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actuarial science books

Actuarial Science has gained a lot of popularity in recent times in India. Many students have shown interest in this course and want to build a career in it. An Actuary assesses the impacts of future events on the present scenario. They help businesses make decisions after considering various factors which can impact the business. The course requires a lot of dedication and hard-work, it has a total of 13 papers which need to be cleared. This blog covers some of the best actuarial science books for students.

Actuarial Science Syllabus

To become an expert of Actuarial Science in India, it is important to clear all the 13 papers .The syllabus includes subjects like mathematics, statistics, modelling, time value of money and many such more. There are many important concepts which are covered in detail like annuities, risk modelling, stochastic processes etc. For further detailed information on the syllabus, you can visit the official IAI or IFOA website.

Study Material for Actuarial Science

For all the 13 papers, the institute provides Acted Study Material which has all the chapters covered in them. you can purchase the study material from the official IAI and IFOA website. Along with the study material, the institute also provides revision notes which are good practice for all the knowledge gained while studying the Actuarial Science course notes.

Actuarial Science Books

Sometimes, the course notes are not enough for thorough knowledge of the subject, so the institute asks the students to refer to some books which will help them acquire a deeper understanding of the concepts and subject. Here is a list of some of the best actuarial science books: 

Name of the bookAuthor/PublicationAmazon links
Achieving your PinnacleTom MillerClick Here to Buy!
Life, Death, and MoneyDerek RennClick Here to Buy!
Solutions Manual for Probability of Risk ManagementDonald G. StewartClick Here to Buy!
Pension Actuarial MathematicsPhilip MartinClick Here to Buy!
Actuarial MathematicsArjun K. Gupta and Tamas VermaClick Here to Buy!
Mathematics of investment and creditSamuel BrovermanClick Here to Buy!

Achieving Your Pinnacle

Many people have this misconception that Actuarial Science is all about mathematics and statistics, but that is not entirely true, it covers various topics related to the business world. Achieving Your Pinnacle by Tom Miller is one of the best Actuarial Science Books for gaining knowledge about the business world. The language used is very simple and explains difficult concepts in simple layman terms.

Life, Death, and Money

Risk is a very important concept in Actuarial Science and students need to have a good grasp of the concept. An integral part of Risk is risk calculations and Derek Renn’s Life, Death, and Money is on the list of best Actuarial Science Books for this purpose.

Solutions manual for Probability of Risk Management

Probability is the base for CS1, if you don’t understand Probability well, then Donald G. Stewart’s Solutions manual for Probability of Risk Management is the best book for you. It is one of the best Actuarial Science Books you can get on concepts of probability. It has even the difficult concepts explained in the easiest language.

Pension Actuarial Mathematics

There is no limitation to knowledge, the more you learn about something, the better. Philip Martin’s Pension Actuarial Mathematics will help you attain a deeper understanding of the Pensions domain in Actuarial Science.

Actuarial Mathematics

One of the important modules in Actuarial Science is Actuarial Mathematics and this book is your guide to it. It is another great book on actuarial science and has all the important concepts related to this topic.

Mathematics of Investment and Credit

Another great one on the list of Actuarial Science Books, this book by Samuel Broverman explains the concepts behind credit in an easy and understandable way. It has some important concepts like financial options, interest rates swap etc.

This is the list of some of the best Actuarial Science books in the market right now, if you are studying Actuarial Science or wish to make a career in it, then you should definitely give these books a read. If you want to know more about Actuarial Science or any other career options then Leverage Edu can help you with the process of making it a reality!

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