Looking Forward to Studying Abroad? Apply to These Easy Scholarships as International Students!

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easy scholarships for international students

A dream for many students is to attend a university abroad. Why do so many people go abroad to further their studies? There must be good grounds for starting this lengthy voyage. Everyone has their own, whether it be learning a new language, gaining knowledge of something, or getting to know your neighbourhood. Scholarships for international students are one way to start down this path. Scholarships are an affordable way to enrol in institutions all around the world and pay for your education without worrying about debt. 


Although some students may believe that applying for scholarships is a difficult process, we have compiled a list of easy scholarships for international students. These are the easy scholarships for international students that will enable the student to fulfil their ambition of studying abroad!

Top Easiest Scholarships for International Students 

Here’s a list of Easy Scholarships for International Students to apply can move ahead the hurdle of finances:

The American Association of University Women International Fellowship

The American Association of University Women International Fellowship is only available to female overseas students. This programme provides funding for full-time graduate or postdoctoral studies for women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents but who want to return there to pursue a professional career. Few benefits can be obtained from studying overseas. So be sure to apply right away!

Deadline for applications: November 15, 2022

Amount of Scholarship: $18,000 to $30,000 (INR 14. Lakhs – INE 24.5 Lakhs)

easy scholarships for international students
Source- Solution Wheel

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University Of Paris-Saclay Scholarship (EU)

The University of Paris-Saclay offers a small number of master’s degree programmes in English. French education is provided in the majority of master’s degree programmes. Students must be proficient in French at the B1 level; a certificate is not required. The following easy scholarship for international students is available from the University of Paris-Saclay:

  • The fellowship has a yearly value of 10,000 euros. 
  • Once they arrive to start their education, students are only granted a scholarship, which is paid over ten months. The 1000 euro incentive is given to cover the expense of travel and immigration fees. 
  • The university does not give any advance payments.
easy scholarships for international students
Source- Scholarship – Get Forsa

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship | Scholarships For International Students

The Aga Khan Foundation provides a modest number of postgraduate scholarships each year to deserving students from particular developing countries who have no other way to pay for their education to promote operational scholars and leaders and aid in preparing them for careers, especially within the AKDN. After a rigorous application process, scholarships are awarded on a 50/50 grant/loan basis once a year in June or July. The Foundation prefers requests for master’s level programmes, but it is willing to consider requests for PhD programmes only from exceptional students who are strongly urged to do so by their instructors and who need a PhD to pursue their career objectives (academic or research-oriented).

easy scholarships for international students
Source: Youth Opportunites

Fulbright Scholarships

The US government’s largest and most distinctive educational scheme, the Fullbright Scholarship scheme, encourages cross-border intellectual and cultural exchange. It is among the greatest undergraduate scholarships available to students from abroad. To apply for the 2022-2023 year, you must complete a few tasks.

  • Send the registration form, the original consent to process private information, an electronic scan of the consent, and all three by email.

Those who have decided to participate in the competition must email their documents to [email protected]. “VGS 21-22 Registration” ought to be the subject line.

  • a request for registration and authorization to process personal data
  • Get a special link to the platform online.
  • Send in your letters of support for the contest.

The prerequisites for the Fulbright Scholarship vary by country, however, they may include having citizenship in the country from which you are applying, enrollment in a bachelor’s degree course, and proficiency in English. You can use a dropdown menu on the Fulbright website to pick your country of origin and view information specific to that country. There are more ways to reach us if you need assistance with your application.

easy scholarships for international students
Source: Fulbrightscholars.org 

Chevening Scholarships | Scholarships For International Students

Chevening Scholarship is one of the top awards for international students. The British embassies in various countries personally select the recipients of this scholarship. The primary objective of this fellowship project is to develop global leaders, influencers, and professionals. Since it started, this programme has aided in the professional development of over 55,000 people. Each country offers a different number of scholarships under this plan. A Chevening Scholarship frequently includes all necessary financial aid packages, such as round-trip economy airfare to the UK, a monthly living stipend, and university tuition costs. Through these programmes, international students can get undergraduate scholarships. However, students must fulfil the prerequisites to be eligible for this scholarship.

easy scholarships for international students
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Berea College Scholarship (USA)

All international students are eligible for scholarships at Berea College. Students might look for alternative funding options besides college scholarships to cover 100% of the cost of tuition. Berea College scholarships assist with tuition payments. Any undergraduate programme at a university can enrol students in the programme.

