IELTS Speaking Topic: Describe your favourite singer.

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Describe your favourite singer.

Q- Describe your favourite singer.

Ans: I was drawn to Dylan’s work because of his soulful voice and insightful lyrics, which may appear simple on the surface but have a lot of gravitas beneath the facade.  I recently had an epiphany whilst re-listening to his masterworks, “Blowin in the Wind” and “The Times They Are A Changing,” and realised that the songs are thematically anti-war, raising concerns about the peculiarities and idiosyncrasies of war and its negative ramifications for humanity and society. The songs shook me to my core and made me reflect on the fragility of life and how we often take it for granted to the point where we never appreciate the little things in life. 


I recall my father first introducing me to Bob Dylan and his songs. I was still a child at the time, and I couldn’t quite grasp the underlying intricacies of his songs. Nonetheless, I enjoyed his music. As I’ve gotten older and revisited some of his songs, I’ve come to appreciate their true meaning and how profoundly beautiful they were. 

Dylan’s literary style drew more attention to his work than his ethereal voice. He was a poet, to be sure. His poetic writing style earned him the moniker “Shakespeare of his era” from critics. Dylan’s lyrics, while profound in their subtext, always seemed earthy or genuine in some sense; even when they were about the Civil War or something severe in context. I related to most of his works simply because Dylan wrote songs that were fundamentally compassionate. In other words, the maestro combined themes and motifs and strung chords of universally compassionate feelings to which anybody can relate. In his songs, he primarily discussed love, life, family, humanity, perseverance, and so on. This is why, regardless of age or nationality, even a Layman may enjoy Dylan’s music. 

In essence, I believe there are several other artists of his age and era who may be even better than him in musical technicalities and subtleties, but Dylan maintains a unique place in my heart given his compassionate approach to art and the absolute simplicity of which he wrote his music. When I listen to Dylan, I don’t feel like I’m listening to someone profound or prominent; rather, I feel like I’m listening to someone I might have known. His music has an intuitive familiarity that other musicians don’t have. His songs aren’t about great production values or accurate vocals; they’re rather about human emotions and feelings, which, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of any type of music or song. 

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