PTE Test Preparation: Getting Started with PTE

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PTE Test Preparation Getting Started with PTE
PTE Test Preparation Getting Started with PTE

PTE or Pearson Test of English is an English language exam conducted to check the proficiency and command over the English language of the candidates. PTE is often used by candidates who are applying for universities or countries outside India that use English as the primary source of teaching. 


In this blog, we will be discussing tips for PTE test preparation at a beginner’s level. This will help candidates who are just starting their preparation to plan better and get their desired scores in the exam.

Exam NamePearson Test of English Academic
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Exam ModeOnline
Duration of Exam2 hours

PTE Test Preparation Tips

Taking any exam can often prove to be a strenuous task for the candidates. However, this stress can further increase if the candidate’s dream to study or move abroad is dependent on such an exam. However, the PTE exam is not that tough a nut to crack and with proper planning and execution, students can easily achieve their target score required for the country or university they are applying to. In order to help the candidates further, here are our PTE test preparation tips:

Understand PTE Exam Pattern 

The first and foremost step is to understand the PTE exam pattern set by the exam conducting authority. Candidates should aim to get to know all about the sections and structure for the examination. Further, candidates can also look for patterns and repetitions in the exam pattern.

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Prepare as per the Syllabus 

It is not uncommon for candidates to often get lost in their own preparation and forget all about the PTE syllabus. As far as possible, candidates should know the syllabus by heart and prepare accordingly. This will also help candidates understand how much time is needed for each section. Further, candidates can also use this to understand how many and what type of questions are asked. 

Prepare a Study Plan 

Preparing a study plan is one of the foremost and most essential aspects of preparation. Candidates, during the course of planning, will also need to gather the study material before starting their preparation. Candidates can use this planning to collect books, find sample papers, etc. to avoid chaos and confusion later.

Practice Everyday 

Practice makes a man perfect. This is the virtue you must follow while preparing for any exam. English is a subject which gets better every time you practise. Set a routine for the preparation. You can also indulge in online practice through applications that will make learning fun and help you prepare without any hassle or boredom. 

Set a Sleeping Schedule

Sleep is very important as a tired mind may not be able to concentrate and retain all the information needed. Candidates can set a reminder on their phone to inculcate a sleeping habit and pattern. 

Time Management

Time management is the most important factor in this whole preparation guide. Candidates should manage their time and invest their energies in the right direction. They should also know that preparation does not always have to be boring. Candidates can use YouTube, podcasts or even movies to help enhance their English. Entertainment and preparation can go hand in hand and in the right direction if candidates follow a timetable with full dedication. 

Polish Your Skills

Candidates should work on their skills on an everyday basis. Candidates should continue to work on their existing and newly developed skills so that they can just keep getting better at it continuously. 

PTE Academic Preparation by Section

Each section adds to the total marks a student obtains. Therefore, It is important to prepare for the PTE examination by section.

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PTE Academic Writing Section Preparation Tips

To score good marks in the writing section follow the tips below:

  • Answer questions within the 35-40 words. Try to avoid lengthy sentences. 
  • Don’t use examples in the answers unless it is required
  • Give attention to punctuation and capitalize all nouns
  • Summarize every paragraph in few sentences

PTE Academic Listening Section Preparation Tips

Following are some tips to clear the PTE listening section:

  • Try listening to English songs, movies and TV shows to prepare
  • Read questions before the audio starts and stay focused 
  • Don’t try to make blind guesses as this section has negative marking

PTE Test Preparation: Reading Section

Here are some tips that can be used to prepare for the reading section:

  • Understand the passage and look for keywords 
  • This section does not have a negative marking. Hence, make sure to attempt all questions 
  • Use the rule of elimination, narrow down the options and then answer the questions
  • Another tip is to learn to paraphrase as it can be useful in the examination


What is the full form of PTE and why is it conducted? 

The full form of PTE is the Pearson Test of English. It is held for students who want to study abroad or candidates who wish to move abroad. 

Does PTE follow any negative marking scheme? 

No. There is no negative marking in the PTE examination. 

How many sections are there in the PTE examination?

There are 3 sections in total in the PTE examination. They are as follows: PTE Speaking and Writing, PTE Reading and PTE Listening. 

Which section is the toughest in the PTE examination? 

PTE Reading is often known as the toughest section in the PTE examination. Most candidates lose their marks in this section. Candidates must prepare carefully for this section.

 In this blog, we have discussed some tips for beginners looking to start their PTE journey. We hope these tips are useful and students can ace the examination. 

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