PTE Speaking and Writing: Retell Lecture

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PTE Speaking and Writing: Retell Lecture

Are you preparing to appear for the PTE Exam? Are you nervous about the PTE Speaking and Writing skills: Retell Lecture? Still unsure what Retell Lecture is? Do not fret, initially, it might be overwhelming but that is why we are here to guide you through the PTE Speaking and Writing: Retell Lecture so that you can pass with flying colours. Read the entire article to know in detail about the Retell Lecture.

We will begin by telling you about PTE Speaking and Writing. The PTE exam includes four main categories: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The task of speaking and writing is done together in the first part of the exam and the rest in part two of the exam. This combined part of the PTE test is 54-67 minutes long and it contains seven different types of questions. It is the longest section of the communication skill test.

What is Retell Lecture in PTE Speaking Test?

This is the most common question asked by the test-takers, what exactly is Retell Lecture? In this section, you will be asked to listen to a clip of a pre-recorded automated lecture of 60-90 seconds related to academics. After you are done listening to the lecture, you will then be asked to record your response in the next 10 seconds in the microphone in the stipulated time of 40 seconds in your own words. Sometimes the audio is accompanied by an image for better understanding. 

Remember not to speak before you hear a beep sound after the 10 seconds break, or else your voice won’t be recorded. As soon as you start speaking, be coherent, lucid, and fluent. Try not to rush to finish the lecture but keep in mind you have only 40 minutes to record your response. 

PTE Speaking and Writing Test

You will be tested on your speaking and writing abilities, using English you might hear in an academic environment. The PTE speaking and writing test aims to assess your attention to detail, pronunciation, intonation, phonemes, accent, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, reading and written discourse skills. Your speaking and writing skills will be assessed through your given answers.

There are five tasks in the speaking section: read aloud, repeat sentences, describe images, retell the lecture, and answer the short questions. There are only two specific writing tasks: summarise a written text and write an essay. Thus, speaking and writing are crucial sections of the four communication skills.

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PTE Retell Lecture Tips

Listen intently to the lecture when played. It is the best way to score in this section. Make sure to note down the topic of the lecture. It will be mentioned at the beginning of the lecture. Pay attention to the details and try to remember the names, places, dates, etc. (if mentioned) as much as possible. Listen for at least 3-4 points that will help you summarise the entire lecture. Do not forget about the conclusion. We have mentioned a few tips below to help you.

Create Short Notes

The best way to remember the keywords and phrases is to jot them down while listening to the lecture by making ample use of the notepad that will be provided to you before the beginning of the test. These notes will help you recall when you will be recording and retelling the lecture. Review these notes when you have 10 seconds to yourself. Organise your thoughts, keep your calm and then begin with the recording.

Be Fluent

Try to be as fluent as possible. The more fluent you are, the better you will score in your PTE retelling lecture test section. In case you fumble or stutter, do not ponder over it and lose your focus, instead move on with your retelling. Remember, making mistakes is okay, do not beat yourself over it.

Stay Confident

Do not pause while speaking. Pausing for more than 3 seconds will stop the microphone from recording your speech and it will decrease your score. If you do not know what to say, take a pause for a second but do not fill it with irrelevant speech and then continue. 

Stick to The Point

Try to complete the sentence with 5-7 words and 4-5 sentences at maximum. Make sure your sentences are connected and flow smoothly.

Practice More

Practice is the key to success. Practise your speaking and writing skills every day with the available resources at the official website of Pearson.  This skill test will assess your knowledge, attention span and understanding of vocabulary and how you comprehend a given lecture material.


How is the PTE band score calculated?

The PTE score is calculated on an overall score band between 10 and 90, based on the performance in all of the tasks in the test, not as an average calculation of the scores for each of the communicative skills.

How much does the PTE Test cost?

The PTE exam is conducted by Pearson PLC Group, and the PTE exam fee in India is INR 14,700. The PTE exam fee is INR 12,457.63 and there is an additional tax payable which is INR 2,242.37, bringing the total PTE exam fee to INR 14,700.

How long is the PTE exam score valid?

The PTE exam scores are valid for up to two years from the date of the exam. Once the two years validity expires, the PTE exam score is automatically removed from the website, and it is unavailable. It is also valid till it is not banned by a visa.

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