Scholarships for Internships Abroad

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scholarships for internships abroad

Doing internships can open up doors for a lot of career opportunities and help you kickstart your professional journey with ease. On top of this if you are doing internships abroad then get ready to experience the limitless possibilities and important learnings that are going to help you at every step of your career. Taking up an internship abroad means that you will get to experience a new culture, the opportunity to step out of your comfort zones, make new connections and network in a foreign land, and in some cases a chance to learn a new language and so much more. 

If you are looking for information about scholarships for internships abroad then this blog will help you greatly. Keep on reading further to know more! 

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List of Scholarships for Internships Abroad 

Following is the list of some of the popular scholarships for internships abroad: 

  1. Freeman-ASIA Awards 

There aren’t many better grants for unpaid internships than the ones offered by Freeman Awards for Study in Asia to US undergraduate students with a financial need who wish to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia. If this is something that interests you, you should apply before the programmes start in the academic year. 

  1. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships 

This fellowship is intended especially for students taking part in an international internship programme. The scholarship, which is directly funded by the US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, aims to assist students in need with their ability to pay for “non-traditional” study abroad and internship opportunities. This scholarship might be what you’re searching for, with over 2,000 scholarships worth over $4,000 given out each year.

  1. The National Society of Collegiate Scholars 

More than any other honour society, the NSCS Scholarship Programme gives over $1 million in undergraduate scholarships, awards, and money each year. In the spring, summer, and fall, NSCS provides 26 distinct national scholarship possibilities. 

  1. International Volunteer HQ 

Anyone seeking to depart from the traditional Spring, Summer, or Winter break is welcome to apply for one of IVHQ’s Alternative Break Scholarships, which also serve as scholarships for internships abroad. If you apply for the Alternative Break Scholarship, you can have your programme costs paid for as well as airfares up to a $1,000 value, saving you a total of $3,000! 

  1. Fund for Education Abroad 

The Fund for Education Abroad’s (FEA) possibilities and scholarships for international internships are fantastic! FEA makes investments in bright students who are underrepresented among US citizens studying abroad and who have financial needs and who want to participate in foreign internships and exchange programmes. The awards for international internships vary from $1,250 to $10,000. 

  1. Diversity Abroad 

You have access to more than $400,000 in scholarships through Diversity Abroad. Researching summer internship scholarships as early as February is advisable if you intend to spend the summer studying abroad. They change according to the nation you apply for and the field or sector you work in.

  1. Absolute Internship 

In order to give students the chance to explore the world while honing their personal and professional skill sets, Absolute Internship collaborates with more than 800 global, market-leading businesses. An AI programme includes everything from high-quality lodging to visa assistance, cultural excursions, company visits, and internship placement in the chosen field and location. They have started a scholarship programme to give the brightest and most motivated students and graduates the chance to succeed, regardless of their financial position.

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Some Useful Tips for Finding Scholarships for Internships Abroad 

Apart from scholarships for studying abroad, there are also many scholarships for internships abroad in order to help students pursue their dreams without any financial difficulties. The only thing is that the students need to be aware of which all scholarships are available for internships abroad and the eligibility criteria for them. Researching scholarships for internships abroad can be a daunting task therefore, we have mentioned some valuable tips below that will help you find a scholarship with ease. 

Talk to Your Academic Advisor 

Scholarships, grants, and employment options vary by university. To find out more about departmental scholarships at your specific university, contact your academic advisors. Your academic adviser may be able to assist you in locating additional scholarships that you are eligible for in addition to the professional area and departmental awards, such as those for first-generation, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ students. Arrange a one-on-one meeting with your adviser to learn more about the options available at your university.

Look for Country and Region Specific Scholarships 

Look into scholarships that your nation or region may offer if you are certain of where you want to travel for your internship. Countries like Germany and Japan work hard to increase internationalism in their institutions and workforces and frequently provide funding to students or young workers who wish to work in their industries. 

Have a Conversation with the Language Department of the University 

If you are already enrolled in a language programme at a university, don’t be shy about asking your lecturers and programme directors about available scholarships. Embracing a language fully by immersing yourself in a native environment is one of the finest methods to learn it. There’s a potential the department might assist you in obtaining money for it if you discover an international immersive internship programme that would allow you to utilise your language studies.

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Q1. How can I get a full scholarship to study abroad?

Ans- Researching various scholarships available that are fully funded and then making sure that you met the eligibility criteria will help you get full scholarships to study abroad. 

Q2. Can you get paid to intern abroad?

Ans- Yes, internships abroad can be paid but not all of them. 

Q3. Which country is best for paid internships?

Ans- Canada is one of the best countries for internships that are paid. Internships in Canada pay the candidate well and provide good working conditions. 

We hope you liked this blog where we tried to cover comprehensive information related to scholarships for internships abroad. 

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