University of Michigan Scholarships 2024: Eligibility & Rewards

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University of Michigan Scholarships

The University of Michigan is one of the best universities to study in the USA.  As per the QS World Ranking 2024, the university ranks 33rd in the world. The university is well known for its quality Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs, research facilities, and infrastructure. However, to study at the university can be expensive for several international students. For this reason, the university offers several graduate and undergraduate scholarships for students. The aim of these scholarships is to reduce the financial burden on the student. Keep reading to learn more about the University of Michigan Scholarships.

Institution NameUniversity of Michigan
Established on1817
Acceptance Rate18%
LocationUnited States
Scholarships For International Students

Types of University of Michigan Scholarships

The University of Michigan offers plenty of scholarships to international students. The scholarships mostly cover the tuition fees of the beneficiaries. The scholarships offered by the university can be divided into the following categories. We have explained in detail about the types of scholarships provided in this blog.

  • Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Graduate Scholarships 
  • Study Abroad Scholarships 
  • Scholarship Checks 

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University of Michigan Undergraduate Scholarships

The University of Michigan scholarships for undergraduate students are available to students who demonstrate exceptional academic records, personal talents, interests, financial need, leadership qualities, or a combination of these. To apply for the UM scholarship: students must receive an offer letter from the university. No application is required. All admitted students are automatically considered for the scholarship. Those requiring financial aid must also apply for financial aid at the university website by filling out the CSS profile and completing the ‘My scholarship profile’ to be considered for the scholarship.

University of Michigan Postgraduate Scholarships

The University of Michigan scholarships for postgraduate students are granted on the basis of demonstrated academic achievement, financial need, or achievement in other extracurricular activities. There are plenty of scholarships available that are catered to meeting certain eligibility requirements. Below we have provided the list of the University of Michigan scholarships available for all students (national and international).’

George (William Hamby and Libbie B.) ScholarshipStudents with high academic achievement and demonstrated financial need
Harrison (Gus) ScholarshipStudents studying in the fields of Social Work or Public Administration
Robbins (Frank E.) Memorial ScholarshipThose enrolled in the schools of Public Health, Nursing, Dentistry, and the College of Pharmacy
Mack (Rev. Hw Am and Vm Ernst) ScholarshipStudents in Pharmacy, Medicine, or Dentistry

University of Michigan Scholarship Study Abroad

The University of Michigan offers several scholarships for international students. These scholarships are meant to reduce the financial burden on the students. The University of Michigan scholarships for international students are divided into two categories: opportunities for undergraduate students and opportunities for postgraduate students.

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Opportunities for Undergraduate students 

The opportunities for undergraduate students (need-based) do not require any application. Selected students are automatically considered for scholarships from the U-M Office of Financial Aid. 

ScholarshipEligibilityScholarship Type
Jerry A. May and Deborah Orr May Study Abroad Endowment FundStudy abroad support for recipients of the Jerry A. May Scholarship.Non-need based 
Helen Curtis Davis ScholarshipStudy abroad students with demonstrated financial need.Need-based 
Adam & Jill Breen Family Fund ScholarshipFor undergraduate study abroad experiencesNeed-based 
Mary Sue and Kenneth Coleman Student Global Experience FundHelps to fund study abroad or other global experiences.Need-based 
Stein Family Study Abroad ScholarshipUndergraduate or graduate students enrolled at U-M participating in study abroad programs or experiences for academic credit.Need-based 

Opportunities for Postgraduate students 

The University of Michigan Scholarship for postgraduate international students is as follows. The list includes both need-based and non-need-based scholarships.

ScholarshipEligibilityScholarship Type
Stein Family Study Abroad Scholarship
Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at U-M participating in study abroad programs or experiences for academic credit. Need based 
Mary Sue and Kenneth Coleman Student Global Experience FundHelps to fund study abroad or other global experiences.Non-need based 

University of Michigan Scholarships Checks 

The University of Michigan assists students who have received scholarships from a private provider. When it comes to the private scholarship check students must follow the steps below. Do note: once the check is accepted, the amount will apply to the student profile (one-half in the fall term, one-half in the winter term, unless the sponsor has mentioned otherwise).

  • If the check is made to the university then the student must bring the same to the Office of Financial aid
  • In case, the check is co-payable- endorse the check and later pay it to the office of financial assistance
  • If the check has been directly received by the student- It is the student’s responsibility to bring it to the notice of the university office.

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1. Does University of Michigan give out scholarships?

Yes. The University of Michigan offers several scholarships to students. These scholarships are given to students on the basis of their academic achievements, demonstrated financial need, and community service. The scholarships are available to postgraduate and undergraduate students. Specific scholarships are available to international students as well.

2. Does Michigan University give scholarships to international students?

Yes. The University of Michigan offers scholarships to both undergraduate and postgraduate international students. The scholarships are available on the basis of demonstrated financial need, and non-need-based,

3. Is University of Michigan 100% need met?

Yes. University of Michigan offers 100% scholarships on the basis of financial need. However, the student must have received an offer letter from the university, must meet the eligibility requirements of the scholarship, and must accept the scholarship offered.

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