TOEFL Accepted Universities in the USA 2024: Fees and Score Requirement

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TOEFL Accepted Universities in the USA 2024

TOEFL accepted universities in the USA: The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a very important examination for all international students who want to pursue their education in the United States. This test is conducted to assess the candidates’ English language proficiency. Nowadays, most countries are accepting the TOEFL scores. In this blog, we have mentioned a detailed list of the top universities in the USA that accept TOEFL scores and how to improve these scores.


15+ TOEFL Accepted Universities in the USA: Score Requirement and Ranking

TOEFL acceptance policies may change over time, so it’s essential to verify the current requirements and policies of each university before applying. The table below mentions the list of TOEFL Accepted Universities in the USA with their specific details:

Name of the University Score Requirement QS Ranking 2024
University of Southern California100+#116
Stanford University100#5
New York University100+#38
Boston University79+#93
University of Houston79#601-650
University of Pennsylvania 100+#12
Massachusetts Institute of Technology90+#1
Princeton University108+#17
Brown University79#73
Cornell University100+#13
University of Chicago100+#11
University of Virginia90+#260
Yale University 100+#16
Vanderbilt University88+#261
Columbia University100+#23
Carnegie Mellon University102+#52
Georgetown University80+#297

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5+ TOEFL-Accepting Universities in the USA 2024: Fees and Top Courses  

Do you dream of studying at a prestigious American university? If English isn’t your native language, achieving a strong TOEFL score is your key to unlocking that dream. Many top US universities rely on TOEFL scores to assess your English proficiency and ensure your academic success.

By understanding both the TOEFL requirements and the associated costs, you’ll be well-equipped to compare universities and make informed decisions about your educational journey in the US. Refer to the table given below to see the list of universities that accept TOEFL scores in the US, along with their annual fees and top courses. 

Name of the University Annual Fees for International Students 2024Top Courses
The University of Southern California$95,225Accounting, Biological Sciences
Stanford University$39,684- $61,096Computer science, Electrical Engineering
New York University$60,438 – $109,050Computer Science, MBA
Boston University$66,670Psychology, Mathematics
University of Houston$10,856 – $26,456Business, Management 
University of Pennsylvania $84,040Business Analytics, MBA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology$82,730Data Science, Mathematics
Princeton University$62,400Computer Science, Literature 
Brown University$68,612History, Engineering
Cornell University$46,056 Business, Engineering
University of Chicago$63,801Law, Medicine
University of Virginia$24,356 Liberal Arts, Sciences

How to Send TOEFL Scores to American Universities?  

American universities that accept TOEFL scores for English language proficiency have made the process of submitting them convenient. Here’s a breakdown of the general steps involved:

  • Make sure you’ve already registered for the TOEFL test and taken it. You’ll need your ETS ID and test date information to proceed.
  • Check the application requirements for each university you’re applying to. Some might have specific deadlines or preferred methods for sending scores.
  • There are two main ways to send your TOEFL scores to American universities:
  1. Electronically Through ETS (Recommended):
    • This is the most common and recommended method.
    • Log in to your ETS TOEFL iBT account.
    • You’ll be able to select the universities you want to send your scores to (usually up to four for free). There might be a fee for additional institutions.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the request.
    • The ETS will electronically send your official score report to the chosen universities.
  2. By Mail (Less Common):
    • This method is becoming less popular, but some universities might still accept it.
    • Check the university’s application requirements to see if they accept mailed score reports.
    • Order official score reports from ETS. You can usually do this through your online account or by contacting ETS directly.
    • The reports will be mailed to you, and then you’ll need to forward them to the universities according to their instructions (usually sent to a specific admissions office address).

How to Get a Good TOEFL Score?

Scoring well can be difficult in the TOEFL exam. However, with some tips, candidates can easily score well in the TOEFL exam:

  1. Know the format of the exam: It is very important to know the exam format of the TOEFL exam. The TOEFL exam consists of four sections: Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading.
  2. Practice regularly: Make sure you practice for the exam regularly. Try mock tests to know your capabilities.
  3. Keep track of your time: It is very important to keep track of the time of the exam. Record yourself while giving the exam and access which section takes the most time and effort.
  4. Use Examples and Details: Make sure you use examples in your answers. Providing specific examples can enhance the quality of your responses and demonstrate your language proficiency.

So that was all about the TOEFL-accepted universities in the USA. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic.

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Can I go to the USA with only a TOEFL score?

Yes, there are a lot of universities in the USA that are now accepting TOEFL scores. Apart from, IELTS, it has now become one of the most recommended English proficiency tests.

Which universities accept TOEFL scores in the USA?

Some of the universities in the USA now accepting TOEFL scores are:
– Harvard University.
– Stanford University.
– Princeton University.
– Michigan State University.
– The University of Alaska.

Is 75 a good TOEFL score?

Yes, getting 75 can be very difficult. A TOEFL score of 75 marks demonstrates the candidate’s good English language proficiency skills. 

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