Top 7 Habits To Get Your Desired Score in PTE Exam

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PTE Exam Preparation Tips

Pearson Test of English or PTE Exam is conducted for students who are willing to study abroad. Having a good scorecard of PTE makes your chances higher to get into your desired university. It has enormous benefits if you are willing to study abroad or you want to apply for PR VISA and settle abroad. If you are a kind who wants to make use of the opportunity and give in all your efforts to succeed then this is the chance for you!

The exam itself has major benefits for you and not just giving you the scores you desire. It will help you make your communication stronger, boost your confidence while English speaking, and make you learn all the minute Grammer rules you must follow while communicating in English. Try and apply all the habits in your everyday schedule and see the magic! 

Habits To Practice Before PTE Exam

Today we will give you the top 7 resourceful habits that will help you get the desired scores in the Pearson Test of English. These tips will definitely boost your skills and give you the results you expect. Add all of these to your routine and see the magic of the habits! Let’s discover in depth all the tips and habits we have curated in pointers just for you. Here we go! 

Conscious Reading 

Reading should be your priority on an everyday basis. Get up early morning and start reading motivational books and content that helps you expand your knowledge and makes you think deeply enough about life. This should be done for at least 30-45 minutes in the morning.

Morning is the best time to grasp knowledge and perceive everything mindfully. Reading consciously will give you intellectual knowledge as well as help you enhance your reading skills. This is the most basic skill you need to learn and follow full-heartedly. 

If you are willing to settle overseas then reading and understanding new words every day should be done efficiently and diligently. In foreign countries, English is the only common language by which people communicate so you need to be well-versed and understand it as well. The reading section is the part where most of the points are lost by the students, so make sure you have excellent reading skills before your PTE Exam.  

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Powerful Listening Ability 

To have good communication skills you must listen and understand the language and you can do so by watching English News, documentaries, Ted Talks etc. They all are very helpful for effective listening. They increase your knowledge and enhance your listening power. Listening is a very powerful habit to inculcate. An attentive listening habit will always save you time and make you understand everything at once. Watch almost everything in English before your PTE exam and score the best at once!

Your listening skills will be examined in the PTE when you will be given audio to listen. So make sure you hear each and every word pronounced carefully and attentively. You will face a lot of disturbance in the exam hall of PTE but focus on yourself and listen to the audio attentively to complete your exam.

Communicate in English as a Practise

You can ask your friends and family to converse in English. Add this habit to your everyday practice. Trust us on this, communicating in English will make your task easier in many ways. The concept is very simple and easy to understand. Speaking and listening both at once will make things easier for you. 

Do not take this as a burden on yourself. We know, that practice makes a man perfect, so give time and enhance your English Speaking Skills gracefully while communicating in English with your friends and family. Ask for help and do not shy away if someone corrects your Grammar! Take it as a lesson and move forward with a positive mindset for your PTE Exam.

Learn New Vocabulary Every Day

Whenever you find time for yourself during the day practise new words and speak them aloud. Learn their meanings and then use them whenever you communicate in English. This is an interesting exercise and you can indulge yourself in it whenever you want. This will work as a brainstorming exercise as well as sharpen your vocabulary. 

PTE needs you to have a good vocabulary so make sure you practise different exercising techniques to enhance your vocabulary. This practice is different and unusual but if you indulge in these little activities it will build the skills and efficiency you need in the PTE Examination. 

Join Public Speaking Groups 

You can enhance your speaking skills by joining various groups where you can use your communication skills to express yourself. This will be a major help for you to expand your vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and speaking skills altogether. Always keep in mind, to be clear with the words you pronounce and use simple words so that everyone can understand your point easily. 

English is not about speaking difficult words which are difficult to pronounce. You can be an expert in English if you know how to maintain the flow and tone of the conversation. Be mindful and speak simple words without using exaggerating big English words.    

Maintain a Journal for Writing Practise 

This is one of the most used and appreciated habits children follow. This is good for you on both personal and professional levels. Write down your thoughts, ideas, and important events of the day. This will work as a trial-and-error method for your English Writing Skills. 

Exercise is also good for your mind and body. You can jot down the thoughts that make you happy or distressed. This writing habit with proper use of Grammer rules and learning new words to express your thoughts is very helpful for your PTE Leanings as well. 

Be Confident and Believe in Yourself

Confidence is the key to success. If you follow all of the above habits whole heartedly, confidence is the only thing you need to work upon. Whenever you start speaking, writing, listening or reading English be confident and you will sound no less than a professional student. Keep practising and you will definitely notice the changes in your English Communication. 


When is PTE exam conducted?

The exam is conducted on various dates and locations. You can choose a date and location according to your convenience. 

How many hours will candidates get to complete the PTE examination?

The exam will be conducted online. You will get 2 hours and 15 minutes in total to complete the examination. Make sure you cover each section within the time limit provided.

Is there an option to give PTE exam at home?

Yes, you can give your PTE Exam at home or anywhere you want. Make sure the place is quiet without any background noise. Any disturbance or noise will be a distraction for you. 

How many days are required to prepare for PTE preparation?

You will need at least 4-5 weeks of preparation before giving the examination. Students, please note there are not any particular days to target. You can prepare for the exam at your pace.

We hope all these above-mentioned tips will help you find your strength and make you realise everything will work in your favour if you are consistent with your efforts. Consistency will give you the results you desire and the scores you want in your PTE Examination, also you can take help from Leverage Live. You can learn more about PTE on Leverage Edu. And do not forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin for regular updates.

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