Top Colleges That Accept Low SAT Scores 

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Colleges with Low SAT Requirements: Many colleges across the globe welcome students with diverse academic backgrounds, including those with SAT scores that might not be considered top-tier. To assist you in exploring your options,  we have shared curated lists of colleges accepting low SAT scores. Consider researching these resources to broaden your college search journey. That being said, read the complete article to learn more about colleges with low SAT requirements. 


Top 10 Colleges with Low SAT Requirements in the USA

A decent SAT score in the USA considered by most prestigious schools and universities is 1350 or higher. However, many students find it daunting or arduous to achieve such a high score. That being said, you should always aim for a score over the average; nevertheless, if you are unable to get a solid score that is considered acceptable by most universities abroad, there is no need to be concerned. This is because many universities in the US accept low SAT scores for entrance purposes. Here are the top 10 colleges in the USA that accept low SAT scores. 

College/University SAT Score Requirement 
Grambling State University410-490
University of West Georgia430-510
Albertus Magnus College810-1050
Calumet College of St. Joseph810-1010
Chowan University810-1000
Kentucky State University810-990
CSU Dominguez Hills800-990
Finlandia University790-1040
Universidad del Este790-1030
Claflin University780-1130

5+ UK Colleges That Accept Low SAT Scores

The United Kingdom has something for everyone. The fact that the country has colleges/universities that accept both high and low SAT scores lends credence to this claim. This implies that even if you are unable to attain acceptable SAT scores on your first attempt, do not worry; there are numerous colleges in the UK that accept low SAT scores for admission purposes. Here are some of the most prominent universities and colleges in the UK that accept low SAT scores. 

College/University SAT Score Requirement 
Aberystwyth University
Brunel University London
De Montfort University
Edinburgh Napier University
Glasgow School of Art
Lancaster University
Nottingham Trent University

Universities in Australia That Accept Low SAT Scores

 Numerous universities and institutions in Australia accept low SAT scores. That being said, students with low SAT scores can still submit their scores for enrollment purposes. Here are some of the best schools and universities in Australia that accept low SAT scores. 

College/University SAT Score Requirement 
Bond University,  Australia1020
Edith Cowan University1105
Swinburne University Technology1100
Flinders University1200
University of Tasmania,  Australia
Murdoch University,  Australia

Best Canadian Universities That Accept Low SAT Scores

SAT applicants who want to pursue further education in Canada but are concerned about their low results might check out this list of universities that accept low SAT scores. Have a look. 

College/University SAT Score Requirement 
University of Calgary1100
University of Saskatchewan 1100
University of Ottawa    1000
University of Lethbridge 1040
Capilano University1100
Acadia University 1100

Colleges in Germany That Accept Low SAT Scores

Germany is known for its high-quality education system, including its universities that offer a wide range of programs in English, particularly at the postgraduate level. For undergraduate studies, many programs are offered in German, requiring proficiency in the language. It’s important to note that the majority of universities in Germany do not typically require SAT scores for admission, especially for programs taught in German. 

However, for programs taught in English or those specifically targeting international students, some universities might consider SAT scores as part of the application process, particularly in private universities or in specific programs that are more aligned with the American education system. Here are five universities that might be more flexible with SAT scores or may accept students with lower SAT scores, particularly in programs aimed at international students:

College/University SAT Score Requirement 
Schmalkalden University Of Applied Sciences
Cologne Institute of Technology, Germany500+
Heidelberg University  1110
SRH Hochschule Berlin1050-1350
University of Konstanz1100-1200

So that was all about colleges with low SAT requirements. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q1. What is the lowest SAT score required in the USA? 

    Ans. The lowest SAT score accepted in the USA ranges between 400-800. 

Q2. What are the UK colleges that accept low SAT scores? 

    Ans. Aberystwyth University, Brunel University London, De Montfort University, Edinburgh Napier University, and Glasgow School of Art are some of the most eminent universities/colleges in the UK that accept low SAT scores. 

Q3. What is the average SAT score required in Canada? 

Ans. The average SAT score required in Canada is 1,150. 

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