How to Score 79 in PTE Exam?

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How to Score 79 in PTE Exam?

To score better in the PTE Exam one has to be well aware of the exam syllabus and some tips to ace their English proficiency. Based on advice from experts the blog covers some simple and effective steps to better your PTE Score. The PTE preparation tips are based on the exam pattern that covers points to improve your PTE Writing skills, PTE Speaking skills, PTE Reading Skills, and PTE listening skills. In this blog, we will know how to score 79 in PTE exam.

PTE Scoring: How to Score 79 in PTE Exam?

The PTE Score calculation is a complex method which is calculated using AI. A PTE Score of 79 is equivalent to the IELTS band of 7-8.

  1. The scoring in PTE Exam is based on two aspects, Formal and response quality. 
  2. The formal aspects account for word limit measure and check whether it is over or under and by how much. 
  3. The Response Quality checks for fluency of content and pronunciation. Marking in MCQs is based on their accuracy. 
  4. The PTE Score report Login gives has the ‘My PTE result’ also called the PTE Band score about which the candidates are informed through mail. 
  5. To check your ‘My PTE Result’ login to the PTE Website and go to the current activity section. Click on view score and save the pdf. 

PTE Exam Preparation Tips: How to Score 79 in PTE Exam?

To start preparing for PTE Exam, one must follow the given guidelines and know how to score 79 in PTE exam.

  1. Decide a date for PTE Exam. A PTE Exam is conducted throughout the year but it is better to set a deadline for yourself to prepare and make a preparation timeline. The timeline should not be too ambitious especially if the candidate is sitting the exam for the first time. Extensive timelines pressurize the brain and which reduces the retention capacity. 
  2. Divide your syllabus day-wise, week-wise and month-wise. Your aim to be eligible for the PTE Exam is a long-term goal, this has to be divided into month-wise achievements and week-wise plans. The candidate should also set goals for the day and make sure to add creative breaks from time to time. 
  3. The preparation time should also have space for practice sheets and practical knowledge. Try to interlink the Speaking, Reading, writing, and listening sections while preparing. Certain sections like Vocabulary should be covered every day after a month of preparation.
  4. After a month or two of your preparation timetable, start reading books according to your progress. There are certain PTE Preparation books and certain other books and novels to read for PTE Preparation. 
  5. In the last section of your preparation invest most of the time in practising the mock test papers and the previous year’s questions. The exam pattern and ideas are already clear but this section of preparation helps get a hold of timing your questions and formulating the answering pattern. 

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PTE Exam Pattern & Syllabus

The PTE test is designed to test the overall command of a person in the English Language. The exam is of 2 hours duration out of which the question focused on speaking and writing is for 54-67 minutes, reading is for 29 – 30 minutes, and Listening skills are for 30 – 43 minutes. Here is a section-wise breakdown of each skill and know-how to score 79 in PTE exam.

Speaking and Writing Skills 

Component  Number of Questions
Personal Induction 01
Read Aloud  06 – 07
Repeat Sentence 10 – 12
Describe Image 03 – 04
Retell Lecture 01 – 02
Answer Short Question  05 – 06
Summarise written text 01 – 02
Write essay 01 – 02
Total  28 – 36

Reading Section 

Component  Number of Questions
Fill in the blanks with reading & writing 05 – 06
Multiple choice with multiple answers 01 – 02
Re-order the paragraph 02 – 03
Fill in the blanks by reading 03 – 04
Multiple choice with a single answer 01 – 02
Total  13 – 18

Listening Section 

Component  Number of Questions
Summarize spoken text 01 – 02
Multiple choice with multiple answers 01 – 02
Fill in the blanks 02 – 03
Highlight correct summary 01 – 02
A multiple-choice, single answer 01 – 02
Select missing word 01 – 02
Highlight incorrect word 02 – 03
Write from Dictation 03 – 04
Total  12 – 20

This exam pattern is universally followed in all countries and the preparation for PTE Exam should be highly based on the pattern so that a candidate would avoid investing time and effort in only one or few topics. The detailed preparation tips for each section are mentioned hereunder. 

