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With its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and thriving academic environment, Ireland has emerged as a favored destination for students seeking a high-quality education in the field of psychology. Whether you’re a prospective student looking to embark on a fulfilling career or an aspiring professional seeking to enhance your knowledge, Ireland’s diverse range of psychology courses provides an exceptional platform to delve into the fascinating depths of the human mind.


From prestigious universities to specialized institutes, Ireland offers an array of educational institutions renowned for their commitment to excellence in psychological education. This is a comprehensive guide to the top psychology courses offered in the captivating land of Ireland. It aims to highlight some of the leading psychology courses available in Ireland, offering an overview of the programs, their unique features, and the exceptional learning opportunities they provide.

Overview of Psychology Courses

Psychology studies mental processes and human behavior. It includes topics including child and adolescent development, perception, learning, and motivation as well as individual variations and social psychology. Cognitive processes (such as memory and problem-solving) are also covered. It also contains a lot of the elements of a scientific course, such as practical exercises, teachings on the underlying physiology of the human brain, and statistical descriptions and analyses of data. There are several Psychology courses offered in Dublin that will provide you with the knowledge and abilities needed to launch your career.

Branches of Psychology 

Within these courses, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various branches of psychology, including cognitive, clinical, developmental, and social psychology, among others. With an emphasis on both theoretical understanding and practical application, these programs equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the complex world of human behavior and mental processes.

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Top Psychology Courses in Ireland

Check out the top bachelor’s and master’s psychology courses: available in Ireland:

Best Bachelor’s Program for Psychology in Ireland

Below mentioned are the best bachelor’s programs for psychology in Ireland:

University NameProgram OfferedTuition Fees
Trinity College, DublinBA PsychologyEUR 21,080(INR 18.71 Lakh)
Maynooth UniversityBA PsychologyBSc PsychologyEUR 13,500(INR 11.98 Lakh)EUR 15,000(INR 13.32 Lakh)
University College CorkBA (Hons) Applied PsychologyBA (Hons) Psychology and Computing
EUR 16,700(INR 14.83 Lakh)
University College Dublin, BelfieldBSc PsychologyBA Psychology-EUR 21,520(INR 19.11 Lakh)
University of GalwayBSc PsychologyEUR 17,640(INR 15.66 Lakh)
University of LimerickBsc PsychologyEUR 17,200(INR 15.27 Lakh)

Best Masters Program for Psychology in Ireland

Below are the best master’s programs for psychology in Ireland:

University NameProgram OfferedTuition Fees
Trinity College, DublinMSc Applied PsychologyMSc Applied Behavioral AnalysisMSc Global Mental HealthEUR 21,920(INR 19.46 Lakh)EUR 16,170(INR 14.35 Lakh)EUR 21,790(INR 19.35 Lakh)
Maynooth UniversityMSc PsychologyMSc Environmental PsychologyEUR 15,000(INR 13.32 Lakh)
University College CorkMA Applied PsychologyWork and Organizational PsychologyEUR 18,800(INR 16.69 Lakh)
University College Dublin, BelfieldMSc Behavioral NeurosciencePsychological ScienceEUR 23,690(INR 21.03 Lakh)
University of GalwayMSc Health PsychologyMSc Consumer PsychologyEUR 17,440(INR 15.48 Lakh)EUR 17,360(INR 15.41 Lakh)
University of LimerickMA PsychologyMSc Psychological ScienceMSc Work and Organizational PsychologyEUR 14,600(INR 12.96 Lakh)EUR 14,000(INR 12.43 Lakh)EUR 17,500(INR 15.54 Lakh)

The Master’s (MSc) in Psychology programmes in Ireland aim to provide students with a knowledge base and a set of skills that will cognitively prepare them for various vocations in addition to preparing them for various psychology-related careers. 

Analytical thinking, strict mathematical competence, and the ability to describe, explore, and address problems in challenging and ever-changing environments are requirements for Ireland’s Master’s (MSc) in Psychology. Additionally, it is an applied science that investigates how people act and think in typical circumstances and helps people in their social and professional life, for example, by using therapeutic and counselling methods. If you want to learn more about the factors that affect human cognition, emotion, and behaviour, take this course.

