Top Hangout Spots Near Utrecht University

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Students work hard to get into International Universities. Living away from home and your country would be tough, but it also offers a lifetime opportunity to explore a completely new country. Sometimes, the daily study routine and the hustle to survive in a completely new place/country would be overwhelming. After getting into the international university, you will think of top hangout spots to chill and socialise with your friends. This blog covers information about Utrecht University and covers some top hangout spots near Utrecht University, Netherlands. Uncover the details to know more!


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About Utrecht University

Utrecht is a city in the Netherlands, which is famous for its medieval centre. It constitutes Christian monuments, three-lined canals, and venerable universities. Utrecht University located in Utrecht is the largest as well as the oldest university in the Netherlands. The university was established on 26 March 1636. The university offers a wide range of programs and offers academic excellence

Utrecht University is a public research university. The university is located in the central position within the country so it lies close to various hangout spots nearby. It is also a crucial hub for commutation and possesses the busiest railway station in the Netherlands i.e. Utrecht Centraal. Owing to its location, there are many hangout spots near Utrecht University. This enables the students to use public transport and explore the top hangout spots near Utrecht University.

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Top Hangout Spots near Utrecht University

Utrecht is a beautiful city in the Netherlands. It is known for its safety and lower crime rates. Thus, students of Utrecht University can easily roam around and explore the famous places in Utrecht. You can find top hangout spots near Utrecht University owing to its location. Mentioned below are some of the popular places for students to hang out and chill near Utrecht University:

Utrecht Botanic Garden

Utrecht Botanic Garden
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Utrecht Botanic Garden is located in the University itself and is one of the oldest university gardens in the Netherlands. The Utrecht Botanic Garden is only 1-minute drive from the university. It is open to students as well as the public. 

You can witness the beautiful scenic view and different types of plants, flowers, and trees as it is known for its wide range of flora. Students of Utrecht University can come to this place and experience peace in nature’s beauty. Different types of gardens are segregated in the Utrecht Botanic Garden. Thus, you can explore new things about the flora. Throughout the year, Utrecht Botanic Garden is used as a festival location.

Address: Budapestlaan 17, 3584 CD Utrecht, Netherlands

Phone Number: +31 30 253 1826

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The Village Coffee Science Park

The Village Coffee Science Park
Source: The Village Coffee

The students of Utrecht University can easily visit the Village Coffee Science Park. It is only a 2-minute drive from the University. The place will provide a contemporary vibe. Students can have some coffee and enjoy pastries. You can sit and utilize the WiFi and do your work at this comfortable yet fancy place. This place is one of the top hangout spots near Utrecht University.

Address: Bisschopssteeg 21, 3584 SB Utrecht, Netherlands

Phone Number: +31302369400

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Museum Bleulandinum (Anatomical Museum)

Museum Bleulandinum (Anatomical Museum)
Source: Blackthorn.io

The Museum Bleulandium is the anatomical museum of Utrecht University. It is only a 2-minute drive from the University. Students as well as locals can visit the place to experience a unique collection of human body models made of different materials. The museum was created in the early 19th century and possesses didactic material for students belonging to the medical sector. This famous museum in Utrecht was named after Jan Bleuland, a professor of anatomy and obstetrics at Utrecht University, Netherlands.  

Address: Universiteitsweg 100, 3584 CG Utrecht, Netherlands

Phone Number: +31 88 756 8337

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Amsterdam-Rhine Canal

Amsterdam Rine Canal
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Amsterdam Rhine Canal in the Netherlands is only a 17-minute drive from Utrecht University. This canal links the port and the capital city to the Rhine which is the main shipping artery. There are many ships and boats You can visit the place with your friends or family. Besides that, there are many other attractions near the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal such as museums, parks, and kidzcity, etc.

Address: Amsterdam-Rhine Canal Netherlands

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Source: Tripadvisor

Wilhelminapark is a beautiful restaurant near Utrecht University. It is only a 7-minute drive from the university. Students can easily visit the place either by walking or by public transport and chill out with their friends. You can have lunch, brunch, or other meals near the pond side and enjoy the beauty of the place while having meals.

Address: Wilhelminapark, 3581 NE Utrecht, Netherlands

Phone Number: 030-2510693

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Does Utrecht have nightlife?

Yes, Utrecht has a charming nightlife. The top hangout spots near Utrecht University like cafes, restaurants, canals, and the pretty city centre would offer a lively nightlife to the students. You can also enjoy the live music and chill with your friends.

Is Utrecht cheaper than Amsterdam?

Utrecht city is 12% cheaper than Amsterdam. Thus, it is comparatively more affordable for international students.

Which is better Utrecht or Amsterdam?

Both places are unique and offer a lifetime experience. In the case of crime rate, Utrecht has lower crime rates and is the safest city in the Netherlands. 

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