5+ Best Restaurants Near Tufts University, Medford

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Best Restaurants Near Tufts University, Medford

There are a number of renowned eateries in Medford and the surrounding districts close to Tufts University. There are many excellent Italian restaurants to choose from because Boston and Medford have significant American and Italian populations. The most well-known Italian and American Restaurants are Picco, Bob’s Italian Foods, Pizzeria Regina, Picante Taqueria and many more. We can provide you with brief details of some of the greatest eateries. If you want to learn more about the best restaurants near Tufts University, Medford choose from the list below and enjoy your favourite meal with your college mates. 

Why Study at Tufts University?

There are many reasons to pick Tufts University for your higher studies, and we have listed a few of the advantages below for you: 

  • As one of the 64 leading research universities in North America, Tufts University is a part of the Association of American Universities. The university is renowned for its internationalism, study-abroad opportunities, and emphasis on public service and active citizenship across all academic fields.
  • Tufts University has been preparing extraordinary students in a variety of fields for learning and leadership since 1852. The university’s dedication to the liberal arts, active research programme, and collaborative, interdisciplinary culture – all work together to pique interest and have a significant global influence.
  • The campus itself is stunning, but the true beauty of the school lies in the unique and quirky nature of its student body. On the whole, there are always a lot of events going on around campus that attract students every weekend and the selection of organisations and activities is amazing.

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5+ Best Restaurants Near Tufts University 

There are many restaurants close to Tufts University, but we’ve only listed a few of the best restaurants near Tufts University, Medford: 

Semolina Kitchen & Bar

Semolina Kitchen & Bar
Source: Wicked Local
Location 572 Boston Ave
Distance 0.4 km from Tufts University
Cuisines/Restaurants Type Italian, Lebanese, Pizza, Mediterranean, Greek
Opening Hours Tue-Sat12:00 PM – 9:00 PMMon and Sun- Off 

Semolina is one of the best restaurants near Tufts University, Medford. If you’re searching for a tasty pizza, fresh pasta, or a fulfilling dinner, Semolina is an excellent choice. Semolina provides a beautiful setting for you to enjoy your dinner; the decor is hip, the drinks are distinctive, and the outdoor area is ideal for a romantic date or a party.

Picante Taqueria

Picante Taqueria
Source: Trip Advisor 
Location 352 Boston Ave
Distance 0.4 km from Tufts University
Cuisines/Restaurants Type Mexican
Opening Hours Mon-Sun10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Picante Taqueria is the place to go if you’re craving Mexican food in Somerville. This restaurant serves the best tacos in town as well as burritos, tortas, and a wide variety of other foods. The next time you hang out with your friends, don’t forget to relish your favourite Mexican dishes at this restaurant. 

Boston Burger Company

Boston Burger Company
Souce: Visiting New England.com
Location 37 Davis Sq
Distance 1.4 km from Tufts University
Cuisines/Restaurants Type American, Bar
Opening Hours Mon-Sun12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

The Boston Burger Company, one of the largest franchises, has stores in Boylston and Davis Square to ensure that Bostonians from all over the city can get their hands on the classic burger, The 420. If you’re in the mood for a mouthwatering burger, you should definitely check this establishment out! Every dish is prepared to perfection, and the ice cream and milkshakes are delectable.

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Bob’s Italian Foods

Bob’s Italian Foods
Source: Trip Advisor
Location 324 Main St
Distance 0.8 km from Tufts University
Cuisines/Restaurants Type Italian, American
Opening Hours Mon-Sun08:00 AM – 3:00 PM

This restaurant, which has been open for almost 85 years, continues to be a favourite one among locals and Tufts students alike. When you are in the mood for a mouthwatering Italian sandwich, you must visit this establishment. Huge servings loaded with meat are served at Bob’s. Even better Italian ingredients for creating your own at-home masterpieces can be found at Bob’s.

Ball Square Cafe

Ball Square Cafe
Source: Yelp 
Location 708 Broadway
Distance 1.1 km from Tufts University
Cuisines/Restaurants Type American, Cafe
Opening Hours Mon-Sun12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Ball Square Cafe is one of the well-known cafes in the area surrounding Tufts University. Every Bostonian must visit the Ball Square Cafe. Although the cost may be a little greater than in other places, the large portion more than makes up for it!

Redbones Barbecue

Redbones Barbecue
Source: Redbone’s Grill and Bar
Location 55 Chester St
Distance 1.5 km from Tufts University
Cuisines/Restaurants Type American, Bar, Barbecue
Opening Hours Sun-Sat12:00 PM – 9:00 PMMon- Off

Boston has a dearth of barbecue restaurants for unknown reasons, making it difficult for many locals to satisfy their needs. But not at Tufts, where Redbones had remained steadfast after more than 30 years in the industry, right in the midst of Somerville. The quantities are enormous, and there is an abundance of meat in the sandwiches, ribs, barbeque, and other dishes. One 3-meat combo is more than enough food for two people and will have you wanting more as soon as you leave!

Cost for International Students at Tufts University 

The average cost of undergraduate tuition fees at Tufts University in 2022–2023 is $65,222. The total price of graduate school, including fees, is $55,280. Living costs are listed as a single student can generally expect living expenses of at least $1,400 – $1,700 per month. 

CategoryAll Undergraduate Programs (Arts
& Sciences, Engineering, SMFA)
Tuition and Fees$67,616
Housing and Food$17,534
Health Insurance$4,044
Books and Supplies$1,000

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List of some healthy restaurants near Tufts University, Medford?

Here is a list of some Healthy restaurants near Tufts University,
– Ture Bistro
– Tasty Cafe Kitchen
– GrainMaker 
– Kushari & Grill
– Life Alive Organic Cafe 

Why is Tufts University so well-known?

Tufts University is one of the top universities in the United States. It is renowned for its challenging and cutting-edge research and instructional initiatives. Tufts University has an excellent academic reputation and is known for preparing students to lead in a variety of fields.

List of some warm and cosy restaurants near Tufts University?

Here is a list of some warm and cosy restaurants near Tufts University
– Semolina Kitchen and Bar 
– Bistro 5
– Urban Health
– Season to Taste
– Raso Bar and Grille 

This was all about the 5+ best restaurants near Tufts University. If you want to explore courses and top universities in the USA, reach out to Leverage Edu for smooth assistance. 

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