What is Italy Student Visa Processing Time in 2024?

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Italy Student Visa Processing Time

All international students going to study in Italy require a student visa to be able to travel and reside in the country, the time of approval of visa should be given prior attention to plan your journey systematically before the start of your course. The student visa category still has subcategories depending on the duration of stay in the country. Different types of visas have different processing times so knowing what is right time for you to apply becomes very important. This blog provides everything you need to know about Italy student visa processing time.


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Italy Student Visa Processing Time

Types Of Student Visa In Italy 

The student visa in Italy is of two different types for non-EU or EFTA students.

  • Visa Type C
  • Visa Type D

Visa Type C is the short stay visa with a validity of a maximum of 90 days of stay in the country. It does allow entry multiple times but within the duration of 90 days only. Students going for short-duration programs, internships, etc apply for Visa type C. The type C visa does not allow the student to work in the country.

Visa Type D is the long stay visa i.e. the visa required for a stay of more than 90 days. The validity of the visa is for more than 90 days for a maximum of a year, but it can be renewed every year depending on the duration of your course. This visa is applied by students going for bachelor’s, master’s, or research courses. It allows the student to work in the country for 20 hours a week (will require an extra work permit).

Students from EU and EEA countries planning to study in Italy need not apply for any visa and are free to study and stay in Italy.

Italy Student Visa Processing Time

Italy Student Visa Processing Time

Italy student visa processing time is usually 2 to 3 weeks. After the application, you must get your visa approved within 15 to 20 days but the processing time and process are subject to change with changes in governmental policies of the country. 

The standard time to apply for a visa is three months before your planned departure to avoid any unnecessary delays and issues at the last moment if the visa is not approved.

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Eligibility Criteria For Italy Student Visa Processing Time

Documents Required For Italy Student Visa Application

  • A valid passport along with all previous passports. The validity should be of 6 months from the application date
  • 2 passport-size photographs of the student
  • Flight booking tickets with a clear date of departure
  • Travel insurance with a cover of 30,000 EUROs
  • A proof of accommodation already booked for the duration of stay
  • Bank statement showing enough funds to sustain the stay duration in Italy
  • An acceptance letter from the university along with the stamp of the institution 
  • A convincing cover letter with a proper reason for studying in Italy and a clear mention of the will to return to the parent country after course completion.

Allowances Under Italy Student Visa

Italian student visa provides students with the following benefits:

  • Permit to travel in and out of the country during the validity of visa
  • Work allowance for 20 hours a week
  • Stay in the country for up to the duration of the course by availing and renewing residential status

Factors Affecting Italy Student Visa Processing Time

Italy Student Visa Processing Time

Time of application

  • If your application time is the peak season i.e. the course starting time and there are many applications for visas it will affect the Italy student visa processing time

Errors in the documents

  • The documents sometimes can have some details wrongly mentioned
  • The submission of wrong documents
  • Incomplete document submission

Verification of the documents

  • The verification of the documents provided takes time and the time may be more in some cases due to various factors
  • The inability to verify can also lead to more processing time.

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Reasons for Visa Rejection

Some of the common reasons for the rejection of a visa are:

  • Your account might have insufficient balance required to survive in Italy.
  • You may have your visa rejected previously
  • You may have your documents incomplete or fake
  • You may have any criminal record
  • You may have a damaged passport
  • You may have an invalid medical insurance

Italy Student Visa Cost

Visa TypeCost in Euro
Visa Type C65 Euro
Visa Type D65 Euro

Process To Apply For Student Visa To Italy

Italy Student Visa Processing Time

Following is the procedure to apply for a student visa for Italy:

  • The visa application has to be made at Italian Appointed Visa Application Centers by filling out an offline form.
  • Reach out to an Italian embassy in your country. If there is no embassy reach out to the Schengen country Visa application center to book yourself an appointment.
  • Submit all the required documents at the center along with photocopies.
  • Once document submission and approval are done then go for the interview on the provided date and slot.  
  • If your interview and documents are accepted and approved, the processing of your visa will begin.
  • It would take 2 to 3 weeks for visa processing so plan your application date accordingly. 

Watch the video below to learn about Itay student visa process

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What to Do if Your Visa Application is Rejected?

In case your Italy visa application is rejected then you have two choices. The first is to identify the mistakes of your visa application. This reason will be provided in your offer letter. Next, ensure that you have corrected the mistake, and apply again. After your visa rejection, you can also appeal your case. This is possible if you have reasons to believe that your visa rejection was unfair.


Does Italy’s student visa processing time go beyond 20 days?

Yes, it can go beyond 20 days if there is any problem with verification or documentation.

Can the visa get cancelled if the documents are not verified?

Yes, visa applications can be cancelled if your documents are found not genuine.

What is the correct time to apply for a visa?

The visa is advised to be applied 3 months before the date of departure.

Is it difficult to get an Italy student visa?

No. The itay student visa process is fairly straightforward. At present, the Italy student visa success rate is around 98.23%. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you will receive the visa. On the other hand, applicants from the EU, Schengen area, or EEA do not need a visa to study.

This was all about the Italy student visa processing time. To get more information on visa types, time, cost, etc follow Student Visa and to know more about studying abroad kindly follow Leverage Edu.

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