CA Foundation Syllabus

CA Foundation Syllabus

Being a highly reputed profession with lucrative salaries, Chartered Accountancy is a widely pursued career by students across the world. In India, the first step towards building a career in this field is to clear all the 3 levels of the exam namely, CA Foundation, IPCC, and the CA Final Exam conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI) and are also among the toughest exams in the world. This blog will cover all the information and details pertaining to CA Foundation syllabus including the exam patter, marking scheme, and a lot more. 

Elements Details
Exam Name CA Foundation (earlier known as CA CPT)
Conducting Authority The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)
Level of Exam National
Exam Category Undergraduate (UG)
Course Offered Chartered Accountancy in India
Mode of Exam Offline i.e. Pen and Paper-based Test (PPT)
Exam Medium English
Duration of Exam 4 Hours (2 Hours for each exam Session)
Frequency Multiple times a year

ICAI CA Foundation Paper Pattern 2021

Mentioned below is the latest ICAI CA Foundation exam pattern for the 2021 CA Foundation exam:

Exam Name  ICAI CA Foundation 
Exam Mode Offline 
Medium of Exam  English or Hindi (English being compulsory for Section B of Paper 2)
Maximum marks 400 (100 per paper)
Negative marking  -1/4th mark for every wrong answer to the objective questions in Paper 3 and 4
Type of questions Paper 1 and 2- Subjective
Paper 3 and 4- Objective
Passing criteria 40% marks per paper
50% marks overall

CA Foundation Marks Distribution 2021

The CA Foundation syllabus and subjects are listed below, along with their respective weightage or marks. Some CA Foundation courses are separated into two sections; thus, the student must be aware of all CA Foundation subjects with weightage.

Papers CA Foundation Subjects Marks Distribution
Paper 1 Principles and Practices of Accounting 100 Marks
Paper 2 Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting
1. Business Laws
2. Business Correspondence and Reporting
100 Marks

(60 Marks)
(40 Marks)

Paper 3 Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics.
1. Business Mathematics
2. Logical Reasoning
3. Statistics
100 Marks

(40 Marks)
(20 Marks)
(40 Marks)

Paper 4 Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge
Section A: Business Economics
Section B: Business and Commercial Knowledge
100 Marks

(60 Marks)
(40 Marks)

CA Foundation Syllabus PDF

CA Foundation Syllabus: Paper 1 

The Principles and Practice of Accounting is a three hours long paper of 100 marks. The CA foundation syllabus for this paper is as follows: 

  • Theoretical Framework 
  • Accounting Process
  • Accounting for Special Transactions 
  • Concept and Accounting of Depreciation 
  • Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors 
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement 
  • Inventories 
  • Partnership Accounts 
  • Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations 
  •  Introduction to Company Accounts 

CA Foundation Syllabus: Paper 2 

Covering major portions related to the Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting, paper 2 is a three hours long paper which has a maximum weightage of 100 marks. The CA foundation syllabus of this paper, which is further divided into two sections has been mentioned below: 

Section A: Business Law [60 Marks] 

  • The Indian Contract Act, 1872 
  • The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 
  • The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 
  • The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 
  • The Companies Act, 2013 

Note: In case of enactment of new legislation replacing the current legislation, the CA Foundation syllabus would include those provisions with effect from the corresponding dates as per the notification of ICAI.  

Section B: Business Correspondence and Reporting [40 Marks]

Part 1: Communication Types, Directions, Network, Process, Problems, Barriers, Types of Communication (Interpersonal, Listening Skills, and Emotional Intelligence)
Part II: Sentence Type and Word Power 1. Sentence Definition 
2. Classification of the sentence based on connotation: Assertive, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory, and Optative sentences.
3. Sentence Structure: Subject and Predicate, Verb (Auxiliary, Finite), Object (Direct & Indirect Speech), Complement, Adjunct or Adverbial, Clause Structure, Types of Clauses, Direct and Indirect speech.
4. Active Passive Voice
5. Verbs Voice Active or Passive
6. Vocabulary Root Words
7. Synonyms and Antonyms
8. Prefixes and Suffixes
9. Phrasal Verbs, Collocations, and Idioms. 
Part III Comprehension Passages and Note Making
Part IV: Developing Writing Skills Introduction to Basic Writing: Precise, Article, and Report Writing, Writing Formal Letters, and Mails, Resume Writing, and Meetings. 

