Wishes for Someone Going to Study Abroad

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Wishes for Someone Going to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a life-altering experience, filled with new learning opportunities, numerous challenges, and several adventures. If your loved one is starting his/her/their study abroad journey, you obviously want to wish them success and happiness in an unfamiliar country. It is a very proud and overwhelming moment when your near one is going to pursue higher education in a foreign university or college. We need to be supportive of the people who have the courage to embark on a study abroad journey against all odds. While you bid farewell to someone who is going to study abroad, know about some essentials to include in your messages. Keep reading the blog to get an idea of how to write wishes for someone going abroad to study.


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Tips to Write Wishes for Someone Going to Study Abroad

When you send wishes to your child, friend, student, or sibling who is going to study abroad, you must include the following in your messages:

  • Wish them success
  • Express your support
  • Give them confidence
  • Ask them to trust themselves and never lose confidence
  • Tell them how proud you are of their success and determination
  • Advise them to make new friends and awesome memories
  • Give them a sense of belongingness

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Best Wishes for an Offspring Abroad

It is extremely difficult for parents to stay away from their children. However, seeing your offspring secure admission to an eminent institution abroad is a bittersweet moment for the parent/s. Mothers and fathers are elated about the success of their children and they constantly wish for their children to succeed in their studies. Here is a collection of best wishes for someone going to study abroad:

  • You are hopping on the cruise to success in a faraway land. If I could, I would follow you wherever you go. I will ensure that you never have to feel lonely. But, fate has some greater things planned for you. Your determination and perseverance will help you succeed in your academic journey. I am sure that my daughter will become a proud and successful human being. You will be always rewarded for your efforts. 

Make new friends and learn new things,

Stay determined, and Stay successful!!

  • Be true to yourself and you will reach your goals effortlessly. 

Times will be tough and situations will be unwarranted. 

But never bow down to challenges.

My child should never be deterred by obstacles in an unknown land.

Stay confident and stay successful!!

Be safe and enjoy the journey!!

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Best Wishes for a Sibling Going Abroad

Siblings are our pillars of strength and the most trusted confidants in our lives. It is immensely painful to see your sibling fly to a foreign land. But, at the same moment, you are exceedingly proud of your first roomie. It’s your time to become their pillar of strength. Express your love, concern, and admiration for him/her/them with the wishes for someone going abroad to study::

  • It is painful to let you go, but I know it is for the best. I hope you have an exciting journey. Do not shy away from trying new things. Make as many friends as you want. Always stay in touch.

Go live your dream,

Fly high to reach far!!

  • We are two peas in a pod. It is hurtful to see you step out of the comfort of the pod. I wish you a smooth transition to a new country. Don’t be afraid to explore new things. Your life abroad will be different from our lives here. Enjoy the process. Study Well. Dive into this adventure with all the best wishes and love. 

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Best Wishes for a Student Going Abroad

Any teacher would beam with joy if his/her/their student has secured admission to an illustrious academic institution in a foreign land. We know that teachers do not necessarily need examples of wishes for someone going abroad to study. But, we also know that people fall short of words in emotional and overwhelming moments such as these. Here are some wishes from a teacher to a student:

  • I wish you all the luck and the best as you plan to go abroad for higher studies. I hope that you explore new cultures and learn much. I am sure that you will come back as a brilliant human being. Stay curious and enjoy the dream!!
  • I wish that you expand your horizons each and every day. Keep exploring new academic domains. I hope that you enjoy studying from brilliant minds of the world and amidst the best resources. Meet new people, absorb different cultures, learn exciting things, and transform all your dreams into reality.

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Best Wishes for a Friend Going Abroad

Everyone needs a friend in their highs and lows. But, there comes a time when your friend might not be able to be with you physically or in the same time zone. And when the reason for this separation is your friend’s admission to a foreign university, you are more likely to celebrate this opportunity and not shy away from expressing your feelings. Absorb this moment of joy, and send a message of admiration with these wishes for someone going to study abroad:

  • You have come a long way from the first year of college. You have realised your dream of studying abroad. Chase your dream. Polish your skills. Trust in yourself and your confident mind. Don’t be afraid to go on new adventures. Absorb everything that the foreign land has to offer. Absorb the best advice and ignore the bad ones. 

Good luck my friend!!

May you achieve all your dreams!!

  • You have crossed one more hurdle in your life. You have achieved what you aspired for. I know life is not easy in a foreign country, but, you will make that land your home. 

            All the best for your academic journey in an unknown country!!

           Be confident and walk far!!

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Q. What do you say when someone is going to study abroad?

A. You wish them a safe and exciting stay in a foreign country. Also, you ask them to make new friends and advise them to learn as much as possible. You also suggest they enjoy new food and learn about different cultures.

Q. How do you say goodbye to someone going abroad?

A. It is often difficult to bid adieu to someone going abroad. You can write personalised letters or short messages wishing them luck and success in a foreign land. 

Q. How do you wish someone going for a study?

A. Some short examples of wishes are: 
All the best for your academic journey in an unknown country!!
Be confident and walk far!!
Learn and explore as much as you can!!
Marinate in new cultures and focus on your academic journey!!

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