Colleges Accepting GMAT in the UK: 5+ Universities, Cost of Studying and Useful Tips

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GMAT Accepting Colleges in UK: GMAT test-takers can send in their scores to one of the many GMAT-accepting universities in the UK. The widespread acceptance of GMAT scores by UK universities simplifies the path to higher education. This allows international students to pursue their academic dreams without incurring high testing costs or facing travel barriers. 


With a diverse range of universities in the UK recognising GMAT scores, students now enjoy significantly enhanced options for their academic journey. That being said, read the entire blog to learn more about the top GMAT-accepting colleges in the UK.

5+ Colleges in the UK Accepting GMAT Scores 2024: Minimum Score Requirement and Ranking 

GMAT scores are accepted by quite a few universities in the UK. MBA aspirants intending to pursue their academic journey in the UK must strive for a competitive GMAT score to bolster their chances of admission into some of the top business schools in the UK. Refer to the table below to go through the list of the top GMAT-accepting colleges and universities in the UK. 

Name of the University QS World Ranking  2024Minimum GMAT Score
University of Cambridge, Judge Business School #2690
Imperial College London, Imperial College Business School #6600
University of Oxford, Saïd Business School#3690
The University of Edinburgh#22600
London Business School#8708
University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School#32600
University of Warwick, Warwick Business School#67660
Durham University#78600
Lancaster University, Lancaster University Management School#122601
University of Bath, School of Management#148610

Top GMAT-Accepting Colleges in the UK: Cost of Studying for International Students 

Refer to the following table to review the MBA fees at the best GMAT-accepting colleges and universities in the UK. 


How to Improve Your GMAT Scores for Colleges in the UK? 

GMAT Tips: Students intending to take the GMAT for admission to universities in the UK should prioritise strategic preparation. A well-constructed study schedule is key to achieving optimal performance. This focus on planning and focused study reflects the importance of the GMAT and the need for dedicated effort. Here are some effective GMAT preparation tips to help you streamline your preparation and maximize your results:

  1. A well-defined and consistent study plan serves as a powerful tool for optimizing your preparation process and expediting your progress towards your objectives. By meticulously outlining your learning goals, allocating efficient study periods, and maintaining strict adherence to your schedule, you can achieve streamlined learning and reach your desired outcomes with greater rapidity. This structured approach ensures focused utilization of your time and resources, maximizing your overall learning effectiveness and minimizing unproductive distractions.
  2. Mastery of time management proves instrumental in navigating the one-month GMAT preparation. Through its skilful application, you can orchestrate and utilize your study hours with optimal efficiency, thereby reclaiming valuable time and energy for crucial revisions. Furthermore, it acts as a discerning guide, directing your focus towards areas demanding enhanced attention and development. This strategic allocation of resources ensures maximized effectiveness within the limited timeframe, paving the way for success on exam day.
  3. Immerse yourself in a rigorous regimen of practice tests. Engaging with a multitude of sample papers offers a multifaceted benefit. Not only will you gain intimate familiarity with the exam’s structure and subtle nuances, but you will also uncover and meticulously address your weak points. This comprehensive approach to test-taking hones your skills, build confidence, and illuminates areas demanding further refinement, empowering you to approach the actual GMAT with sharpened acumen and enhanced readiness.
  4. Cultivate a habit of regular reading to fortify your linguistic skills. Engaging with diverse textual materials will naturally enrich your vocabulary, refine your grammar, and bolster your comprehension skills, all of which are fundamental to excelling in the GMAT’s verbal section. Concurrently, revisit the foundational concepts of mathematics, encompassing geometry, algebra, and arithmetic. This rigorous revision will solidify your quantitative skills and propel your performance in the corresponding GMAT section.

What are the GMAT Eligibility Criteria for Studying in the UK Colleges?  

GMAT Eligibility Criteria: GMAT test takers who wish to pursue their higher education in the UK must meet the following eligibility criteria before taking the exam. 

  • Age: You must be 18 years old or older. If you are between 13 and 17, you’ll need written parental consent.
  • No prior qualifications required: There’s no minimum educational background needed to register for the GMAT.

However, when it comes to applying to MBA programs at UK universities, GMAT scores become very relevant:

  • Most UK universities consider GMAT scores as part of the application process for MBA programs.
  • Different universities have different requirements: Top business schools typically expect higher scores (around 690-720 or more).
  • Many universities have an average GMAT range of 600-650.
  • Some universities might have a minimum threshold (around 550 or higher) just to qualify for applying.

How to Send your GMAT Scores to Colleges in the UK?

You can send your GMAT scores to colleges in the UK electronically through the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) website, the official administrator of the GMAT exam. Here’s how:

  • Make sure you have created an account and registered for the GMAT exam on the GMAC website.
  • You’ll need to know the specific school codes of the universities you want to send your scores to. These codes can usually be found on the admissions webpage of the MBA program on the university website.

Refer to the following steps to send your GMAT scores:

  1. Log in to your GMAC account at https://www.mba.com/.
  2. Go to the “Score Sending Service” section.
  3. Select the “Send Scores” option.
  4. Choose the score recipient type as “Programs.”
  5. Search for the universities by name or enter the school codes you obtained earlier. You can select up to five schools for free when you register for the GMAT exam. Sending scores to additional schools incurs a fee.
  6. Review your selections and confirm the schools.
  7. Pay any applicable fees for sending scores beyond the initial five free choices.
  8. Submit your request.

So that was all about GMAT-accepted colleges in the UK. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q1. Do UK MBAs require a GMAT?

Ans. While the GMAT is typically required for MBA applications in the UK, universities also consider other factors. These include work experience, GRE scores, and academic abilities.

Q2. How much does GMAT cost in the UK?

The GMAT requires registering for a test date at an official assessment centre. These centres are located worldwide and can be found on the GMAT website. In the UK, the GMAT exam fee is £250.

Q3. Is the GMAT score of 550 good for the UK?

If the average GMAT score of your program is around 525 or more, then it is a good score for you as it will likely make your application competitive. However, in case your program average is more than 550 then you have to strive higher to improve your chances of getting admission.

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