Top 5 Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Australia

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The Australian population has been aging with slow population growth over the past 2 decades. The scenario makes Australia dependent on overseas migrants. In the education, public health, and hospitality sectors, the country will face a shortage of over half a million skilled and unskilled labor. This provides a golden opportunity for those who are aspiring to study in Australia. Let’s look at some of the best scholarships to finance education with the top 5 scholarships for Indian students to study in Australia.


Student Life in Australia 

Countries prefer to incorporate skilled professionals from overseas who are trained in their own education system. After the restrictions of COVID-19 were lifted the policies for foreign students in Australia got such that there is an expected influx of 2.35 Lakh immigrants in 2022-2023. 

The popular intakes in Australia are in February and July. Most of the students get enrolled during this session and it is easier to settle together. The International Student Support Unit ensures the student experience is worthwhile and helps them in finding accommodations, and work, and addresses their grievances. 

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List of Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Australia

There are many partly or fully funded scholarships for Indian Students in Australia. These scholarships are provided by the universities for a variable time duration. A lot of students are living their dream experiences in Australian Universities because education is cheap. Below mentioned is the list of scholarships for Indian Students to study in Australia.

Scholarship Degrees 
Australian Awards Scholarship UG and PG 
Sydney Scholars India Equity ScholarshipsPG
Monash International Leadership Scholarship UG and PG 
Deakins Vice-Chancellors International Scholarship UG and PG
John Allwright Fellowship PG 

Australian Awards Scholarship 

This scholarship is open to all International Students for their meritorious performance in the qualifying examination. The program is introduced, sponsored, and promoted by the Government of Australia. 

The benefits of the Scholarship program are given throughout the study period of the student. In certain cases, the scholarship exceeds the period of study as well. 


Varies depending on the participating country.


  • The CGPA should be a minimum of 7.5.
  • The candidate must belong to the given list of Countries. 
  • IELTS Minimum Score 6.5


  • Full tuition fee
  • Return Airfare
  • Cost of Living & Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Overseas Students Health Care

Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarships

The Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarships are offered by the University of Sydney based on the guidelines of the Asha Community Health and Development Society (ASHA). There are no applications required to apply for the scholarship. 

The Meritorious students from relevant areas are screened and selected by ASHA to attain the benefits of these study abroad scholarships. 




  • The student must be from the areas of Delhi where the ASHA Foundation Works. 
  • The student must be going for a postgraduate degree course which they are yet to pursue. 
  • The scholarship is granted based on the Financial need and Merit of the student. 


  • Full tuition fees of $45,000 (INR 37.24 Lakh) per year.
  • The basic Cost of Living of $12,000 (INR 9.93 Lakh) per year.
  • Return Airfare and Stationary $3,000 (INR 2.48 Lakh). 
  • On-campus accommodation
  • Overseas Health Cover. 

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Monash International Leadership Scholarship 

All students who are enrolled in the Monash International University for Undergraduate or Postgraduate programs are eligible for this scholarship. All nationalities are welcome to apply including Indian Students. 

Every year four of these scholarships are awarded to students based on merit and their Application Statement which comprises their intent and ability to become an ambassador of Monash University. 


There are six rounds of Scholarship awarding,

  • Round 1: 15 October
  • Round 2: 15 November
  • Round 3: 15 January 
  • Round 4: 15 March 
  • Round 5: 15 April
  • Round 6: 30 June June



  • Complete tuition fees grant until minimum credits are achieved. 
  • Invitation to join a leadership program for first-year students called the Monash Minds. 
  • Be a part of Monash’s marketing, recruiting and promotional activities. 

Deakins Vice-Chancellors International Scholarship 

The Deakins Vice-Chancellors Scholarships are offered by the Deakins Univerity to meritorious international students. The meritorious 100% scholarship is offered specifically to Indian Students. Students in Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses can apply for the Scholarship program. 


One month before the commencement of classes. 


  • Received an admission letter from Deakins University
  • Must be enrolled in a full-time degree from the university. 
  • Has achieved at least 85% or equivalent marks in the Qualifying Examination.


  • 50%-100% of the tuition fee. 
  • Automatic participation in the Vice-Chancellor’s Professional Excellence Program (VCPEP).
  • Preferred while offering campus accommodations (at own costs).

John Allwright Fellowship 

This scholarship is funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research or ACIAR. It is introduced to promote agricultural research by helping scientists from partnering countries in pursuing Master’s and PhD degrees. 


31 July every year


  • Citizen of ACIAR Partner countries.
  • Must be working as a scientist or economist on ACIAR approved project. 
  • Should have approval from the home institution and the employing body. 


  • Complete tuition fees.
  • Airfare allowance and health insurance. 
  • Establishment Allowance granted once. 

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Australia: The New International Destination for Indians

Indian immigrants in Australia as per the last census report were 7.8 million which accounts for 3.1% of Australia’s Population. Studying in Australia is therefore a mutually beneficial structure for the student and the country. 

Indian students from every background will find it comfortable to live in Australia due to the familiarity it provides in a foreign environment. One can often hear people talking in Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Urdu and Tamil. A lot of Hindus and Sikhs are a part of the Australian Population. 

Cost of Studying in Australia

The cost of Studying in Australia majorly covers 2 sections: the tuition fees and the overall living expenses. Australia is considered to be an expensive study-abroad destination but the costs are balanced by the low tuition fees and waivers offered by the universities and the government.  

The various costs per year of studying in Australia are as follows. The candidates should note the costs mentioned are average and can be subject to the kind of accommodation and location etc. 

  • Tuition Fees – 4,000 AUD – 50,000 AUD per year (INR 2.26 Lakh – 28.26 Lakh)
  • Accommodation costs – 4,320 AUD – 44,160 AUD per year. (INR 2.44 Lakh – 25 Lakh)
  • Other Expenses (Travel, Groceries, Miscellaneous) – 20,160 AUD per year. (INR 11.4 Lakh)


What are the universities in the capital of Australia?

The Australian Capital city offers some world-class universities like the Australian National University, the University of Canberra, the Canberra Institute of Technology, Charles Stuart University, and the Australian Catholic University. 

When will Australia open borders for International Students?

Australia has already lifted its Covid restrictions for international students. From the 15th of December 2021 fully vaccinated students from all over the world are welcome to study in Australia. 

Why study in Australia?

There are many reasons like cheap tuition fees, a cleaner environment, a safe neighbourhood, a multicultural population and better job prospects are the main reasons to study in Australia. 

If you are planning to study abroad in the upcoming intakes get in touch with our study abroad experts at 1800-57-2000. And stay tuned to our scholarships page for more information related to various scholarship schemes to study abroad.

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