Masters Degree in Web Design: Admission Process, Eligibility, Jobs

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Do you want to create aesthetic and user-friendly websites and want to take your web design skills to the next level? The Master’s Degree in Web Design is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities and levelling up your mastery in the ever-evolving digital landscape. You will get to know the latest trends and technologies and design websites that are functional and visually appealing. This Masters Degree in Web Design blog will help you understand more about the course. 

Name of the CourseMasters in Web Design
Study LevelPostgraduate
EligibilityBachelors in a relevant field
Duration1-2 years
Mode of DeliveryOffline
Career ScopeFront-End Designer/Developer, User Experience Designer/Researcher, Back-End Developer, Digital Marketing Executive, SEO Consultant, Digital Product Manager

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Why Should You Study a Masters in Web Design?

There are several reasons why you should study a Masters in Web Design. Here are some of them:

  1. Career Advancement: Since you have already completed an undergraduate in web design or a similar field, you can pursue a postgraduate degree in web design for the advancement of your career in the field. The course will help you enhance your skills and knowledge related to the field of web design.
  2. Specialised Knowledge: A Masters in Web Design will provide you with knowledge in web design, from marketing to SEO optimisation. The course may cover game development, application design or social media. You will also get to learn how to create various types of web-based platforms. 
  3. Advancement of Skills: You will solve design problems and gain critical thinking skills, altogether excelling in your computer skills. Creative thinking is another aspect of this course in which you will advance. 
  4. Lucrative Career Opportunities: The degree will open doors for you to several lucrative careers such as database designer, senior game designer, user interface designer, and senior software developer. It also allows you to apply for several senior positions in sectors such as business, IT, and data industries that offer great opportunities as well as compensation. 
  5. Pathway to a Doctoral degree: The Masters degree will also lead you to a doctorate degree which involves research into the field. 

Top Universities for Masters in Web Design

University QS World Ranking Course Offered
Illinois Institute of Technology, USA469Master of Information Technology and Management- Web Design and Application Development
University of Greenwich,UK671-680MA in Web Design and Content Planning
Technological University, Dublin, Ireland851-800Master of Science in Creative Digital Media- Mobile and Web Applications Design
Touro University,USANAMaster of Arts in Web and Multimedia Design
University of Florida,USA188Master of Web Design
University of Denver,USA901-950Masters in Web Design and Development
University of Southern Denmark,Denmark326MSc in IT- Web Communications Design

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Admission Process  

As there are various universities in the world that offer Masters in Web Design, the admission process would vary from university to university Though some criteria and documents would apply to all and would be necessary for you.  


  • A four-year bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.
  • A Portfolio showcasing your work experience in web design. 
  • Your test scores of TOEFL or IELTS
  • A Personal Interview might be taken to assess your suitability for the program.

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Documents Required 

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Masters in Web Design Syllabus

According to the 1 year- Master in Web Design and Content Planning from the University of Greenwich these are the modules you will need to complete. 

  • Design for Web Content
  • Content Management
  • Applied Art for the Web
  • User Experience Design
  • Social Media and SEO
  • Major Project 

Job Opportunities

These are the following areas of work that will open up for you after a Masters degree in Web Design:

Web DesignerFront-End Developer/DesignerUser Experience Designer/Researcher
Back-End DeveloperDigital Marketing ExecutiveSEO Consultant
Digital Project ManagerUser Interface DesignerMultimedia Specialist
Game DeveloperWeb ConsultantWeb Analytics Specialist

Top Recruiters

These are the top industries that recruit after the completion of the degree:

  • IT Industry
  • Business Industry
  • Computer Systems Design Industry
  • Marketing and Advertising Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Data Industry
  • E-Commerce Industry

Why Should You Apply for the Masters in Web Design Program in 2023? 

Here is why you should apply for the degree in 2023:

  • By 2027, due to the boom of the web design industry, estimates suggest that the global web design industry is going to reach $32.9 billion, which directly suggests that the demand for skilled web designers is on the rise. 
  • Most employers are on the lookout for web designers with advanced knowledge and skills. The degree will make you more competitive for the best job opportunities in the industry.
  • According to statistics, the median annual wage for web designers with a master’s degree was $89,000 in 2021 as compared to $65,000 for web designers with only a bachelor’s degree. 
  • There are opportunities for specialisation in a master’s degree in web design, such as web design for social media, web design for e-commerce and mobile web design. Specialisation in a particular field will help you gain mastery in that area in the web design industry.
  • The field of collaboration and research is ever-blooming with growth due to the constant advancements in technology and our lifestyle. You can conduct research on the latest technology and collaborate with the faculty and other learners. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in research and develop your professional network. 

The latest trends in Web Design are:

  • User Experience Design(UXD): designing products and services that are enjoyable and easy to use. 
  • Responsive Design: a technique that allows websites to function well on all devices, from computers to smartphones.
  • Motion Graphics: animations that are used to communicate information and ideas.
  • Web Accessibility: designing websites that are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities.

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Can I do Masters in Web Design?

Yes, you can do a masters in web design. It is an expansive field that will enrich your skills and competencies related to website designing and help you hone your skills. 

What degree is best for web design?

After completing your Bachelor in Web Design or in a related field, you could pursue a Master in Web Design to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the field of web design. 

Is web designer in high demand?

Currently, a web designer is in high demand due to the growing market space and tech companies. They all seek web designers to improve the aesthetic and human-friendly aspect of their websites, so as to gain clientele. 

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