Here is How You Can Apply for a Student Visa from Nigeria to USA in 2024

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Here is How You Can Apply for a Student Visa from Nigeria to USA 

The USA is a country with a flexible educational system, excellent research facilities, and home to some of the best universities in the world. Therefore, the country is a desirable destination to study abroad for Nigerians. To study in the USA, the student needs a student visa. A student visa permits the visa holder to travel to the United States and get enrolled in a US educational institution legally. Before applying for a student visa, the applicant must be aware of the eligibility requirements, documentation, application process, fees, and other details. Therefore in this blog, we have explained in detail the information regarding the student visa from Nigeria to USA.


USA Student Visa Types 

Nigerian students must know about the different types of student visas. It will help the student to apply for the right visa Student Visa from Nigeria to USA . Below are the 3 different types of US student visas.

student visa from nigeria to usa
  • F1 Visa– This is the most popular type of student visa granted to students to enrol at a University or college in the USA. Students can apply for this visa to study academic programs such as engineering, and medicine, among others. With this visa, a student can stay in the US for course duration + 60 days.
  • M1 Visa- The M1 visa is applied by those who want to enrol in a vocational or non-academic course. For example, computer science, creative arts and design, IT, etc. With this visa, a student can stay in the US for the course duration + 30 days.
  • J1 Visa- The J1 visa is an exchange visitor visa given to students under a sponsorship program. This visa is given for exchange students participating in programs that can promote cultural exchange. The visa can be obtained for the course duration of +30 days.

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Documentation for Student Visa from Nigeria to USA 

The following are the important documents that a student must present. These documents verify the candidature of the applicant. The following is the essential documentation for a Student Visa from Nigeria to the USA 

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Application for Student Visa from Nigeria to the USA 

The application process for a student visa from Nigeria to the USA is as follows. Note; the application for the USA visa can be made online.

  • First, receive the admission paperwork from the SEVP organisation: Once the applicant has applied to the institution, and has received the offer letter the documents such as Form 1-20 and certificate of eligibility for the Non-Immigrant status are needed. 
  • Next, the student must fill out the DS-160 online application. The correct data must be entered while filling out the form
  • Thirdly, pay the application fee of $185, and keep the fee receipt 
  • The university will register the student in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). A registered student fee for the same must be paid. It is also called the SEVIS I-901 fee.
  • Next, fix a date for the visa interview, and gather the student documents 
  • Lastly, attend the USA visa interview and provide the necessary documents
  • After the interview, the visa application is processed.

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Processing Time for Student Visa From Nigeria to USA

The applicant must be aware of the processing time for the different student visas. During the processing time, the student can wait for the visa application decision. The USA student visa processing times are as follows:

Visa Stream90% of Applications75% of Applications 50% of Applications
J117 days10 days3-5 days
M116 days11 days4-6 days
F115 days10 days3-5 days

Visa Fees for Student Visa From Nigeria to USA

The visa fees for student visas from Nigeria to USA are as follows. Applicants must submit the visa fees and keep the fee receipt as may be asked during the USA visa interview stage.

Visa Type Average Fee (in USD)
J1 Visa$160
M1 Visa$160
F1 Visa$160

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Common Reasons for Student Visa Rejection 

There are several reasons for a student visa from Nigeria to USA is rejected. Some of the common reasons for the visa rejection are provided below:

  • The students want to stay in the US after completing their studies- This is one of the most common reasons for a US student visa rejection. The consular officer considers the intention of the applicant during the interview stage.
  • The academic institution, degree and goals of the applicant are not trustworthy. The legitimacy of the intuition is considered before granting the visa.
  • To obtain a US visa the applicant needs financial resources to support themselves. This includes tuition fees, and living expenses, among other things. If the applicant does not have sufficient funds to cover the expenses, the visa application can be rejected
  • Poor Interview Result: Another important reason for the visa rejection is the giving a bad interview. In case, the interview was the reason for the visa rejection, then the applicant will have to do a self-evaluation and provide a list of ways in which he/she can improve the performance in future interviews.

Renewal of the Student Visa from Nigeria to USA

student visa from nigeria to usa

The student visa from Nigeria to USA can be renewed. The renewal process is straightforward. Before the visa expires, a student can submit the visa renewal application along with the necessary documents. It is also important to make sure that the I-20 form remains valid. 

Students from Nigeria who are holding an F1 or J1 visa can be eligible for the visa renewal without an interview. The US mission in Nigeria announced the development recently. To qualify, the applicant must be in Nigeria and must be renewing a visa that is still valid or has expired in the last 24 months. 


How much is a student visa from Nigeria to USA?

A student visa from Nigeria to the USA costs around $160.  When the SEVIS application fee is included the total fee can cost around $510.

Is USA still giving visa to Nigerians?

Yes. Nigerians can apply for a US visa.  For example, a Nigerian can apply for a US work visa, tourist visa, family visa, and student visa. However, to apply for the visa, the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria. 

Is USA easy to get student visa?

No. The USA student visa rejection rate for Nigerian students is around 71%. Those from South Africa face a 16% rejection rate for the visas. 31% of all the F1 student visas were rejected in 2022.  However, a Nigerian student can obtain a student visa provided he/she meets the eligibility requirements. 

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