Top Humanities Courses After Class 12th

Top Humanities Courses After Class 12th- Leverage Edu
Top Humanities Courses After Class 12th- Leverage Edu

We mostly receive requests for the best programs to pursue after class 12th, especially from Humanities courses. Moreover, a substantial number of students who finish their high school in Arts stream and are worried about the courses they can pursue to ensure a productive career ahead.  Hence, here we give you an exhaustive list of humanities courses available after 12th.

Many students live with a myth that there are limited career options for those who have completed 10+ 2 with Arts/Humanities. However, the fact is something else. Also, this is one of the most diverse streams among all viz. Arts, Science and Commerce. Consequently, there are countless courses one can pursue across the globe. Thus, be it management, fashion or textile design, law, animation, journalism, humanities, aviation, banking or any other program, an Arts student will have a lot of career options to choose from.

Therefore, here we give you an exhaustive list of programs options after 12th:

  1. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  2. BBM (Bachelor of Business Management)
  3. BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
  1. Fashion Designing
  2. Textile Designing
  3. Interior Designing
Travel/Hospitality /Aviation
  1. A career in Hotel Management
  2. Event Management
  3. Travel & Tourism
Animation & Multimedia
  1. Animation Design
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Web Design
  1. Journalism
  2. Mass Communication
  3. Media Management
Law/ Humanities
  1. Law
  2. Economics
  3. Psychology
  4. Sociology
Also, few more unique courses
  1. Photography
  2. Air Hostess
  3. Acting/ Modelling
  4. Creative Arts
  5. Literature
  6. Political Science
  7. Foreign Languages


Hence, the list is endless.

Furthermore, there are many other professional courses which can be pursued after 12th Arts. Also, some of the most interesting and out of the box options include Jewellery and Accessories Designing, Leather and Footwear Design, Photography, Game Design, Multimedia, Airport Operations, Cabin Crew, Acting & Modelling, Anchoring & Jockeying, Creative Arts, Language and Literature courses, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Foreign Languages, Armed Forces, IAS, IPS, Fine Arts and many more.

Thus, let’s put end to this popular myth that humanities group have limited professional opportunities. Therefore, there is no need to limit you to the conventional career options.

Hence, to know details about colleges/universities offering these specializations you may log on to


-Team Leverage!

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