Thompson Rivers University MBA: Fees, Requirements, Placements, Deadline, Salary

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Thompson Rivers University MBA

The School of Business and Economics at Thompson Rivers University provides a comprehensive and demanding Master of Business Administration program. This prepares future leaders for roles in government, major corporations, small businesses, NGOs, and entrepreneurship. 


Throughout the program, students engage in a rigorous academic curriculum while benefiting from valuable interactions with faculty, peers, and industry experts. The university also facilitates networking and collaboration with local businesses through various channels. Additionally, individuals with a background in business administration may qualify to complete the MBA program in just one year.

In this blog, we will give you all the information regarding Thompson Rivers University’s MBA program. 

Commonly known asTRU
Establishment Year1970
Exams acceptedTOEFL, PTE, IELTS
Official Website https://www.tru.ca/ 

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Thompson Rivers University MBA: Overview 

Thompson Rivers University presents a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, spanning a duration of two months. This course is available in both full-time and part-time formats, as well as offered on-campus and off-campus. 

The program facilitates networking and collaboration with local businesses, and those with a background in business administration can fast-track completion in just one year. Further, students have the choice of thesis, project, or course-based completion options, leaving the program equipped with practical skills for their workplace or future ventures. 

The student-faculty ratio stands at 63:1. With 26,000 students engaged in on-campus and distance learning, TRU offers 140 on-campus programs and 60 open learning programs. Moreover, the university’s workforce exceeds 2000 employees, encompassing academic faculty, staff, and administration. 

Additionally, the university extends comprehensive financial aid opportunities through bursaries, scholarships, awards, work-study programs, loans, and grants.

Thompson Rivers University MBA: Eligibility Criteria 

Thompson Rivers University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is designed to cultivate managers and leaders capable of navigating contemporary market challenges. In addition, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on decision-making in ambiguous settings, honing interpersonal and communication abilities, instilling a sense of ethics and social responsibility, and fostering a global perspective. 

Below are the admission prerequisites for international students applying to the full-time MBA program at TRU:

Admission Requirements

Application Process

The application process for admission into the Thompson Rivers University MBA program is mentioned below: 

Step 1: Prepare application documents

  •  CV
  •  Resume and Cover letter (1000 words) detailing education and career plans.

2nd Step: Gather additional required documents

  •  Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended.
  •  GMAT/GRE Score (Optional)
  •  IELTS or TOEFL scores
  •  Letter of Reference (optional)

Step 3: Initiate the online application process

The students can apply from the official website of the university. 

Step 4: Submit the application fee for this course

  •  Amount: CAD 100 (Approximately INR 6.13 Thousand)
  •  Payment method: Credit card

Step 5: Observe application deadlines for respective terms

  • Fall: May 1, 2023
  • Summer: January 1, 2023
  • Winter: September 1, 2023

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Thompson Rivers University MBA: Fees Structure

The fee structure for the Thompson Rivers University MBA program is mentioned below. In addition, the students who are willing to apply for the MBA program must refer to the points mentioned below: 

The tuition fee does not cover TRU fees, TRU Student Union fees, or the expense of textbooks, and is subject to revision.

Fees for 1st Year

TuitionOn-campus studyOnline study
Semester 1 (3 courses)$4,387.86$4,387.86
Semester 2 (3 courses)$4,387.86$4,387.86
Estimated tuition total for Year 1$8,775.72$8,775.72

Note: Students granted 5000-level course waivers will only be charged for the mandatory courses they are required to take.

Fees for 2nd Year

TuitionOn-campus studyOnline study
Semester 1 (four courses)$8,046.60$8,046.60
Semester 2 (four courses)$8,046.60$8,046.60
Semester 3 (four courses)$8,046.60$8,046.60
Estimated tuition total for Year 2$24,139.80$24,139.80
Semesterly fee for students in the thesis and project streams who require additional time beyond the standard two semesters to complete their program.$704.08$704.08

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Thompson Rivers University MBA: Placements and Salary 

Thompson Rivers University upholds a commendable 60% graduation rate. Moreover, TRU offers a co-op program, allowing you to work while pursuing your studies. This provides an invaluable chance to enhance your resume and acquire practical experience before completing your degree. In some cases, co-op participants can earn up to $4,000 monthly. 

The co-op office further aids students in making informed career choices by organizing mock interviews and offering resume critiques. Additionally, the average salary for Thompson graduates stands at $53,000.

Average Salary

Thompson Rivers University sees significant interest from major companies like IBM, Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC. Additionally, according to the full-time employment report, the average annual salary stands at CAD 84,200, highlighting the potential for lucrative careers in Canada. MBA graduates from Thompson Rivers University can expect varying salaries based on their job profiles:

  • Business Analyst: CAD 75,000 (INR 46,19,905.64)
  • Communications Manager: CAD 77,000 (INR 47,43,103.12)
  • Executive Assistant: CAD 64,000 (INR 39,42,319.48)
  • Facilities Director: CAD 1,34,000 (INR 82,53,896.45)
  • Disability Case Manager: CAD 71,000 (INR 43,73,333.19)

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Q1. Is Thompson Rivers University a favourable choice for international students?

Ans. Indeed, Thompson Rivers University stands as a prominent educational destination in Canada, drawing over 2000 students from a diverse range of over 85 countries.

Q2. What sets Thompson Rivers University apart?

Ans. Thompson Rivers University provides a unique opportunity for students to both study and work, both on-campus and off-campus, throughout their tenure at the university. Additionally, TRU offers a Co-op program, enabling students to engage in paid internships and gain valuable career-related experience before completing their studies.

Q3. What are the admission requirements for Thompson Rivers University?

Ans. Prospective students aiming to join Thompson Rivers University must satisfy the minimum English language proficiency prerequisites for direct entry into academic programs.

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