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PTE Speaking and Writing Skills

One can follow the given structure for preparation for the PTE Speaking and Writing Section and know how to score 79 in PTE exam.

  1. For the Read aloud section, one should practice pronouncing new words daily and also clarify your speech. Try to eliminate slang and fumbles from your speech. 
  2. In the Repeat sentence section the candidate should follow this technique; Listen to the sentence, and repeat it in mind, while speaking it out loud. You mustn’t alter or rephrase, or summarise the sentence while repeating it. So practice this section until you perfect it. 
  3. The image description section is designed to test the observational skills and how precisely the candidate can describe those details in English. The candidate should practice this by starting to describe the most visible parts of the image and then proceeding into details while also describing their association in a larger context. 
  4. The next is Retelling, the easiest way to excel in this section is to practice making notes. As a daily practice, you can ask someone around you to talk for 2-5 minutes while you make notes of what they are telling. The next step is to use these notes to retell them whatever you have noted. Ask them to evaluate you based on accuracy. After some practice, also practice this section from mock test papers and previous year’s exams to get a hold of the kind of content spoken. 
  5. Answer short questions are the section where one majorly has to practice putting their thoughts in concise phrases or words. The answer here has to be complete but short and the best practice is to judge the intent of the question being asked. The answer should not be incomplete to need a follow-up question. 
  6. Summary of the written text; this section focuses on the intent of the writing. The information being given should be complete but concise. This practice is similar to ‘Message writing’ in English, where one does not have to think of connecting the written text but only focuses on giving complete information. The usage of compound sentences to concise the information and short phrases to avoid exceeding the word limit is essential. 
  7. Essays are the part of the writing section where the observational and organisational skills of the writer are tested. The candidate must be well aware of their surroundings and structure content into a meaningful format. 

PTE Reading Skills

The preparation tips for PTE reading skills are given below and know how to score 79 in PTE exam. One must keep in practice an organised way of preparation along with consistency.

  1. Multiple-choice questions with a single option: there is only one correct answer for the given question, and the candidate must focus on similar words from the paragraph. The question has 300 words, a word prompt. 
  2. Multiple-choice questions with multiple answers, mean that there can be one or more correct options for each question. The format of this question is similar to Multiple choice questions with single answers. It is better to read the question and options before reading the excerpt from which the question is taken.
  3. The next question type is to Re-order, in this section, some sentences are given in random order and the examinee has to re-order them to make a meaningful paragraph. The candidates can start practising for this section by taking a paragraph from the internet and breaking it into sentences. The candidates can then practice on this jumbled paragraph and check their accuracy, you can also ask someone o read it to see if it makes sense. 
  4. The fill-in-the-blanks sections consist of a paragraph with many blanks to fill in. The candidates can also find a list of words at the end of the paragraph which they have to use to fill in the blanks. The number of words in the option is more than the number of blanks. One can download much fill in a blanks questionnaire online to practice. 

PTE Listening Skills

The question type in the Listening skills is quite similar to the ones in the sections mentioned above. The list of question types and tips is mentioned below.

