MSc in Educational Leadership: Course Overview, Top Universities, Fees and More

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MSc in Educational Leadership

MSc in Educational Leadership or MS in Educational Leadership is best suited for educational practitioners, who have the intent and calibre to create a safe and sound learning environment for their students. They can uplift the mood of a classroom with skills and knowledge acquired during the course. They learn about different ways to analyse the needs of students and help students work toward their goals without being vulnerable to inequality and injustice. This blog mentions the top universities, fees, domains of study, admission procedure, eligibility criteria, and career scope for candidates aspiring to pursue a Master of Science in Educational Leadership. Keep reading to know more.


Why Choose an MSc in Educational Leadership?

Master of Science in Educational Leadership is an ideal course for teachers and policymakers aiming to transform the education sector by using the latest technologies. This educational leadership course will help people in administrative positions and teachers draft new education policies at the micro level, which will facilitate the creation of a nurturing learning environment for school students. Education practitioners use several research outcomes to lift the morale of students and help them realise their potential without compromising their mental health. 


The curriculum of an MSc in Educational Leadership helps an individual become a wholesome, inclusive, sensitive, logical, and confident leader. The professional curriculum of this course enables students to learn:

  • Several teaching and learning methods
  • Ways to conduct educational research and draw conclusions from the emerging research.
  • Methods and skills required to assess and analyse contemporary issues related to the field of education and educational leadership.
  • Core management practices that are essential for an educational institution.
  • Education policies on a national and global level.

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MSc in Educational Leadership Top Universities

Penetration of the internet and technology has brought impeccable changes to the education sector. To match up to the rapidly changing learning environment, teachers, administrators, policymakers, and practitioners in academic institutions and education departments must upgrade their skills and knowledge. To learn about new teaching methods and technology-based policies, the aforementioned stakeholders must pursue this course from some of the best universities in the world.  

Given below is the list of top universities offering MS Educational Leadership courses. 

UniversitiesCoursesQS World University Rankings
Queen’s University Belfast, UK MSc Educational Leadership233
University of Groningen, NetherlandsMSc in Ethics of Education: Philosophy, History, & Law 145
The University of Portsmouth, UKMSc Educational Leadership & Management701-750
Canisius College, USAMS in Higher Education & Student Affairs Administration (HESAA)
MIU City University Miami, USAMSc in Education Leadership, Management & Emerging Technologies296
Nazarbayev University, KazakhstanMSc in Education Leadership
University of Stirling, UKMSc Educational Leadership (Specialisation in Headship)501-510
University of Southampton, UKEducation Management & Leadership (MSc)78
University of Bristol, UKMSc Education (Leadership and Policy)61
Florida Christian University, USAMSc in Education
Florida International University, USAMS in Educational Leadership751-800
Cairn University, USAMS Educational Leadership and Administration (Online)
Longwood University, USAMS in Education- Education Leadership
Wilkes University School of Education, USAMS in International School Leadership
Thomas College, USAMaster of Science in Education Leadership
Trinity Washington University, USAMSc in Administration and School Leadership (MSA)
The University of Wisconsin-Madison, USAMSc in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis83
Cardinal Stritch University, USAMaster of Science (MSc) the Educational Leadership
University of St. Francis, USMaster of Science (MS) in Education- Teacher-Leader Concentration
Madonna University, USMS in Educational Leadership

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MSc in Educational Leadership Areas of Study

Major areas of study in MS Educational Leadership are research and leadership skills. Analysis of research outcomes for the betterment of schools and education is the sole objective of all domains included in this discipline. 

Domains of Study

Key areas of study/focus in this academic discipline are as follows:

  • Research methods
  • Ways to deal with complex educational environments. 
  • Innovation and changes in education through science and technology by leading and managing change. 
  • Theory of Leadership and Leadership Practice.
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Ethics
  • Social Systems theory
  • Leadership roles in schools to have an effective impact on students.
  • Critical analysis of data.
  • Education policies.
  • Methodologies to improve schools.
  • Assessment in schools.
  • The mental health of children and children with special needs in schools and other educational atmospheres.
  • Counselling students with emotional needs.
  • Latest developments in the education sector and ways to prepare learners for novel developments.
  • Creativity and cognition.
  • Designing learning methodologies.
  • Relation of education with social justice and inequality.
  • Peace and sustainability.
  • Statistics in Education.
  • Global Higher Education.

