5 PTE Repeat Sentence Practice Activities You Can Do Right Now!

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5 PTE Repeat Sentence Practice Activities You Can Do Right Now!

If you are familiar with the systematic approach to the PTE listening test, then you must as well, be aware of the difficulty involved in its repeat sentence type of questions. A lot of test-takers underestimate the very same fact and end up affecting their overall PTE score band. This is due to the constituency of PTE Repeat sentence questions, which is designed as a simple yet tricky test that helps in accessing the listening and pronunciation accuracy of the appearing student. In this blog, we will discuss 5 PTE Repeat Sentence Practice Activities You Can Do Right Now! for good marks.


There are several aspects you can focus on, that will help you in doing well on the test. All you have to do is start practising simple activities like understanding punctuation, fluency, and pronunciation, along with other wonder-working aspects to master your English comprehension skill which we have discussed in the blog.   


Relevant Details

Test Name

PTE Repeat Sentance

Scoring Section

PTE Speaking and Listening

Total Number of Questions

10 – 12 questions

Time Allotment

  • Before the audio starts- 3 secondsAfter the audio ends- 1 second Time to complete response- 15 seconds

The journey of your improvement beings when you focus on listening with an intent of understanding the meaning and theme of the sentence. If you understand the essence of the words correctly, only then you would be able to repeat the sentences with more accuracy. So, it is better to stay calm rather than hesitate and think a lot before submitting your PTE repeat sentence answer.

PTE Repeat Sentence Practice Sample

It is important to note that you would only have a few seconds to repeat a sentence with great precision. So, make sure to become extra attentive while listening to each sentence as some sentences might turn out tricky ones. But you do not have to worry about the questions being very complicated and read the given PTE repeat sentences sample questions to get a good idea of the difficulty level of the recorded sentences.

PTE Repeat Sentence 1This year, you will not need a textbook because all required readings will be posted in the student portal.
PTE Repeat Sentence 2Follow the signs directing you to the North parking lot and pick up a parking pass from the parking officer.
PTE Repeat Sentence 3Please make sure that you collect all of your belongings and take them with you.
PTE Repeat Sentence 4Cats are incredibly intelligent creatures, but nowhere near as friendly and affectionate as dogs.
PTE Repeat Sentence 5I would prefer it if you could call my cellphone rather than my landline next time.

It is important to understand that these questions are easier to repeat once you practice enough within the given time constraints. Hence, it is advisable to practice more with the sample PTE audios and follow the useful PTE tips and tricks to get a higher score.

PTE Repeat Sentences Tips and Tricks

Terming the PTE Repeat Sentence type questions as an easier one can be true indeed, if you practice sufficiently in the right direction and follow these simple tips and tricks to get a good PTE score:

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Pay Attention to Punctuation

Always remember that even without being seen, punctuations can save you a good PTE grade and rob you of it too. Hence, you should make sure to understand the intent behind the words. So that you can repeat the sentence in a way that punctuation can be heard clearly without affecting the meaning. The easiest way to get a grasp of punctuation is by practising its exercises in writing. This will help you in performing well in other PTE test sections as well. 

Focus on Fluency

Once you have understood the intonation, you should be able to upgrade your fluency and rhythm with the words. Your fluency with the words and vocabulary will reflect how smoothly can you play with them and if you are comfortable speaking the language without hesitation or not. These aspects are going to put a greater impact on your total score. Especially if you make pronunciation errors or skip words out of hesitation. As these mistakes become evident if you are not comfortable enough with the language.  

Try to Remember Visually

The above-mentioned tip can be easily fulfilled if you develop a habit of painting a visual image of words that you hear in your mind. Being a scientifically proven fact, this trick becomes useful in speeding up your comprehension more than depending merely on your hearing skill and comes in handy for time utilisation during the test.  You can also prefer to take notes along with the trick or come up with your own way quicker way to remember the sentences. 

Do Not Mimic

To excel in the PTE repeat sentence test, many test-takers confuse the real purpose of the test and end up mimicking the audio accent to bring the same emphasis and expression in their voices. But by doing so, you will lose your originality and waste your hard work while preparing before the PTE test. Therefore, you should always stick to your own pace and understand to avoid any unnecessary confusion while copying every word of the audio. 

Get Habitual of Listening to English Audio

Another fun and entertaining way of boosting your English speaking is by consuming more and more English content. Be it a PTE repeat sentence sample question or an entertainment show, you should get used to the language before appearing for your PTE test to perform well on the day of your examination.


How many repeat sentences will be there in the PTE exam?

There will be 10 to 12 PTE repeat sentence questions in the examination which you would have to repeat within a time limit of 15 seconds.

How should I practice repeating sentences for the PTE exam?

You should pay extra attention to the words while pronouncing them and maintain good fluency while answering the questions. You can also follow through the 5 useful tips mentioned in the blog for a better result.

How can I score good marks in PTE repeat sentences?

To score good marks in PTE repeat sentences, you should focus on utilising your time properly and be ready to speak with precision once your microphone is on.

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