Tanzania Visa Requirements for Different Visa Types 

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tanzania visa requirements

Tanzania, the East African country is an excellent destination for tourism and educational purposes. For example, the  Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences ranks between 1001–1200 in the world (Times Higher Education Rankings). To visit Tanzania, an e-visa is needed (except for countries that do not require a visa to travel to Tanzania). Before applying for the e-visa, a person must be aware of the visa requirements. Therefore, in this blog, we have provided a list of the Tanzania Visa Requirements based on the visa type.

General Tanzania Visa Requirements

Before diving into the Tanzania visa requirements based on the visa type. We have provided general requirements for all visa categories. The requirements are as follows:

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Ordinary Visa (Single Entry) Tanzania visa Requirements 

A Tanzania ordinary visa is a visa granted to foreigners who want to visit the country for tourism, family visits, and holiday purposes, among others. An ordinary visa is given for a maximum of 90 days.

tanzania visa requirements
  • Passport copy ( must include the biographical data pages)
  • Visa application form, and fee payment receipt 
  • A return flight ticket

Multiple Entry Tanzania Visa Requirements 

A Tanzania multiple entry visa is given to foreigners who have to travel frequently to the country for business purposes or due to any other circumstance. A multiple-entry visa is available for a maximum period of 12 months. However, it is not possible to stay in the country for  12 consecutive months. The visa holders must leave the country every 3 months. 

  • Passport or travel ID or a host in Tanzania.
  • A marriage certificate if the applicant is entering the country to meet their spouse 
  • A cover letter, and a return flight ticket 
  • A fee payment receipt 

Business Tanzania Visa Requirements 

The Business Tanzania Visa Requirements are given to foreigners who want to visit the country for business purposes. The visa is granted for a maximum of 90 days. The requirements are as follows:

tanzania visa requirements
  • Passport and return flight ticket
  • Fee payment receipt 
  • A return flight ticket 
  • Work contract or any other contract specifying that the candidate is visiting the country for work purposes. 

Transit Tanzania Visa Requirements

A Tanzania Transit visa is given to foreigners who want to transit through another destination outside the United Republic for a maximum period of 7 days. This visa is not valid for tourism or other reasons. The Transit Tanzania Visa Requirements are as follows: 

  • Proof of a Visa of the destination country and/or onward ticket.
  • Copy of passport and biographical data
  • Fee payment receipt 

Student Tanzania Visa Requirements

 A Tanzania student visa is given to international students to study in the country. The visa is given for a maximum period of 2 years. The visa requirements are as follows:

tanzania visa requirements
  • Offer letter provided by a University in Tanzania. The duration of the prorgam and the prorgam name must be clearly stated in the letter.
  • A copy of a valid passport (including biographical data pages)
  • Fee payment receipt 

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Gratis Tanzania Visa Requirements

The Gratis Tanzania visa is given to those who have diplomatic, services, or official passports or travel documents of an international organization. The applicant must be on official duty to receive this visa. The visa can also be given to those who hold ordinary passports orr Travel documents as directed by the Commissioner General of Immigration and Commissioner of Immigration Zanzibar. This visa can be issued for single or multiple entries. 

Tanzania Visa Application Online 

After meeting the Tanzania requirements, a person can apply for a Tanzania visa. The visa application can be made either online or at the port of entry. 

  • Visit the office of the Tanzania Visa Application System.
  • Select the visa type, and fill out the application form
  • Attach relevant documents, and  wait till an email is received regarding the visa application 
  • On the other hand, the visa on arrival is given to all who need the visa and meets the requirements at the port of entry. 

Watch the video below to learn about the Tanzanian e-visa entry application process

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Tanzania Visa Processing Time

Generally, the Tanzania visa processing time is between 5-10 days. However, the embassy can extend the processing time in case the applicant has provided incomplete or misleading documents. 

Tanzania Visa Duration

The duration of the Tanzania visa depends on the visa type. Generally, the Tanzania visa duration is between 30 days and 90 days. Those who want to stay for more than 90 days must apply for a residence permit. 

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Tanzania Visa Fees

The Tanzania visa fees vary depending on the visa type. The visa fees are provided below: 

Tanzania VisaFees
Ordinary Visa (Single Entry)$50
Business Visa$250
Multiple Entry Visa$100
Transit Visa$39
Gratis VisaNone
Student Visa$50, $250, $550

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Is Tanzania visa on arrival or online?

A Tanzanian visa is available online or on arrival. After the Online Visa System online visa system has been introduced, visa applications are not accepted at the Embassies. The visa on- arrival facilities is only available to foreigners from nationalities that do not fall under the Referral Visa category.

Do Indians need visa for Tanzania?

Yes. Indian citizens need a visa for Tanzania. One of the fastest ways to obtain a Tanzanian visa is to apply for an e-visa. Indian travelers can submit their visa application online. 

How long does Tanzania visa take?

A Tanzanian visa processing can take around 10 days. It is important to apply early to ensure that the visa is on time, and is on the date as planned. Unless the applicant has not presented incomplete or inaccurate information, the visa application will be processed within 10 days. 

We hope you now understand the tanzania visa requirements. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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