CA Foundation Syllabus: Paper 3

With a time span of 2 hours, the Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics is a total of 100 marks paper. The CA foundation syllabus and marks of every section have been listed below: 

Part – A: Business Mathematics [40 Marks]

  • Ratio and Proportion, Indices and Logarithms 
  • Equations and Matrices 
  • Linear Inequalities with Objective Functions and Optimization w.r.t. Objective Function 
  • Time value of Money
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Sequence and Series
  • Sets, Relations, and Functions
  • Basic applications of Differential and Integral calculus

Part – B: Logical Reasoning [20 Marks] 

  • Number Series, Coding and Decoding and the Odd Man Out. 
  • Direction Tests 
  • Seating Arrangements 
  • Blood Relations 
  • Syllogism 

Part – C: Statistics [40 Marks] 

  • The Statistical Description of Data 
  • Measures of Central tendency and Dispersion
  • Probability
  • Theoretical Distributions
  • Correlation and Regression
  • Index Numbers and Time Series 

CA Foundation Syllabus: Paper 4

With an aim to develop the necessary problem-solving skills, the CA foundation syllabus of the Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge assesses the knowledge of candidates in the following list of topics: 

Part I: Business Economics [60 Marks]

  • Introduction to Business Economics 
  • Theory of Demand and Supply
  • Theory of Production and Cost
  • Price Determination in Different Markets 
  • Business Cycles

Part II: Business And Commercial Knowledge [40 Marks] 

  • Business and Commercial Knowledge – An Introduction 
  • Business Environment
  • Business Organizations
  • Government Policies for Business Growth 
  • Organizations Facilitating Business 
  • Common Business Terminologies

Note: Apart from the CA Foundation syllabus, the students appearing for the examination must read a financial newspaper and business magazine regularly to stay updated with important business-related news. 

Marking Scheme 

Let us understand how will the answer copies be evaluated for this exam-

  • Total marks- 400
  • Paper 1 and 2 are subjective and Paper 3 and 4 are Objective type
  • In an objective question, 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer
  • It is mandatory to score minimum of 40% marks in every subject and a minimum of 50% of the aggregate of marks in all subjects

Want to know how you can ace the CA Foundation exam, watch out this video AIR 1 holder-

Courtesy: Atul Agarwal

Books for CA Foudnation Exam

You can cover the important topics through the below-mentioned popular books for CA Foundation Level exam :

Principles And Practice Of Accounting

Quantitative Aptitude

Mercantile Law

Other Reference Books

Past Question Papers


How many subjects are there in CA Foundation?|

Candidates interested in becoming a CA needs to pass the first stage, i.e CA Foundation. CA Foundation comprises of 4 major subjects which are mandatory for candidates to clear to reach the second stage of CA Exam.

Is there any negative marking for CA Foundation Exam?

Yes, CA Foundation exam has negative marking. One wrong answer is equal to the dedication of 1/4th mark from the overall score. Therefore, only answer familiar questions.

Will ICAI send some books as per CA Foundation syllabus after registration or is it a paid service?

No, it is not a paid service. You will receive your books shortly after registering for the CA course. 

Is there any amendment introduced by ICAI for CA Foundation?

No, there is no change in the CA Foundation syllabus so far. However, there are some changes made in the CA Final syllabus. You may read our blog on CA Final new syllabus to know more!

Is CA foundation very difficult?

It takes a lot of work to prepare for the CA foundation, but nothing is impossible. The advantage of the CA foundation is that it simply requires a specific threshold and is not a competitive test. So you may unwind and concentrate solely on what you need to do to succeed in this exam.

What’s the ideal time to complete or revise the entire syllabus for the CA Foundation exam?

The ideal time to start preparing and revising for the CA Foundation exam is 3 months, as per the syllabus and level of knowledge to pass the exam.

How many attempts are allowed for the CA Foundation?

The first step is to sign up for the CA Foundation. After you register, your registration will be valid for three years. Candidates can apply for the CA Foundation May/November test within this time frame. Candidates may apply for and sit in a maximum of six examinations during a three-year period.

Are 12th marks important for CA?

There is no minimum mark/percentage requirement to sit for the CA Foundation Exams. It just needs that you PASS your 10 + 2 examinations in order to sit for it.

Thus, the CA foundation syllabus is very diverse and comprehensive. Needless to say, one needs to have a well-crafted preparation strategy to ace this exam. If you are in need of any career-related guidance, the experts at Leverage Edu can assist you. You can book a 30 minutes free career counselling session with the experts and get all your queries answered within minutes!

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  1. Can someone belongs to average family do CA in less fees ? If yes then tell me what is the process.! I want to do CA ,but it is very expensive so ……… My family can’t bear this amount of the answer is yes then pls pls pls tell me I shall be very thankful to you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Hi Kanchan!

      You can pursue CA regardless of your financial background. There are various scholarships that help students with financial aid. Here are some blogs that will help you-
      If you have more queries, please feel free to leave a comment or contact our experts at 1800572000! All the best

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