Best Restaurants Near the University of Bremen: A Guide

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Best restaurants near university of bremen

Bremen’s dining scene is of paramount importance to its residents, offering a significant cultural experience. Exploring the local cuisine, particularly seafood, provides valuable insights into the city’s history. The Schlachte Embankment offers an ideal spot for open-air dining with picturesque views along the Weser. Bremen, Germany has something to offer to everyone. In addition, if you are a student, studying at the University of Bremen, continue reading for insights into the best restaurants near the University of Bremen. 


6+ Best Restaurants Near the University of Bremen

In Bremen, there are numerous options for enjoying an organic lunch, spanning from budget-friendly options at a cafeteria to more upscale organic business lunches. However, when it comes to dinner, the selection is more limited. You can choose between fast food or a casual setting to meet friends, but finding a place for an organic candlelit dinner may prove to be a challenge.

Here are the best restaurants near the University of Bremen that serve outstanding and delicious food. 

Bestial Bremen

Source: Trip Advisor

Bestial Bremen offers a stylish yet approachable atmosphere, striking a balance between modernity and comfort. Although it’s a bit east of the city center, it provides an excellent option for a special and reasonably priced meal. The lunch menu features a standout dish: pinsa, a Roman-style pizza crafted with fermented dough. 

Additionally, there are choices of pasta, salads, rump steaks, and a respectable wine selection for those inclined. In the evening, Bestial’s menu expands to include Mediterranean fare, with a clear emphasis on popular Italian dishes.

Address: Schwachhauser Heerstraße 280, 28359 Bremen, Germany
Phone: +49 421 32285750

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Bremer Ratskeller

Source: Cityseeker

Bremer Ratskeller holds a coveted position adjacent to Bremen’s picturesque town square. With its expansive underground space, impressive arched ceilings, wooden-clad walls, and grand wine barrels, it transports visitors to a bygone era. The restaurant specializes in North German cuisine, known for its emphasis on meat. Noteworthy local specialties encompass Bremen-style potato soup with bacon and fallow deer stew with buttered spaetzle (egg noodles).

Located in: Bremen Town Hall
Address: Am Markt, 28195 Bremen, Germany
Phone: +49 421 321676

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Fisherman’s Seafood Bremen

Source: Fisherman’s Seafood

Fisherman’s Seafood Bremen emanates a welcoming coastal ambiance. Conveniently located near Wallanlagen Park, it’s a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll before indulging in a meal. The restaurant places a premium on sustainability, sourcing much of its produce from local fisheries. Additionally, guests can savor an array of German and Scandinavian delicacies, including salt herring, fried eel, and Zander fish served with potato salad or cucumber and dill salad.

Located in: Bremen City Library
Address: Am Wall 201, 28195 Bremen, Germany
Phone: +49 421 33066161

Schröters Leib & Seele

Source: Schroeters Schnoor De

Schroters Leib & Seels specializes in contemporary Mediterranean and German cuisine. The restaurant’s distinctive rooms offer a personalized dining experience in Bremen. Whether opting for the cheerful summer/winter garden for a family gathering or the wine cellar for a private event, there’s something to suit every palate. Accomplished dishes like Atlantic pollack or cordon bleu cater to a wide range of tastes.

Address: Schnoor 13, 28195 Bremen, Germany
Phone: +49 421 326677

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Das Kleine Lokal

Source: Michelin Guide

Das Kleine Lokal, a Michelin-starred restaurant near Kunsthalle Bremen, boasts a basement-level dining area accommodating 34 patrons, complemented by an inviting terrace, particularly popular in the summer. Known for its exceptional culinary preparation and service, the restaurant presents meticulously curated and beautifully presented 4-, 5-, and 6-course meals. 

Previous offerings have featured dishes like filled quail chop, flank steak, braised boiled beef, spinach pancakes, and wild mushroom dumplings.

Address: Besselstraße 40, 28203 Bremen, Germany
Phone: +49 421 7949084

Gaststätte Kleiner Olymp

Source: Bremen Schnoor: Shop

Gaststatte Kleiner Olymp is a fantastic choice for traditional Bremen fare and a selection of beers. Tucked away on a side street in Schnoor, it’s identified only by a small sign. Spanning three floors of a charming house with outdoor seating in a pleasant square, it’s visually appealing. 

Culinary highlights include the Bremer labskaus (corned beef and potatoes) and Knipp (sausage made with groats and meat). Additionally, beer enthusiasts can savor a brew from the same district as the restaurant, offering a truly local experience.

Address: Hinter d. Holzpforte 20, 28195 Bremen, Germany
Phone: +49 421 326667

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Al Pappagallo

Source: TripAdvisor

Al Pappagallo, a Michelin-starred establishment, prides itself on using top-quality ingredients to craft delectable and authentic Italian dishes. Situated in Ostertor, it’s approximately a 15-minute walk from the Metropol Theater Bremen. The chefs work in an open kitchen to prepare 4- and 5-course tasting menus and a la carte options are also available. 

Dishes like braised rabbit legs and veal liver fritters showcase the restaurant’s culinary artistry, and their pasta is not to be missed.

Address: Außer d. Schleifmühle 73, 28203 Bremen, Germany
Phone: +49 421 327963

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Q1. What are some popular restaurants near the University of Bremen?

Ans. There are several popular dining options in close proximity to the University of Bremen. Notable choices include Bestial Bremen and Bremer Ratskeller.

Q2. Can I find vegetarian or vegan options at restaurants near the University of Bremen?

Ans. Yes, many restaurants near the University of Bremen offer vegetarian and vegan options. Places like Bestial Bremen and Schroters Leib & Seels typically have a variety of plant-based dishes on their menus.

Q3. Do these restaurants require reservations, especially during peak hours or special occasions?

Ans. It’s recommended to make reservations, especially during peak hours or for special occasions, to ensure a table at popular restaurants near the University of Bremen.

Hope now you know all about the Best Restaurants Near the University of Bremen. In conclusion, explore study abroad opportunities with Leverage Edu. Connect us at 1800 572 000 for a free 30-minute counseling session. 

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