The conditions of the programme to which international students are applying must be met. One of the prerequisites is:

  • English language proficiency and top academic standing are requirements. By November 30, all paperwork must be submitted to the college.
  • Additionally, you must provide your TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT scores. Additionally, English proficiency is required.

To determine whether a student speaks the language well enough to succeed in their studies, a language proficiency test is required. For instance, a student in Germany choosing an English-language programme must be able to gauge their degree of English competence.

easy scholarships for international students
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Documents Required

Some of the most typical prerequisites for scholarship applications are as follows:

  • A letter of recommendation or a letter of inspiration
  • Official financial statements and evidence of low income
  • A letter of acceptance from a university
  • Application or registration form
  • Evidence of outstanding academic or athletic performance

Application Process for Easy Scholarships for International Students

Once the scholarship is decided for study abroad that you can apply for, go to work on your proper application document arrangement This is what a common application procedure looks like:

  • Apply for the scholarship, and fill out an online form.
  • Write a personal statement stating your accomplishments, distinctive experiences, rewards etc.
  • For region-based scholarships, obtain formal documentation of your nationality or low economic status certificate.
  • Obtain certification of your accomplishments in sports, art, and academics.
  • Submit the university’s letter of acceptance as proof that you will start your studies
  • Send the documents to the scholarship provider after checking them
  • After the results are out your complete tuition fee (or a portion of it) is typically paid directly to the institution or college.

Benefits of Easy Scholarships for International Students

Easy Scholarships for International Students helps them reduce their financial burden and gives them the freedom and opportunity to pursue their dream. There are various benefits of Easy Scholarships for International Students, and some of them are

  • Financial Benefits

The main goal of scholarship benefits is to give students financial support. These days, both the cost of education and the scope of education are expanding. Given the variety of short- and long-term courses offered by universities and other institutions, it can be challenging for students or their parents to secure funding for their education.

  • Acts as a goal achiever

The main goal of scholarship benefits is to give students financial support. These days, both the cost of education and the scope of education are expanding. Given the variety of short- and long-term courses offered by universities and other institutions, it can be challenging for students or their parents to secure funding for their education.

  • Aids In Admission To Well-Known Universities

Numerous prestigious institutions are on the lookout for exceptionally gifted and brilliant candidates to join the current student body. For the same purpose, they hold numerous exams, and those who do well on them are awarded scholarships.

These students will raise the college’s standards and support the development of current students. The university will also succeed in the area of research and development, and the scholarship recipient will have access to enough funding to do the same.

  • Improve Your Resume

Before even scheduling an interview, an interviewer will look over your résumé. The addition of a scholarship to a student’s résumé and the favourable impression it makes on the interviewer are both benefits.

Additionally, a candidate like this will be in a better position than the other candidates. Such a candidate will appear to be qualified, diligent, and well-equipped for the position in question, according to their resume.

  • Career Growth as well as Personal Growth 

With the money and stability that a scholarship provides, you can choose more carefully how you spend your free time. Then, the students can use this time wisely. They can choose work that is meaningful and enhances the value of their degree rather than working at any low-wage job they can find to support themselves.

English Language tests to be cleared to apply for all the Easy Scholarships for International Student

Depending on the University’s requirements, you must decide which test to take. Several foreign exams are accepted by some colleges, although many only consider one. We can list a few of them here:

You must begin studying for an international language exam since admission to a foreign university is always necessary.


What is the easiest scholarship to get for international students?

On the list of the most straightforward awards for international students, the Fulbright Scholarship comes in #1. A US-based award for international students, the Fulbright Award is offered in 155 nations. Over 4000 students receive this grant each year.

Can I get a 100% scholarship to study abroad?

You can receive a full scholarship to study overseas, yes. Numerous institutions and universities provide full scholarships for international study to Indian students. Although it is difficult, it is possible to receive a full scholarship to study overseas.

How to get a 100% free scholarship?

Follow the following steps:
Send in a standout cover letter or scholarship essay.
Recognise where to look.
Work hard and remain inspired.
Get ready in advance.
Read the application guidelines thoroughly.
Be sensible.
Make an effort to distinguish yourself from other candidates.

Hope this article gave you all the necessary information you need to know about the easy scholarships for international students. For more such information regarding scholarships and study abroad, visit us at Leverage Edu!

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