  1. Summarise the spoken text; the candidates have to listen to the audio and then use their own words to ideate and write the gist of what was being told. The candidates can start practising at home by asking someone to speak, making notes and then rephrasing and writing a summary. Practice mock tests in the later sections of the preparation timeline. 
  2. PTE Multiple choice questions with multiple answers have a similar questioning structure as in reading. The candidate is advised to listen to the complete paragraph and make notes if possible and then proceed to answer. 
  3. PTE fill in the Blanks; the main crux of completing this task is to manage time. The candidate is advised to not recheck their answers before the whole recording is over or else they might miss some important sections. 
  4. Highlight the correct summary; in this section, multiple summary options are given amongst which the candidate has to choose one correct option. The only way to prepare well for this is to listen attentively and patiently. Also, make sure to judge the intent of the excerpt. 
  5. PTE Multiple choice questions with a single answer; for this section, the candidate can prepare the same way as for PTE Multiple choice questions with multiple answers.
  6. Select the missing word; again listen carefully and patiently and try to understand the meaning and purpose of the examination rather than making notes or filling in answers. 
  7. Highlight incorrect words; here one has to carefully listen and memorise the sentence to mark the incorrect word. 
  8. Dictation is the last section in the list and here the student is advised to type as fast as they can. The most important tip is not to try to remember any words as they might fiddle with your memory while writing, and typing the word as soon as you register it and do not make corrections before the recording is over. The candidates must practice their typing speed for this. 

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PTE Mock/Practice Tests: How to Score 79 in PTE Exam?

The candidates can avail of the practice test papers from the official website of the PTE Exam. The practice papers aren’t free but they can be purchased from the PTE website. The PTE Scores are highly affected after solving the practice test papers as the exam timings and pattern become clearer with this practice. Many of these practice tests also provide PTE Score reports for the mock tests. The PTE Practice paper packages include the following. 

  1. Silver Test Preparation Kit contains 1 scored PTE practice test; INR 2,936.29 (US$39.99)
  1. Gold Test Preparation Kit contains 2 scored PTE practice tests; INR 4,404.74 (US$59.99)
  1. The Platinum Test Preparation Kit contains 4 scored PTE practice tests; INR 6,607.47 (US$89.99)

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PTE Exam Books

The PTE Exam Books help the student to prepare for the overall PTE Exam including all sections some books even have preparation tips, a study timeline and mock test papers. Here is a list of the best books for PTE Exam preparation. 

  1. The Official Guide to PTE Academic by Pearson PTE Academic- this book has 200 practice tests, tips and CD-ROM for listening 7 speaking tasks etc. 
  2. PTE Practice Test Plus with Key, (Vol 1 & 2)- Includes new tests and exam patterns, CD for listening 7 speaking tasks etc.
  3. Aspire C1 Practice Tests with Key- It has complete tests, Tips and strategies, Sample answers, and Answer keys. 
  4. Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2- This book has designed lessons for PTE Preparation and follows extensive coursework. 
  5. PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2022- This book is focused on improving your vocabulary specifically designed for PTE Academic Exam. 

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Other PTE Preparation Options

To score 79 marks in the PTE exam the student can also avail of the following options.

  1. There are coaching providers for PTE exams. Every candidate has their own learning pattern they can choose to prepare themselves or go for online/offline coaching classes. Some online coaching classes are free and can be found as video links on YouTube etc. 
  2. One can also choose to prepare from online sites such as ROMAN PTE Student Portal, E2Language, PTE Tutorials, APEUni, and Roman PTE Mock Test. These websites provide free mock test papers, study materials, etc for the PTE Preparation exam. 


Is 79 a good PTE Score?

The PTE Score of 79 is equal to the IELTS band score of 7-8. It is a good score and is eligible for top-notch universities. 

What is a good PTE Score?

The PTE Score of 85-90 is an excellent score, and a score of 76-84 is considered a good PTE Score, 59-75 PTE Score is equivalent to IELTS Band 5.5 – 6.5 Score. Below these scores, the candidate needs more preparation for admission in Top notch colleges abroad. 

Is PTE easier than EILTS?

The approach both exams take is different for that matter one exam may seem simpler to a person than the other, however, there is no such official comparison ever made. PTE Exam has an adaptive and interactive method of testing while EILTS is more rigid.

The PTE Exam score is valid forever unlike other English Proficiency tests. The candidates can apply for Visas with PTE Scores and some of the top-notch universities also use PTE scores. For more updates and assistance on ‘study abroad exams’ follow Leverage Live.

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