Learn 50 Most Common Words in Spanish

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Common Words in Spanish

You might have heard about Netflix’s marvellous Money Heist series but did you know that it is originally in Spanish? ‘La Casa De Papel’ is the original title of Money Heist and can be translated into English as ‘The House of Paper’. Spanish is hailed amongst the most spoken languages in the world with over 500 million native speakers, mainly in Spain and America.  It is the world’s second-most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese and also the world’s fourth-most in the world after English, Mandarin Chinese, and Hindi. If you are still new to Spanish or plan on learning it, we are here to teach you 50 common words in Spanish with useful examples that will help you remember them easily!

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  1. Buenos días (Good morning)
    Example: Los estudiantes le desearon buenos días a su maestro (Students wished their teacher good morning.)
  2. Buenas tardes (Good afternoon)
    Example: Le deseé buenas tardes. (I wished him good afternoon.)
  3. Buenas Noches (Goodnight)
    Example: Le deseo a mi osito buenas noches todas las noches. (I wish my teddy good night every night.)
  4. Hola (Hello)
    Example: Hola! Como estas? (Hello! How are you doing?)
  5. La casa (the house)
    Example: Esta casa es tan bonita. (This house is so pretty.)
  6. La mesa (the table)
    Example: El jarrón está sobre la mesa. (The vase is on the table.)
  7. La ventana (the window)
    Example: El gato está sentado cerca de la ventana. (The cat is sitting near the window.)
  8. La silla (the chair)
    Example: La silla está rota. (The chair is broken.)
  9. La puerta (the door)
    Example: Por favor cierra la puerta. (Please shut the door.)
  10. El reloj (the clock)
    Example: El reloj ha dejado de funcionar. (The clock has stopped working.)

Bravo! You have learned 10 most common words in Spanish, keep scrolling to learn more!

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  1. El piso (the floor)
    Example: El piso está mojado. (The floor is wet.)
  2. La mujer (the woman)
    Example: Esa mujer del vestido negro se ve hermosa. (That woman in the black dress looks beautiful.)
  3. El hombre (the man)
    Example: Ese hombre es mi profesor. (That man is my professor.)
  4. La niña (the girl)
    Example: Esta niña es la hija de mi vecino. (This little girl is my neighbour’s daughter.)
  5. El niño (the boy)
    Example: El niño está jugando en el jardín. (The boy is playing in the garden.)
  6. El gato (m) (the cat)
    Example: El gato se bebió toda la leche. (The cat drank all the milk.)
  7. El perro (m) (the dog)
    Example: El perro está ladrando. (The dog is barking.)
  8. El pájaro (the bird)
    Example: El pájaro gorjea. (The bird is chirping.)
  9. El elefante (the elephant)
    Example: Vi un elefante en el zoológico. (I saw an elephant in the zoo.)
  10. El coche (the car)
    Example: El coche es BMW X5. (The car is BMW X5.)

30 more common Spanish words to learn! Don’t give up yet!

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  1. La calle (the street)
    Example: Mi casa está ubicada justo al lado de la calle 9. (My house is located just next to street 9.)
  2. La tienda (the store)
    Example: Esa tienda esta cerrada ahora. (That store is closed now.)
  3. La biblioteca (the library)
    Example: Esta es una de las bibliotecas más grandes del mundo. (This is one of the biggest libraries in the world.)
  4. El libro (the book)
    Example: El libro pertenece a mi amiga. (The book belongs to my friend.)
  5. La playa (the beach)
    Example: Quiero ir a la playa. (I want to go to the beach.)
  6. La montaña (the mountain)
    Example: Las montañas están cubiertas de nieve. (The mountains are covered with snow.)
  7. Café (coffee)
    Example: Bebo café por la noche. (I drink coffee in the evening.)
  8. Té (tea)
    Example: Soy una persona del . (I am a tea person.)
  9. Vino (wine)
    Example: El vino es excelente. (El vino es excelente.)
  10. Cerveza (beer)
    Example: Quiero cerveza fría. (I want some cold beer.)

Well, we are almost there! Serving 20 more common Spanish words right away!

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  1. Leche (milk)
    Example: Prefiero el té con un poco de leche. (I prefer tea with some milk.)
  2. Agua (water)
    Example: Bebo al menos 7 vasos de agua todos los días. (I drink at least 7 glasses of water every day.)
  3. La iglesia (the church)
    Example: Voy a la iglesia todos los viernes. (I go to the church every Friday.)
  4. El museo (the museum)
    Example: Iré a un museo este sábado. (I will go to a museum this saturday.)
  5. La nariz (the nose)
    Example: Se lastimó la nariz mientras jugaba. (He hurt his nose while playing.)
  6. Los ojos (the eyes)
    Example: Tengo una infección en los ojos. (I am having an infection in my eyes.)
  7. La boca (the mouth)
    Example: El bayo no abre la boca para tomar la medicina. (The bay is not opening his mouth to take the medicine.)
  8. La cabeza (the head)
    Example: Me duele la cabeza. (My head hurts.)
  9. El brazo (the arm)
    Example: Tuve una fractura en mi brazo izquierdo el mes pasado. (I got a fracture in my left arm last month.)
  10. Las piernas (the legs)
    Example: Tengo piernas grandes. (I have big legs.)
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Final 10 left! Learn these most common Spanish words and hit your big goal for today!

  1. Las manos (the hands)
    Example: Los indios comen con las manos. (Indians eat with their hands.)
  2. Persona (person)
    Example: Quiero conocer a esa persona. (I want to meet that person.)
  3. Familia (family)
    Example: Vivo en una familia nuclear. (I live in a nuclear family.)
  4. Aeropuerto (airport)
    Example: El aeropuerto está cerca de mi casa. (The airport is near to my house.)
  5. Tren (train)
    Example: El tren llega tarde. (The train is late.)
  6. Restaurante (restaurant)
    Example: Nosotras vamos a un restaurante de lujo hoy. (We are going to a fancy restaurant today.)
  7. Universidad (university)
    Example: Estudio en una universidad. (I study in a university.)
  8. ¿Cómo? (How?)
    Example: ¿Cómo va la escuela? (How’s school going?)
  9. ¿Dónde? (Where?)
    Example: ¿Dónde vive? (Where do you live?)
  10. ¿Cuándo? (When?)
    Example: ¿Cuando es tu cumpleaños? (When is your birthday?)
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5 Common Phrases in Spanish (BONUS) 

Here is a unique bonus for all Spanish learners, check out these 5 most common words in SPanish!

Gracias  Thank you 
De nada You’re welcome
Perdóneme Excuse me
Lo Siento I’m sorry
Hasta luego See you later

Thus, we hope that you learned 50 new common words in Spanish with us today! Want to study in Spain? Reach out to Leverage Edu and we will help you at every step of the admissions process of your dream university! Sign up for a free session!

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