking to apply for University of Delhi’s BCom (Hons).

This wraps up all the details and highlights of CBSE class 12th Results 2020. If you are also a class 12th student and confused about your prospects in different fields, we are here to help. Not only do we help you choose the best college and course combination out there for you, but we also acquaint you with the various opportunities waiting for you abroad. Connect with us at Leverage Edu today and take an informed step to steer towards the next phase of your academic journey!

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