PTE Reading Practice: Sample Questions and Answers PDF (Free Download)

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PTE Reading Practice PDF

PTE Reading Practice PDF: The PTE Reading section comprises around 13-18 questions. PTE test takers are required to complete the reading section of the PTE exam within a time frame of 30 minutes. Questions asked in PTE Reading are designed to gauge an individual’s overall ability to comprehend written text, aptitude, speed and vocabulary. That being said, the section can pose a major challenge to many test-takers, so individuals must familiarise themselves with the latest PTE reading sample questions and PTE reading practice tests. Solving such tests can bolster one’s confidence in attempting the section. In this blog, we have shared free sample questions with answers to PTE Reading in PDF that you can download for free! That being said, read the complete article to know more about PTE Reading Practice. 

Types of Questions in PTE Reading 

One can say that the reading section of the PTE exam can be daunting at times. Therefore, the ideal way to bolster your chances of success is to keep abreast of the types of questions asked in the PTE reading section. This will not only give students a solid idea of what to expect during the actual test but also give them enough confidence to tackle the questions with great efficacy. 

Here are the main question types in PTE Reading. Have a look. 

  • Multiple Choice Single Answer (MC Single): You’ll be given a passage with questions asking you to choose the single best answer based on the text.
  • Multiple Choice Multiple Answer (MC Multiple): Similar to MC Single, but you’ll need to choose multiple correct answers.
  • Read and Fill in the Blanks: A passage will have blanks where you choose the missing words from a list of options.
  • Re-order Paragraphs: You’ll be given jumbled paragraphs and need to arrange them in the correct order to form a coherent text.

PTE Reading Practice Sample Questions (with Answers): Download the PDF For Free

PTE Reading Practice Sample Questions: Here are some sample questions that you can practice to ace your PTE Reading tasks. Go through them to get an idea of how you can phrase your response to make it more coherent, articulate, and comprehensible to the examiners. Click on the link below to download the pdf for PTE Reading sample questions (with answers) for free! 

Tips to Ace Your PTE Reading Practice

Here are some of the best tips to ace your PTE reading practice. Refer to these tips to expedite your PTE reading preparation. 

  • Create a proper schedule centred around your PTE reading preparation. Devote your time to questions or types of questions that are tough or may pose a challenge during the exam. 
  • Familiarise yourself with the different question types in PTE Reading – Multiple Choice (Single/Multiple Answers), Fill in the Blanks, and Re-order Paragraphs.
  • Actively expand your vocabulary by encountering new words through diverse reading materials like newspapers, articles, and books.
  • Practice quickly grasping the main idea (skimming) and locating specific information (scanning) within passages.
  • Gradually increase your reading speed while maintaining comprehension through regular practice.
  • Underline keywords, take notes, and jot down any questions.
  • Allocate appropriate time for each question type based on its weightage and complexity. Don’t dwell on a single question for too long.
  • If unsure about an answer, use the process of elimination and make an educated guess.

So that was all about PTE reading practice and sample questions. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q 1. What are the types of questions asked in the PTE reading section? 

Ans: Multiple Choice Single Answer (MC Single), Multiple Choice Multiple Answer (MC Multiple), Read and Fill in the Blanks, and Re-order Paragraphs are some of the main types of questions asked in the PTE reading section. 

Q 2. What is the total duration of PTE reading?

Ans: Students attempting the PTE reading section are provided 30 minutes to complete the tasks. 

Q 3. How many questions are asked in PTE reading?

Ans: The PTE Reading section comprises around 13-18 questions.

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