LLB in Ireland: Courses, Admission Process, Cost, Scholarships 

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Study LLB in Ireland

Ireland is one of the countries with the quickest rate of study abroad growth. It has achieved recognition as one of the premier locations where students can receive exceptional opportunities and budget-friendly programs. Students who want to study abroad at prestigious universities should definitely think to Study in Ireland. The bachelor in law (LLB) programme is among the options with the fastest rising enrollment in Ireland, in addition to the diversity of courses it offers. Due to the abundance of colleges and universities that provide LLB in Ireland, LLB is becoming more and more well-known there. Let’s examine it more closely.

Course NameLLB
Course Duration 4 year
English Proficiency Test RequirementsIELTS– 6.5
TOEFL iBT-90 with at least 19 in each section and at least 21 in writing
Average tuition feesINR 12-15 Lakh/year
Average Annual SalaryEUR 45,000 to EUR 65,000 (INR 40.12 Lakh to INR 57.96 Lakh)

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Why Study LLB in Ireland?

Students can select from a range of LLB programmes in Ireland. A Bachelor in Law (LLB) degree is available in a number of international legal topics, including business and political science. Only the top 7% of applicants are typically admitted to these colleges, meaning that students must compete to get accepted. However, these law schools do admit international students who can secure authorization, school acceptance, and a visa to enter the nation. Foreign students typically have less complicated admissions standards. 

In order to sit for the licensing exam, students need to complete their schooling between five and six years. With three more years of study in law school, students with an undergraduate degree may also be able to finish their studies. Students in Ireland can obtain employment after graduating. Prior to receiving a professional license, students must work for a law firm. Ireland has a moderate to high need for qualified workers, with an increased emphasis on highly specialized lawyers. The legal system in this nation may prove to be profitable for a long, fruitful career for international pupils.

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Requirements to Study LLB in Ireland

Documents Required to Study LLB in Ireland

  • Passport
  • A pair of passport-sized pictures
  • Letter confirming enrollment in college
  • Receipt showing that the registration and tuition payments have been paid
  • Evidence of having enough money
  • A document attesting to your English language skills, such as an IELTS or comparable test
  • A medical insurance policy having a minimum face value of EUR25,000 (INR 22.31 Lakh)
  • Additional specifications laid out by the university

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Top Universities for LLB in Ireland

Name of the UniversityName of the CourseDurationAverage Annual Course Fee
University College of CorkBA(Hons) Criminology
BCL(Hons) Law
4 YearsINR 14.5 Lakh

INR 18.5 Lakh
Trinity College DublinBachelor of Law
Bachelor of Law and Political Science
4 YearsINR 18.6 Lakh

INR 18.63 Lakh
University College DublinBCL Law with Social Justice
BCL Law with Economics
4 YearsINR 17.5 Lakh

INR 17.5 Lakh
University of GalwayLaw (BCL)
Law (BCL), Criminology and Criminal Justice
4 YearsINR 15.5 Lakh

INR 15.5 Lakh
University of LimerickBachelors of Arts in Law and Accounting4 yearsINR 12.00 Lakh

Cost of Study

There are various tuition fees for studying in Ireland, depending on the country the student is from. Students from the EU, EEA, Switzerland, or the UK must pay the same tuition fees as Irish students. The tuition for these students will be around 3000 euros (INR 2.67 Lakh).

However, if it is the student’s first degree and there is no repetition of a year or semester, the Higher Education Authority, or HEA, a division of the Irish government’s Department of Higher Education and Skills, will cover the fees. International students are responsible for paying their own tuition. The tuition costs for these students are not under the authority of the Irish government.

The cost of tuition varies depending on the course, length, and degree of study. The costs may range from 9900 to 34,000 euros (INR 8.83 Lakh to 30.34 Lakh). While postgraduate programme fees must be paid annually, undergraduate course fees are due each semester.

Scholarships for International Students to Study LLB in Ireland

Name of the Scholarship/AwardBenefits
Open Study/ Research AwardEuro 15,000 Stipend (Maximum)(INR 13.38 Lakh)
DCU Taught Masters Program AwardVariable
Hugh Lane Gallery Curatorial AwardEuro 20,000 Stipend (INR 17.85 Lakh)
UCD Global Scholarships for International StudentsVariable
University of Limerick ScholarshipsVariable

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Visa Requirements

International students must apply for a study visa for Ireland; available visa types include:

C Type Visa: If you want to study in Ireland for fewer than three months, you must apply for a C study visa. People who want to take part in a training programme or course that lasts less than 90 days use this short-stay visa.

D Type Visa: If you join in a course that lasts more than three months, you must apply for the D study visa. The visa that international students typically choose is this one.

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Students are permitted to work part-time jobs while they are in college. They are permitted to put in a 20-hour workweek and 40-hour vacations. After their education is complete, individuals might apply to work for companies where they intend to continue. Even internships at prestigious Irish corporations are open to students. Once their training is over, there is a potential that they will land a full-time position in these businesses. Additionally, once students have finished their studies, they may apply for a post-study work visa with a two-year tenure. Students who have finished their education may stay in Ireland for up to 24 months in order to look for employment. Once they get employment, they can submit an application for a Green Card, also known as a Critical Skills Employment Permit.

There are many opportunities for employment after completing LLB in Ireland. Students can opt for internships, part-time or full-time employment. Popular job profiles include Lawyer, Legal Advisor, Legal Consultant and Barrister to name a few. Starting salaries for fresh graduates after LLB in Ireland range from EUR 45,000 to EUR 65,000 (INR 40.12 Lakh to INR 57.96 Lakh)


Ques: What is the duration of LLB in Ireland?

Ans: LLB in Ireland is a four-year undergraduate program.

Ques: How much does the LLB program cost in Ireland?

Ans: The cost for this course in the EU is €6,130 (INR 5.46 Lakh)for full-time enrollment and €3,130 (INR 2.79 Lakh) for part-time enrollment. An average annual non-EU tuition for this degree is €12,600 (INR 11.23 Lakh)

Ques: Does an Irish university LLB have value?

Ans: Irish institutions are known for their top-notch law programmes that help students develop their legal knowledge and skills.

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