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A degree in videography equips students with the skills required for a diverse range of fields, such as movies, television, digital media, commercials, and more. If you want to pursue a videography course, then New Zealand is an ideal place to do so. Numerous top-notch universities offer videography degrees in the country. Keep reading to learn about the best videography courses NZ 2024. You will benefit both academically and culturally by studying in New Zealand. The nation offers a plethora of career and employment opportunities along with a diverse and welcoming culture. We have given below some of the best videography courses NZ. 


Bachelor of Screen Arts with Honours (Film Production)

Bachelor of Screen Arts with Honours (Film Production), offered by Massey University, will offer you practical experience in a wide array of roles, before specialising in your selected area and collaborating on independently-developed productions. You will work on various creative projects, utilising both contemporary filmmaking techniques and emerging techniques like virtual production. 

The program will train you in the art of producing stories for film. You will receive expertise in telling stories important to you and in helping others wake up to their creative visions as well. You will be using the sophisticated facilities in the college, which include studio space for filming, virtual and green-screen production, motion capture, a dubbing theatre, and edit suits. With such a practical approach, this program is one of the best videography courses NZ. 

CourseBachelor of Screen Arts with Honours (Film Production)
Offered ByMassey University
Duration 4 Years
Annual Tuition Fees NZ$40,560

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Graduate Diploma in Screen Arts (Film Making)

The Southern Institute of Technology offers a Graduate Diploma in Screen Arts (Film Making). This course enhances your filmmaking knowledge and talent. This specialist degree will improve your creativity and the professional and technical skills required in the films. You gain expertise in a plethora of filmmaking skills, such as writing, video editing, sound, and more. 

With the skills learned during the course, you will be able to thrive in booming sectors, such as animation, film, digital media, cinematography, and television, 

Here is a list of skills you will learn in this course:

  • Screenwriting
  • Digital Filmmaking
  • Project Management
  • Cinematography or Visual Effects Compositing, and
  • Research-Led Industry Practice.

These invaluable skills make this program one of the best videography courses NZ. 

CourseGraduate Diploma in Screen Arts (Film Making)
Offered BySouthern Institute of Technology
Duration NZ$17,400
Annual Tuition Fees 1 Year

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NZ Diploma in Screen Production (Level 5)

Offered by the Eastern Institute of Technology, the NZ Diploma in Screen Production (Level 5) provides the hands-on experience required for the New Zealand screen industry. From the first day, you will start operating the equipment required for screen production. Moreover, you will develop a well-rounded professional work ethic, which includes collaboration and time management skills, both necessary for a successful career in the screening industry. 

During the course, you will research, edit, write and direct a short film, commercial and a mini-documentary. All of this will build your individual E-portfolio. The course has been designed to offer you as much hands-on experience as practical. You will use a professional camera and sound and editing equipment during this program. You will utilise state-of-the-art digital cameras for recording images and then edit those images on non-linear digital editing systems, which are used in the professional industry. The amazing curriculum of this program makes it one of the best videography courses NZ. 

CourseNZ Diploma in Screen Production (Level 5)
Offered ByEastern Institute of Technology
Duration 1 Year
Annual Tuition Fees NZ$23,300

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Bachelor of Digital Screen with Honours

The University of Canterbury offers a Bachelor of Digital Screen with Honours. This 4-year professional degree focuses on storytelling via still or moving images, animation, and sound. You will work on collaborative projects with other students and industry partners to develop a portfolio of work to provide you with a head-start in your career. 

The digital screen sector is rapidly booming in fields, such as virtual production, virtual and augmented reality, and 3D storytelling. In this course, you will build your experience in the digital media industry, with experience ranging from filmmaking to video game design to music production. The program’s great curriculum makes it one of the best videography courses NZ. 

CourseBachelor of Digital Screen with Honours
Offered ByUniversity of Canterbury
Duration NZ$37,213
Annual Tuition Fees 4 Years

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Bachelor of Screen Production

The Bachelor of Screen Production, offered by SAE Institute, is designed for students who want to pursue a career in film, video, or other related screen production sectors. Graduates will be equipped with specialised skills, attributes, and knowledge to work independently as creative contributors in the screen production sector. You will learn advanced industry-led skills and knowledge in filmmaking and screenwriting in this program. The invaluable skills offered in the degree make it one of the best videography courses NZ. 

CourseBachelor of Screen Production
Offered BySAE Institute
Duration 3 Years
Annual Tuition Fees NZ$24,694

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Q1. Is New Zealand good for film studies?

Ans: Yes, New Zealand is among the top countries to pursue film studies. Some of the best universities that offer videography degrees are: 
1. Massey University
2. Southern Institute of Technology
3. Eastern Institute of Technology
4. University of Canterbury
5. SAE Institute

Q2. Does New Zealand have a big film industry?

Ans: Yes, New Zealand is widely regarded as among the world’s premier locations for screen production.

Q3. Does New Zealand accept Gap?

Ans: Yes, New Zealand accepts gaps based on the relevant work experience and skill development during that time. 

So, this was all about the best videography courses NZ 2024. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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