MSc in Educational Leadership Fees

Each university has its own fee structure. International students applying for MSc in Educational Leadership must visit the university’s official website to know this graduate course’s fee structure.

The table consists of tuition fees and funding and scholarships of top universities offering this educational leadership programme. 

UniversitiesTuition FeesFunding and Scholarships
Queen’s University Belfast, UK £19,100 (INR 19,10,342)Queen’s Excellence Award, Queen’s Loyalty Scholarship; Queen’s Family Scholarship; VC’s International Attainment Scholarship; Early Confirmation Award 
University of Bristol£25,200 (INR 25,20,452) per yearCommon Wealth Shared Scholarships
The University of Groningen, Netherlands€ 17,800 (INR 15,74,160)
University of Portsmouth, UK£16,200 for full-time; £8,100 per year for part-time£3,000 discount on tuition fees for international students who have a bachelor’s degree from universities in the UK.
MIU City University Miami, USA$10,886 (INR 8,99,720)
University of Stirling, UK$4320 (INR 3,57,045) per yearStudent Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) provides loans of up to £11,500 to students who have completed an undergraduate course from Scottland.
Florida Christian University, USA$14,920 (INR 12,33,396)
Cairn University, USA$20,042 (INR 16,56,819)
Longwood University, USA$436 (INR 36,042) to $1,086 (INR 89,785) per credit hour 
Wilkes University School of Education, USA$799 (INR 66,057) per credit 
Thomas College, USA$29,152 (INR 24,10,157)

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MSc in Educational Leadership Eligibility and Admission Process

Each university has a defined admission procedure and eligibility criteria for students seeking admission to this graduate program in educational leadership. Students must meet the following eligibility criteria to enrol in this course at universities abroad successfully. 


The eligibility criteria for admission to the MSc Educational Leadership course in foreign universities are mentioned below.

  • Applicants must have cleared 10+2 from an accredited educational institution.
  • Candidates should have completed a minimum of 1 bachelor’s programme of 3 years or 4 years.
  • Applicants must have a valid passport and proof of financial status.
  • Candidates must have achieved the minimum required score in English proficiency tests and qualify for other tests as mandated by the respective university. 

Admission Process

Students are suggested to follow the admission process given below:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Upload the required documents.
  • Share English proficiency test results/scores.
  • Apply for the student visa after confirmation of admission. 

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MSc in Educational Leadership Career Scope

Graduates of this educational leadership course can apply for educational practitioners or administrators in educational institutions. The table below consists of various job profiles and the estimated salary ranges of the same. 

Job TitlesEstimated Salary Range
School CoordinatorINR 0.6 lakh to INR 6.4 lakh per annum
School PrincipalINR 2 lakh to INR 40 lakh per annum
Vice PrincipalINR 1.5 lakh to INR 37 lakh per annum
DeanINR 1.4 lakh to INR 38 lakh per annum
Curriculum Co-ordinatorINR 2.1 lakh to INR 7.7 lakh per annum


Q1. What is the scope of educational leadership?

Ans. Educational leadership graduates can be employed in administrative roles in educational institutions and education departments of governments.

Q2. What is MSc Leadership?

Ans. Master of Science in Educational Leadership is an ideal course for teachers and policymakers aiming to transform the education sector by using the latest technologies. This course will help people in administrative positions and teachers draft new education policies at the micro level, which will facilitate the creation of a nurturing learning environment for school students

Q3. What can I do with a Master’s in Educational Leadership?

Ans. One can work as a curriculum coordinator, school principal, school co-ordinator, and dean after getting an MS in Educational Leadership. 

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