Rice University Scholarships: Complete Details

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Rice University Scholarships

Are you looking for scholarships that will get you through Rice University in the United States? Rice University is one of the prestigious universities which ranks among #124 in the QS World Ranking. The university provides its international students with several scholarships which are awarded to outstanding students. For all those looking to get awarded a scholarship at Rice University, we have prepared a blog for you that will give you guidance on all the scholarships. Read on to know more.  


Top Reasons to Study at Rice University Scholarships

There are many reasons to study at Rice University which include an excellent academic background, strong research opportunities, a diverse student body, and vibrant campus life. Apart from this, the university also offers several scholarship programs to its international students which makes it possible for all international students to attend this prestigious university.

Speaking of which, here are the top reasons why one should choose to study at Rice University:

  • Academics: Rice University ranks #18 among all the national universities in the US and even as per the World Report 2023-2024 rankings. Apart from this, it also offers its students several undergraduate and graduate programs in subjects like the arts, science, engineering, business, etc. 
  • Diverse students: Looking at Rice University’s study body, it is considered to be one of the most diverse in the US. Students from all over the world with varied backgrounds come to study at this university. 
  • Scholarships: Rice University offers a generous amount of scholarships to its students. This allows the students to attend this prestigious university regardless of their financial stature.
  • Research Opportunities: For all those who don’t know, Rice University is a research university with over $1.4 billion in research expenditures in 2022. Here the students get exposed to several opportunities where they can participate in research projects. 
Source: YT – Rice University

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List of Scholarships at Rice University for International Students

Getting a scholarship at Rice University is very simple, it not only helps the student financially but allows them to study at their dream university. But are you worried about which scholarship will be best suited for you? Well, worry not, as we at Leverage Edu have compiled a list of scholarships that are offered to international students and will be best for you. 

Merit-Based Scholarships 

Merit-based scholarships are provided in the form of college scholarships, tuition waivers, and awards. These types of scholarships are often awarded by universities and colleges. In some cases, several companies and organizations even offer scholarships. Here is a list of merit-based scholarships which are offered to the students at Rice University. 

Scholarship Name About the Scholarship Eligibility Criteria 
President’s Scholarship This scholarship is the most esteemed one that Rice University offers, and it is entirely renewable for the duration of the undergraduate programme.A minimum unweighted GPA of 4.0 and a composite SAT or ACT score of 1520 or 35 are required of the students. A CV detailing their extracurricular interests and achievements, letters of recommendation, and a compelling application essay are also required.
Trustee Distinguished ScholarshipThis full scholarship is awarded to outstanding students who show a demonstrated financial need.A full Rice University application, together with the necessary exam results, essays, and transcripts, must be submitted by applicants. 
National Merit Scholarship Corporation ScholarshipAt Rice University, merit-based scholarships such as the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) Scholarship are given to students who have shown extraordinary academic accomplishment.Students who have been admitted to Rice University and who are National Merit Semifinalists or Finalists are eligible.
James A. Baker III ScholarshipIt is a merit-based grant given to first-year students who show promise for leadership, academic achievement, and dedication to public service. In order to qualify for the James A. Baker III Scholarship, applicants must have an ACT score of 33 or a SAT score of 1500, with a minimum weighted GPA of 4.0. They also need to submit a letter of recommendation from a mentor or teacher, as well as an essay detailing their dedication to public service.
Hispanic Heritage Foundation ScholarshipOnly those students will be eligible who will be of Hispanic descent, be a US citizen, have a minimum GPA of 3.5, and be admitted to Rice University as first-year students. Only those students will be eligible who will be of Hispanic descent, be a US citizen, have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and be admitted to Rice University as first-year students. 

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How to Apply for Scholarships at Rice University?

There are two ways, you can apply for scholarships at Rice University. Here are both the ways through which you can apply:

  • Application-based scholarship: For this, Rice University provides some scholarships where the student will be required to fill out a separate application form. To apply for these scholarships, the student will be required to fill in an application form, and transcripts, submit English language proficiency test scores, submit a letter of recommendation and a personal statement.
  • Automatically-considered scholarships: All students who get admission to Rice University are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships, such as the President’s Scholarship, Trustee Scholarship, and National Merit Scholarship Corporation Scholarship. There is no separate application required for this scholarship. 

Documents Required for Scholarship at Rice University

Although the documents required for each scholarship vary, however, we have compiled a list of documents that will be asked by the student to submit while filling out the application form.

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Q1. Does Rice University give full scholarships?

A1. A select number of meritorious students receive full scholarships from Rice University because of its extremely generous aid/grant policies. 

Q2. Is Rice University expensive?

A2.The entire cost at Rice University is $74,810. The average cost of attendance at the university after need-based aid and scholarship money is subtracted from the total is known as the net price, and it is $17,430 for the average student.

Q3. How much is the average scholarship for Rice University?

A3. At Rice University, the average need-based grant or scholarship given to first-year students was $58,740.

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