What’s the Best App to Learn French?

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Best App to Learn French

With the world becoming more global day by day, learning a foreign language is becoming popular among students. Knowing a foreign language, especially French, shows a lot about you, and using the best app to learn French will make the process much easier. There is a wide range of apps that can help you learn a foreign language. In this blog, we’ll discuss the best apps to learn French.

Best French Teaching Apps


Busuu is a free french learning app that makes learning more interesting and easier as compared to some other apps. The app even has a speech recognition tool that helps you in your learning process by listening to you and giving feedback as well as correcting your written work.


Duolingo is one of the most known as well as famous apps for learning foreign languages. It helps in making learning a lot more fun and easier. Duolingo is a free app and has even been ranked as the best french learning app by the apple play store. The app helps a lot in starting you off with the french basics and makes learning a bit more competitive with different tasks and activities. However, the app is not made for learning proper grammar and only helps in the basic learning of the language. In order to learn about the language in more depth, you actually need to supplement all your learnings into real life.

Tandem French

While learning a new language through an app, the biggest problem is not having anyone that can correct you or listen to you. Tandem is the solution to your biggest problem. Tandem is a free french learning app which helps you choose the language you want to learn and then help you connect with the native speakers. This app will allow you to connect with native french speakers who are learning english. It will help you in realizing all your mistakes so that you can start working on them. Also, it is really fun and easy to find a conversation partner and have a healthy conversation and learn at the same time. 


FluentU is a really practical oriented app that is free of cost. It helps in learning in such a way that you can actually see yourself indulging in the french culture and their language. The app teaches you through a blend of different french music audios, videos and interactive conversations with subtitles as well. The app contains a variety of quality content such as web series, videos, interviews etc. which will help you in learning the language in a more natural way. The learning is also made really fun with a mixture of quizzes and different tasks. 

500 French Conversations

The name of the app explains the app quite in detail itself. The app is free of cost and contains 500 conversations in french which are to listen in no particular order. The conversation includes random topics such as work, school etc. The conversations are available in both French and English and help in learning fast as the conversations are to the point and are best for beginners. After listening to the conversations, you will also be presented with a test such as fill in the blanks etc.  

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the oldest methodologies in learning french and has been known to be really effective. It has been made available as an app recently only. The most unique thing about this app is there is no single English word in there and everything is in the French language only. The app is based on the concept of how we learn our mother tongue just by listening to it again and again in our childhood, just like that this app helps in learning french with only french words.


MosaLingua is a paid app that consists of different french audiobooks and interactive conversations. The unique feature of the app is its Spaced Repetition system. The system is useful in presenting new words to you particularly when they are actually needed i.e. just when they’re about to be lost from your memory. The app contains more than 10 categories and 100 sub-categories of audiobooks which helps you consume all this material and ease your way into the language.

We hope this blog helps you in getting familiar with some of the best apps for learning french. All these apps can really help you get efficient in french speaking. Thinking of studying in France? Get in touch with Leverage Edu experts to get complete assistance in choosing the right course for yourself and getting admission to your dream university. Sign up for a free session with us now!

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