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University of Valencia

Valencia, Spain


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Educational Sciences, Psychology, Geography and History, Languages, Physical Education, Physiotherapy and Nursing

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The University of Valencia is a public research university in the city of Valencia, Spain. It is one of the oldest universities in Spain and the oldest in the Valencian Community. It is considered one of the most important academic institutions in Spain. The university was founded in 1499 and currently has around 55,000 students. In the 17th century the university split into two factions, the Thomists and the Anti-Thomists. The discussions were heated and aroused party feelings throughout the Kingdom of Valencia. The university had a library of 27,000 volumes, which was destroyed by the commanding soldiers by the command of General Suchet. Most courses are taught in Spanish, but the university has promised to increase the number of courses in Valencian. In addition, some courses are taught in English. Today, it is a modern European public university open to almost all branches of teaching, research and learning in the Humanities, basic Sciences and Technology, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Education. It is affiliated with Vives Network. It is at #212 in Best Global Universities, at #88 in Best Global Universities in Europe and at #5 in Best Global Universities in Spain

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

The University of Valencia has three main urban campuses in the city of Valencia and in Burjassot-Paterna, as well as some other buildings and facilities in the heart of the city of Valencia, such as the Historical Building, the Botanical Garden, the Cerveró Palace, the rectorate and others. The campuses of Blasco Ibáñez and Tarongers are in the city centre and the Burjassot-Paterna campus in the north-west boroughs. It also teaches in Ontinyent and Gandia, both to the south of the city in the Valencian Community. The University of Valencia is made up of 18 faculties and schools and 19 interdisciplinary research institutes. In total, it offers more than 50 courses, 110 master's courses and 60 doctoral programs. Some of the courses offered by the university are Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Data Science, Biology, Pharmacy, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medicine and Dentistry, Philosophy and Educational Sciences, Psychology, Geography and History, Languages, Physical Education, Physiotherapy and Nursing, Law, Economics, Business, Social Sciences, Elementary Teacher Training, Business Management, International Business.

Accomplishments and Alumni

The Science Park of the University of Valencia includes research institutes and a business area that hosts more than 70 companies mainly dedicated to biotechnology or information and communication technologies. The science park's research institutes include the  Materials Science Institute, the Molecular Science Institute and the Image Processing Laboratory. Another research facility at the university is the centuries-old astronomical observatory, which houses three telescopes and two all-sky cameras. Some of the alumni are Belén Hoyo Juliá (politician), Estrella Durá (psychologist, politician), María Ángeles Durán (sociologist). 

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

The total number of students at the University of Valencia  is 50,601 out of which the number of international students is 4,241. As per the data, the academic staff constitutes 3,453 and the number of international staff is 58. Till date, 7,078 undergraduate degrees, 3,137 master's degrees, 412 doctoral degrees have been awarded. The number of research-only staff is 887. There are 8,522 new undergraduate students, 3,944 new master's students and 990 new doctoral students.

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