Princeton University Scholarships for International Students 2023: Award Details, Application Process, and Many More

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Princeton University Scholarships

The scholarships from Princeton University are available for both international as well as domestic students in form of assistantships, financial aid, external loans, and fellowships. Keep in mind that the scholarships will only be need-based. Princeton University doesn’t provide any type of merit-based academic scholarships or athletic scholarships to international students. This is because the university considers all students equally. If you want to pursue your undergraduate degree at Princeton University, you will need to pay more or less USD 62,000 (INR 50.96L) which is undoubtedly a large sum of money. But the scholarship will cover your tuition fees so that you can study properly. In this article, we will discuss Princeton University Scholarships for international students. 

Benefits of the Princeton University Scholarship

Here are the benefits of Princeton University scholarships for international students you need to know:

  • The tuition fees will be partially or fully waived off
  • Depending on the scholarships, your living allowance will be issued
  • The scholarships will sponsor your literature-buying expenses
  • The medical allowance will be covered

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Princeton University Scholarships for International Students: Award Details 

Princeton University pays close attention to international students to make sure that deserving candidates are receiving their scholarships to complete their studies. Here are the following circumstances as well as professional judgments to determine the overall amount of the scholarship that will be granted to the international students:

  • Demonstrated Need: The professionals from Princeton University determine the requirement of international students while determining the overall amount for the scholarships. As mentioned above, the university doesn’t offer any merit-based scholarships to international students. 
  • Financial Condition of the Family: The university also pays close attention to the financial condition of the candidate’s family. 

Here’s a table that would help you understand how much of the scholarship amount you can receive based on your family income. 

Overall Family Income (USD)Average Granted Amount (USD)Coverage 
0-65,00076,700 (INR 63 Lakh)Tuition fees, room, and board 
100,000-120,00066,950 (INR 55 Lakh)Tuition fees, 51% room, and board 
200,000-250,00039,025 (INR 32 Lakh)68% of tuition fees 

Application Process

If you want to leverage the benefits of the Princeton University scholarships for international students, you need to be a student as well as create an account on the Princeton Applicant Portal. The applicants will receive their instructions after their application through email. Here are the important steps you need to keep in mind if you want to apply for Princeton University scholarships for international students:

  • The students need to complete the application for Princeton Financial Aid. 
  • The applicant needs to fill in all the details as well as the information regarding their family income correctly. Make sure you pay close attention to the household and family status, reporting assets, family documentation, and the expenses page. 
  • Once you submit the Princeton Financial Aid application, you also need to upload the necessary tax documents. The financial documentation also needs to be submitted that showcases the family income. You also need to check the income documentation. 
  • The students also need to provide the non-custodial information of their parents to complete the financial aid package properly. If the candidate is looking for need-based aid, they need to notify if their parents are separated, divorced, or live in different households. 

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Required Documents 

Here are the important documents that you need to submit while applying for Princeton University scholarships for international students:

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Important Dates 

Here are the important dates you need to remember while applying for Princeton University scholarships for international students:

Deadline Early Application Date Regular Decision Applicants Transfer Program Applicants 
Princeton Financial Aid Application 1st November 20231st February 20249th March 2024
Non-Custodial Parent Form or Waiver Request Form 9th November 2023 1st February 20249th March 2024

Princeton University Graduate Scholarships

This scholarship provided by Princeton University guarantees full funding of the tuition fees. The funding of this specific scholarship will come under different aspects such as assistantships, fellowships, and external fellowships funding. Here’s a table that would help you understand:

Division Description Coverage Amount 
Humanities and Social Sciences University Fellowship (12 months)USD 45,600 (INR 37 Lakh)
Natural Sciences and Engineering First Year Fellowship (10 months)
Summer Fellowship or Assistance in Research (2 months)
USD 40,000 (INR 33 Lakh)

USD 8,000 (INR 6.5 Lakh)
Graduate School Assistance in Research (10 months)
Assistance in Instruction (10 months)
USD 40,000 (INR 33 Lakh)
USD 42,000 (INR 34.5 Lakh)

Princeton University External Scholarships 

International students can be eligible to leverage the benefits of different external scholarships from Princeton University. The external scholarships will work as a replacement for the Princeton Grant. If the amount of money covered by the Princeton Grant s decreased as per the results of outside scholarships, students will be able to recover the full fund. 

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Scholarship Name Eligibility Benefits Deadline 
The Powersports Dealership Scholarship Students from Australia, Canada, and New Zealand 2 awards worth USD 1,000 (INR 82K)1st July 2023
Princeton Arts Fellowship CV, Work sample, 750 words of the proposal, 150 words of a statement USD 88,000 (INR 72 Lakh) for two consecutive years. USD 2,000 (INR 164K) per year in the classroom Early July 2023
#YouAreWelcomeHereScholarshipFirst-year international candidates from any background A minimum coverage of 50% as per the tuition fees Fall and Spring 
International Student Support Contest International students who are pursuing bachelor’s, diploma, or master1st place: USD 2,000 (INR 164K)
2nd place: USD 1,000 (INR 82K)
3rd place: USD 500 (INR 41K)
31st March 2023


How much is Princeton University tuition in 2023?

The average tuition fee at Princeton University for undergraduate students is USD 57,300 (INR 47 Lakh). 

Does Princeton give 100% financial aid to international students?

The financial aid provided by Princeton University will depend on numerous factors, especially the overall yearly income of the family. 

How do I get a full scholarship to Princeton University?

Keep in mind that the scholarships provided by Princeton University are fully based on need. The university doesn’t offer any kind of merit-based scholarships. 

This is everything you need to know about Princeton University Scholarships for international students. If you have plans to study abroad at one of the most famous universities in the world, make sure you contact Leverage Edu on 1800 57 2000 today and get 30-minute free counselling. 

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