Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

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Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Princeton, New Jersey, is well-known for being home to one of the most prestigious Ivy League UniversitiesPrinceton University; but the town has much more to offer visitors than academic seminars and student organisations. Its lovely streets are ideal for evening strolls with friends or a significant other. While the activities that most people think of when they think of this town are undeniably enjoyable and entirely feasible, this charming Central NJ town is packed with wonderful attractions, restaurants, and museums that will keep you and your family entertained and active for an entire day. This blog has some of the top things to do and top hangout spots near Princeton University. 


Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Here are a couple of things you can do and a couple of places you can see around Princeton University to have a fun-filled day.

Princeton University Art Museum

Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Image Source: Art & Object

Despite being on the Princeton University campus, this art museum is free and available to the public. The University of New Jersey is the state’s oldest collector of great art, and as such, this museum houses some of the most historically significant works on display. Spend the afternoon touring the museum, examining current exhibits, or taking part in special events.

Address: McCormick Hall, Princeton, NJ 08542

Contact Number: 609-258-3788

Herrontown Woods

Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Image Source: NJ.com

Many people do not believe that visiting the Princeton Woods is one of the best things to do in town, but this is due to the fact that this property is more than simply trees and plants. The area was donated to the Mercer County Park System in 1957 under the condition that it be preserved as a nature and wildlife sanctuary. It was originally owned by Princeton University mathematician Oswald Veblen and his wife Elizabeth. When you visit today, you will have the opportunity to experience nature at its best and possibly spot an animal or two.

Address: 624 Snowden Ln., Princeton, NJ 08540

Contact Number: 609-303-0700

Terhune Orchards

Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Image Source: Mommy Poppins

A trip to this Princeton, NJ orchard is entertaining for the whole family because it includes a local vineyard, farmers market, and farm. Parents can explore the shop for presents and purchase wine made on the grounds while their children see the animals and participate in regularly scheduled events.

Address: 330 Cold Soil Rd., Princeton, NJ 08540

Contact Number: 609-924-2310

McCarter Theatre Center

Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Image Source: McCarter Theatre Center

Princeton’s cool performing arts centre has something for everyone. They feature shows presented by highly trained actors that are suitable for parents, children, music fans, and, of course, theatre enthusiasts.

Address: 91 University Pl., Princeton, NJ 08540

Contact Number: 609-258-2787

Mountain Lakes Open Space Area

Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Image Source: New Jersey Trails Association

Because it offers 400 acres of outdoor entertainment, nature enthusiasts believe this outdoor space to be one of the top locations to visit in Princeton, NJ. Mountain Lakes Open Air Outdoor Area, considered the ‘core park’ in the core New Jersey area, attracts visitors for a simple stroll in nature, a hike or perhaps a bike ride on a wonderful spring afternoon.

Address: 57 Mountain Ave., Princeton, NJ 08540

Contact Number: 609-924-8720

Carnegie Lake

Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Image Source: World Atlas

Lake Carnegie, which borders the south end of campus, is one of Princeton’s most open and natural settings, serving as a resource for the University and the local community while also providing a habitat for wildlife.

Its vastness gleams in the sunlight. The lake appears to extend till it swallows the dreary horizon on days when the sky ends with a low, murky cover of clouds. Animals of many kinds can be found in its waters and on its forested coastlines. It’s an area of campus where almost anyone can turn up and feel at ease: fishermen, students and tourists in rented kayaks, ice skaters and hockey players, and young lovers on a quiet strand. There is no application process and no entry fee. 

Address: 875 Princeton Kingston Rd, Princeton

Nassau Hall

Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Image Source: Princeton University Art Museum

The project’s primary architects were Robert Smith, Benjamin Latrobe, and John Notman. Nassau Hall is architecturally unusual due to its combination of styles. During the American Revolutionary War, the hall was originally used to hold both American and British soldiers.

Even though the hall currently houses Princeton University administrative offices, a student apartment, a library, and classrooms, its National Historic Landmark classification ensures that its historical value is preserved.

Address: Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08542


Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Image Source: Drumthwacket

The official residence of the New Jersey governor was built in 1835 by Charles Smith Olden, the 28th Governor of New Jersey. Drumthwacket’s structure and lands have undergone numerous modifications and additions during its history.

Former owner Moses Taylor Pyne added various features to the site, including greenhouses, dairy farms, and a big garden. Because Drumthwacket is still a private residence, the public can only visit on Wednesdays by taking an official tour of the house and gardens.

Address: 354 Stockton Street, Princeton, NJ 08540

Contact Number: +1 609-683-0057

Palmer Square

Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Image Source: Princeton

Palmer Square is the heart of Princeton, where history and modernity collide. The plaza is based around the old Nassau Inn and is bordered by numerous stores, bars, and restaurants. Its middle is broad and open, with plenty of seating areas. The square accommodates concerts, lectures, and centuries-old holiday traditions regularly.

Address: Palmer Square East, Princeton, NJ 08542

Marquand Park

Top Hangout Spots Near Princeton University

Image Source: Princeton, NJ

Marquand Park is another lovely site to visit in Princeton, with 17 acres (6.9 hectares) of land and features an arboretum, paved walkways, and baseball fields.

Marquand Park is well-known for its arboretum, which is home to over 140 native and exotic tree species. When it was part of a designed garden on a 19th-century estate, the arboretum reflected the inclinations of the landowners.

Address: Lovers Lane, Princeton, NJ 08540


What is the area around Princeton like?

Princeton has a population of 30,717 people. Princeton is located in Mercer County and is considered to be one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Princeton provides inhabitants with a dense suburban feel, and the majority of homeowners own their homes. There are numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Princeton.

Can you walk around Princeton University?

The ivy league campus is perfect for a stroll, and there are several interesting structures to see.

Can the public visit Princeton University?

Princeton University is an open campus, and visitors from all around the world are welcome.

Is it worth visiting Princeton?

There is so much to see, taste, and experience in Princeton as you travel through streets packed with bookstores, cafés, boutiques, and the gorgeous University campus. With so much art, culture, history, theatre, and wonderful food in your immediate vicinity, you’ll want to soak it all in and make memories to remember.

This was all about the top hangout spots near Princeton University. If you’re planning to spend a day in Princeton, this comprehensive blog will help plan your day better. To know more about Princeton University’s acceptance rate, admissions and more, subscribe to Leverage Edu.

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