CA Course Fees in India for Foundation, Intermediate and Final (2023)

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CA Course Fees

Many Indian students after completing their 12th from the Commerce stream aspire to become Chartered Accountants. Thus, the demand for chartered accountants is high in India and the salaries are also very handsome. To become a chartered accountant, students need to appear for national exams. The common concern of students is regarding the total fees for CA courses during the entire course of around five years. For complete details on CA course fees and other details read more. 

Overview of the total fees for CA course- Foundation, Intermediate, Final 

The following are the fees course structure of CA courses:

CA Course Fees Indian StudentForeigner Student
CA Foundation (CPT)₹11,300$1105
CA Intermediate- Single Group₹28,000$925
CA Intermediate- Both groups₹34,200$1500
CA Intermediate- Direct₹33,400$1500
Articleship Fee₹2,000
CA Final₹39,800$1650

About the CA Course 

CA exams are divided into three categories- CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Finals. Practical training for three years is mandatory. The course focuses on practical training. The duration of the CA course is a minimum of 4.5 to 5 years, including the registration time.

CA CPT Registration Process

CA Course Fees Structure: Foundation 

CA Foundation is the primary level to be cleared to pursue the CA course. The CA Foundation registration is available twice a year (June and December). 

CA Course Registration Fees

The CA Foundation fees structure for one year for Indian Students is ₹ 10,800/- which includes:

Category Fees
CA course registration ₹9000
Journal membership ₹200 (optional)
Examination ₹1500
Online form ₹200

For International Students, the CA fee structure for one year is $ 1065/- which includes:

Category Fees
CA course registration $700
Journal membership $20
Examination fees $325
Online form $20

Application Fees

Application fees may vary for Foundation Course. The details are as follows:

Centers Fees
For opting for a Centre in India ₹ 1500/-
For opting Kathmandu Centre ₹ 2200/-
For opting Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha or Muscat Centers US$ 325/-

CA Course Fees Structure for Reappearing Exams

The validity of the CA course registration fees for the CA foundation course is 3 years. After completion of the registration period, you can re-validate it again by paying ₹ 500. All those students who are not able to clear their Foundation exams can only pay the examination fees again and get a new admit card for the next exam.

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CA Course Fees: Intermediate 

The registration for CA intermediate course follows two different approaches: Foundation Route and Direct entry. 

In the Foundation Route students clear their Foundation exams and register for the Intermediate level. Intermediate-level registration is done twice a year ( August and February). The direct entry scheme for graduates is for the student who wants to be exempt Foundation level and reach directly to the Intermediate level. There are again two possibilities for this approach- the student who is a graduate or postgraduate.

The student who is at the intermediate level of the CS course or CFA course and wants to be a CA can directly register for the Intermediate level.

Registration Fees

The CA course registration fee for CA intermediate for a single group is ₹ 13,000 and for both groups is ₹ 18,000. Students from Direct Entry Route have to register for both groups. The registration fee for both groups is ₹ 15,000.

The CA inter-registration fee 2023 for students from overseas for the Intermediate level is US$ 600 for a single group and US$ 1000 for both groups.

CA course registration fees for CA Intermediate are for 4 years. Registration can be validated again by paying ₹ 400. A late fee of ₹ 600/- for Centers in India and Kathmandu (US$ 10 for Overseas Centers) is applicable

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Examination Fee or Application Fees for CA Intermediate Course

The examination fee or application fee for the Intermediate single group is ₹ 1500 and for both groups, the Intermediate examination fee is ₹ 2700.

Moreover, the student from the foundation route can enrol either for a single group or both group exams according to their preparation. The examination fee for the single group is ₹1500 and for both groups is ₹ 2700. Students from Direct Entry Route have to register for both groups, but they can’t appear for single-group exams. The Intermediate examination fee for students from overseas is US$ 325 for a single group and $500 for both groups

Journal Fee for Intermediate level

The journals are free of cost for students at this level. But students registering under the Direct entry route need to pay ₹ 200 for a journal subscription.

Students Activity Fees for Intermediate Level

All the students have to pay ₹ 2000 as activity fees. It is paid to experience different workshops, seminars, and conferences held by ICAI.

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ICITSS Fees for Intermediate Level

ICITSS CA is a mandatory 4-week training course for CA students. ICAI takes this session for a minimum of 6 hours for 15 days. An ICITSS fee of ₹ 13,500/- is the cost of conducting these sessions. The fee is the same for all the students.

The validity of the registration in Intermediate is for 4 years. After the expiry registration, you can validate it again by paying ₹ 400/-.

CA Course Fees Structure: Final

The last stage of the CA program is CA Final. The registration can be done anytime after completing 3 years of practical training and clearing the Intermediate level. The registration is valid for up to 5 years and re-validation is allowed too. 

CA Course Registration Fees

CA Final registration fees for both groups are ₹ 39,800. The Final registration fee for foreign students is US$ 1650. 

Application/Exam Fee for CA Final

The examination fee or application fee for both groups of CA Final is ₹ 3300/-  and for a single group is ₹ 1800/-. The Final examination fee for students from overseas is US$ 550 for both groups.

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Articleship/Practical Training Fee for CA Final

Articleship fees of ₹ 2000 are paid during the time of registration, or on the commencement of Practical training. The students also need to pay ₹ 500 to register for the assessment test.

AICITSS Training Fee for CA Final

AICITSS training is divided into two groups: information technology and soft skills with a fee of ₹ 7000 and ₹ 7500 respectively. A late fee of ₹ 600/- for Centers in India and Kathmandu (US$10 for Overseas Centers) is applicable.

CA Coaching Fees in India

The following are the coaching fees for CA courses in India:

CA Course Level Fees
CA Foundation ₹ 53,000
CA Intermediate (Single Group) ₹ 50,000
CA Intermediate (Both Group) ₹ 90,000
CA Final (Single Group) ₹ 50,000
CA Final (Both Group) ₹ 1,00,000


Q1. Is CA easy to pass?

Ans. The test for chartered accountants is not extremely challenging. Candidates who have finished the 12th grade may enrol in this course. The test may be passed easily if students memorise the whole material, but proper preparation is required.

Q2. Is CA a stressful job?

Ans. A chartered accountant doesn’t have a difficult job. Candidates choose this course in large part and only then are they taught to work very hard and dedicate time to their presentations.

Q3. Is CFA harder than CA?

Ans. When comparing the difficulty of the CFA and CA courses, the CA programme comes out on top since fewer students complete it than the CFA programme.

We hope this blog helps you in understanding the CA course fee structure for different CA courses- Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. The CA course duration and fees vary in all these 3 courses. You may pick the one that suits your eligibility best. To find the right university for studying a suitable program in Chartered Accountancy, reach out to our Leverage Edu experts. 

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