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University of Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, Canada

Public -1969


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History, Affiliations and Rankings

Located in Prince Edward Island, Canada, the University of Prince Edward Island was founded in 1969 and is a government university that offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees. The history of this university is intertwined with that of its parent institutions - Prince of Wales College and St. Dunstan's University. This university accepted its first class of students in 1969, followed by the founding members' coalition. New faculties and schools, such as the Veterinary Medicine faculty and the Nursing School, were added to the university's academic curriculum as it began to expand. University of Prince Edward Island ranked 8th by Maclean's magazines among all the universities in Canada. The plant and animals subject the university has been ranked #468 by US News Rankings. The university stands at 43rd place in Canada's Top 50 Research Universities. According to URAP, the university ranks at 42nd place in Canada. The University of Prince Edward Island is one of Canada’s acclaimed Universities offering the highest standards in higher education. 

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

The university's campus, which is located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, offers several amenities to its students. Dining halls, sports centres, daycare centres, scientific centres, libraries, and student centres are among the amenities available on the beautiful 146-acres home campus of the University. Students can take advantage of the benefits of on-campus housing or accommodation and parking spots. Several of the university's buildings have been named after individuals who have made major contributions to the university's success. The goal of the UPEI Health and Wellness Center is to provide high-quality health care to students in order to foster a healthy campus and community. The Robertson Library also includes a variety of educational resources for students. Courses are available across multiple study areas, including but not limited to, Design Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Education, Business, Veterinary Medicine and Nursing

Accomplishments and Alumni 

The University of Prince Edward Island has produced a number of prominent alumni who have made significant contributions to their areas of expertise. The institution frequently bestows prizes and accolades on these graduates in honour of their contributions to society. Among them are well-known businessmen Frank Zakem and Henry Callbeck, politician Mike Duffy, physician Lorne Bonnell, and musician Tyler Shaw. This university boasts a powerful network of 26,529 graduates from 79 countries. The UPEI Alumni Association is currently in charge of maintaining a good relationship between alumni and the university. Further, the University has 70 post-secondary exchange partnerships in over 27 countries worldwide, offering students the opportunity to experience other cultures by studying abroad. The University received $12.9 million in research income in the same year. 

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

The University of Prince Edward Island welcomes international students from all around the world, with 29% of the University’s student population comprising international students from 90+ countries. In comparison to the previous academic year, the university had a rise in student enrolment in the 2018–2019 academic year. In the same year, 4208 students enrolled in undergraduate studies and 461 students enrolled in postgraduate programs. Enrollment increased by 2.1% and 8.0%, respectively. The average class size was 25, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 16:1. In addition, there were 2,149 scholarship recipients.

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