Eligibility Criteria for Psychology Courses in Ireland

In order to be eligible for psychology courses in Ireland, a candidate must:

  • Have completed a high-school education
  • A candidate must have scored O6/H7 in English and mathematics.
  • For pursuing a master’s degree in psychology, candidates must have qualifying scores in bachelor’s degrees along with a dissertation and thesis.
  • For MPhil and PhD admission, candidates must have completed their master’s degree. 

Top Universities for Psychology Courses in Ireland

Below mentioned are the top universities for psychology courses in Ireland:

University NameQS World Ranking 2023
Trinity College, Dublin#98
University College Dublin, Belfield#181
Maynooth University#701 – #750
University College Cork#303
National University of Ireland, Galway#270
University of Limerick#531

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Academic Scope in Psychology

In addition to discussing the courses themselves, it also delves into the vibrant academic communities and research opportunities available in Ireland. A strong emphasis on scientific inquiry, coupled with its welcoming and supportive environment, creates an ideal setting for students to engage in groundbreaking research and contribute to the ever-evolving field of psychology.

Furthermore, you will explore the benefits including the potential for international networking, cultural immersion, and career prospects. Ireland’s position as a hub for innovation and advancement in various sectors provides ample opportunities for psychology graduates to apply their knowledge in diverse settings, ranging from clinical practice to organizational consulting.

  • Many psychology graduates pursue careers in professional psychology after receiving professional training. Additionally to online postgraduate psychology courses in Ireland, there are research M.Sc., PhD, and M.Phil. degrees in psychoanalytic studies. 
  • The School of Psychology also provides master’s degrees in applied psychology, applied behavior analysis, clinical supervision, and professional doctorates in clinical psychology and counseling psychology. Students have been able to pursue a variety of professions, including management, marketing, advertising, accountancy, journalism, broadcast media, teaching, and recruiting, thanks to their in-depth understanding of the human experience and behavior and their broad range of abilities acquired during the course. 
  • The psychology programs in Ireland will include lectures on job development throughout your degree. Applying for psychology courses in Ireland can be done online or with assistance.

Jobs and Salary

Below mentioned is the career scope of psychology in Ireland:

Job RoleSalary
Clinical PsychologistEUR 42,695(INR 37.91 Lakh)
Forensic PsychologistEUR 40,000(INR 35.52 Lakh)
PsychotherapistEUR 30,000 to EUR 52,000(INR 26.64 Lakh to 46.17 Lakh)
Mental Health CounsellorEUR 40,695(INR 36.13 Lakh)
Educational PsychologistEUR 60,565(INR 53.78 Lakh)
NeuropsychologistEUR 83,030(INR 73.73 Lakh)

The average salary for a psychologist in Ireland is EUR 44,385 (INR 39.41 Lakh).

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1. Is Ireland an excellent location for psychology studies?

You may be able to attend a top-ranked, world-class university while pursuing a psychology master’s degree in Ireland.

2. Is psychology a viable field in Ireland?

The employment prospects for graduates of Ireland’s universities’ psychology programmes are quite good. Employers are interested in hiring those who have completed these courses. 

3. Is a psychology degree challenging in Ireland?

Depending on the subject of psychology you are studying and the university you are attending, the quantity of coursework might vary. The courses offered in psychology is often thought to be quite challenging.

So, whether you’re intrigued by the complexities of the human mind, fascinated by the interplay of behaviour and society, or passionate about making a positive impact on individuals’ lives, you can join on a journey through the top psychology courses in Ireland. 

In order to explore the programs that can shape your understanding, expand your horizons, and set you on the path towards a rewarding career in the realm of psychology,  call our Leverage Edu experts for assistance. For more information regarding the admission process, the application process and documentation requirements call us at 1800572000 immediately for a 30-minute free counseling session.

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