Top Universities in Spain

Top Universities in Spain

Amongst the biggest and most visited European countries, Spain has a rich cultural heritage and is home to many popular academic institutions in the world which attract a large number of international students every year. Most importantly, Spain not only has affordable living costs compared to other countries, but it also has a low education fee that enables you to study without having to worry much about straining your pockets. If you aspire to experience the cosmopolitan bustle of Europe and get a globally-accredited degree, then Spain is the perfect study destination for you! Through this blog, we have collated a comprehensive list of top universities in Spain and their popular programs you must consider to begin your academic journey in the Land of the Rabbits.

Top Universities in Spain

If you’re interested in applying for higher education in Spain and pursue their quality imbued degree courses but are unable to locate a suitable university as per your chosen course, we have curated a list of top universities in Spain as featured in the QS and THE World University Rankings 2020:

UniversityQS World University Rankings 2020THE World University Rankings 2020
Autonomous University of Madrid159251-300
University of Barcelona166201-250
Autonomous University of Barcelona=193=157
Universidad Complutense de Madrid206501-600
University of Navarra=242251-300
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid=253801-1000
Polytechnic University of Catalonia=275501-600
Universitat Pompeu Fabra298143
Universitat Polytechnic De Valencia=310801-1000
Universidad De Zaragoza=412801-1000
University of Valencia=470401-500
Universitat Rovira i Virgili501-600

In the following sections, we have given a rundown of some of the top universities in Spain in terms of their key features, programs offered and related details.

Autonomous University of Barcelona

One of the renowned and top universities in Spain, the UAB was founded in 1968 with only four departments operating initially, Philosophy and Arts, Economics, Medicine, Science. The university provides more than 80 undergraduate degree programs which cover almost every field of study. These undergraduate courses are globally recognized and renowned for providing the required skills and practical experience for the students to compete with their peers. Further, postgraduate programs ingrain students with diverse and interdisciplinary knowledge for employment purposes. With more than 60 outstanding research programs provided, some of the major disciplines offered at the Autonomous University of Barcelona are Biomedical Sciences, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Biochemistry, Archaeology, Socio-Cultural Gender Studies, Aeronautical Management, Industrial Engineering, Applied Research in Economics and Business, Management, Organization and Business Economics.

University of Barcelona

Established in 1450, the University of Barcelona is another eminent mention in our list of top universities in Spain as it has ushered the country into being an epicentre of knowledge, critical thinking and scientific progress. The university offers numerous courses that satisfactorily pander to the requirements of the needs of students. The University of Barcelona has a distinguished prestige in the academic circle, locally and at a global level too. University’s wide range of courses includes Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Nuclear Physics, Biological Anthropology, Artificial Intelligence, Environmental Engineering, Clinical Investigation, Analytic Philosophy, Pure and Applied Logics, Actuarial and Financial Sciences, Actuarial and Financial Sciences. Its research publications outnumber any other institution in Spain.

Autonomous University of Madrid

The Autonomous University of Madrid was founded in 1968 when educational reforms were introduced and quickly established its fame as one of the top universities in Spain. Presently, it has approximately 30,000 students enrolled in its hundreds of different programs, including its 94 top-level research programs. The Autonomous University of Madrid has a total of 59 cutting-edge departments and eight other research and doctorate Institutes. This university offers a range of different courses which are, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Mathematics and Applications, English Applied Linguistics, Literary and Cultural Studies in Great Britain and Anglophone Countries, International Economics, Molecular Biomedicine, Theoretical Physics among many others.

University of Valencia

The University was established at the turn of the fifteenth century in the year 1499. It provides a whole landscape of various study programs and different areas of knowledge. This is one of the top universities in Spain which also offer double degree programs. Furthermore, it has more than 100 graduate courses and a whopping 64 research programs. Its academic programs are encompassing and include all the skills necessary to a student throughout the professional career. Its courses are Applied Paleontology, Biomedical Research, Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice, Business Strategy, Advanced English Studies, Molecular Approaches in Health Sciences, Molecular Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, etc. It has a reputation for groundbreaking researches with nearly 3000 publications in its baggage.

Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Established in the year 1991, the history of Universitat Rovira I Virgilli goes back to the 16th century when it was established to teach Grammar, Arts and Theological studies. URV’s degree programs embrace different fields including engineering, health, humanities, etc. The institution is hailed amongst the top universities in Spain and gives special focus on research forays of its academic staff and primarily aims at enhancing the quality of all its research material. It offers qualifications in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Energy, International Markets, Fermented Beverages, International Master on Wine Tourism Innovation, Energy Conversion Systems and Technologies, Nanoscience, Materials and Processes: Chemical Technology at the Frontier. 

Thus, we hope that this blog has helped you explore the top universities in Spain and their popular programs on offer! Planning to study in Spain? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to help you find the best course and university and further assist you throughout the admission process. Sign up for a free consultation session with us today!

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