Pre-Med Courses in the UK: Universities, Courses, Fees, Scope

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Pre Med Courses in UK

The UK is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for international students, especially those who want to pursue modern medicine degrees. The UK is one of the very few countries that offer excellent medical education. Students from different parts of the world, who have plans to complete their MBBS education in the UK should consider completing pre-med courses before being accepted for a UG medical program. Medical science, as well as practice, is involved in the physical, biological, and environmental aspects of human behavior. Students who complete their pre-med degrees in the UK will undoubtedly be able to leverage numerous benefits. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about pre med courses UK. 

Offered Programs Medicine with Foundation Year
Eligibility Criteria High School Diploma 
Duration 9-18 months 
Average Fees GBP 30,000 (INR 30 Lakh)

Why You Should Study Pre-Med Courses UK?

Many students assume why they need to prioritize pre-med programs in the UK over other countries. This is because they don’t have enough idea regarding the effectiveness of medicine degrees at reputed UK universities. Here are the reasons pursuing pre-med courses in the UK would prove extremely beneficial for you:

You Will be Able to Create a Great Career Path 

When you complete your pre-med courses from a reputed university in the UK, you will be able to expand your career as a budding medical student. Apart from gaining tremendous educational experiences, you will also have numerous chances to boost your skills. 

You Can Develop Essential Skills

This is another great advantage of pursuing pre-med courses at UK universities. These courses are designed in such a way that they would help you get out of your comfort zone and grow. Your work ethic, determination, and time management skills will be enhanced to a new height. These skills will help you a lot in your personal as well as professional life. 

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You Can Stand Apart 

As a medical student, you might be aware of the competition that you might face during your education journey, You have to compete against many international students so that you can boost your chances of getting employed and receiving higher salary packages. If you want to stand apart from the crowd and make yourself more eye-catching to employers, the pre-med courses in the UK will help you. 

This is one of the most important pieces of information you need to know if you have plans to complete your pre-med courses UK. Remember that pre-med courses are one of the most popular foundation courses that can help international students to complete their UG programs at different UK universities. When you choose standalone pre-med courses, you will be able to complete them within 18 months. 

Some specific universities in the UK such as Norwich Medical School, University of Manchester, University of Nottingham, etc. offer great medicine programs to international students. Some of the most popular pre-med courses in the UK are:

  • Health Foundation Year for Medicine 
  • Foundation in Clinical Sciences and Medicine 
  • Medicine with a Foundation Year
  • Foundation to Health and Veterinary Studies Program 
  • Extended Medical Degree Programmes 

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To achieve new heights in your career, you need to make sure that you’re completing your pre-med courses from a reputed university in the UK. This way you will not only be able to enhance your knowledge but also your skills. Here are some of the best universities in the UK that offer pre-med courses. 

Name of the University QS Ranking 2023 
University of Aberdeen205
University of Bristol62
Edge Hill UniversityNA
University of Leeds92
University of Leicester236
University of Nottingham103
University of Southampton77
Cardiff University151
University of Manchester27
King’s College London35

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Admission Process

Many students face problems while pursuing pre-med courses in the UK. This is because they don’t know much about the admission process. The admission process for pre-med courses in reputed UK universities will depend on numerous factors such as the degree you’re choosing as well as the specific university. The admission process will vary from one university to another. 

Application Process

As a student, you might be confused while applying for pre-med courses at reputed UK universities, especially if you’re traveling to a foreign land for educational purposes for the very first time. This is where the professionals from Leverage Edu will help you. Here’s a quick list you need to consider:

  • Choose your preferred university. 
  • Visit the website of Leverage Edu and check the requirements. You can also call us. 
  • Complete the application form and submit all the required documents. 
  • Once you receive the offer mail from the university, pay the tuition fees. 
  • Apply for a student visa through CAS.

Eligibility Criteria 

Most UK universities accept a high school diploma as the basic entry qualification for pre-med courses. However, some specific universities also require the candidates to have higher marks in maths physics, and chemistry. Here are the eligibility criteria you need to keep in mind:

  • The age of the candidates should be above 16 
  • The candidates need to have an overall 70% score on their previous educational degree 
  • The candidates should have a biology subject
  • The candidates need to score at least 6.5 on IELTS Test 
  • Personal statement 

Documents Required 

While applying for pre med courses UK, you need to make sure you’re submitting the documents in proper order. If you make a single mistake, you might end up endangering your application. If you have any confusion, you’re encouraged to wire us and we will back you up. Here are a couple of documents that you need to submit:

How Much Do You Need to Pay While Studying Pre Med Courses UK?

Pre med courses UK are one-year foundation courses, perfect for students who have plans to pursue UG degrees in the medical field from reputed UK universities. Depending on the university as well as the course you choose, you might need to spend anywhere between GBP 22,000 (INR 22 Lakh) and GBP 30,000 (INR 30 Lakh). 

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However, you also need to consider the cost of living in the UK. Here’s a table that would help you know more:

Factors Average Cost/ Month
Food and Groceries GBP 200 (INR 20K)
Accommodation GBP 700 (INR 70K)
Household BillsGBP 50 (INR 5K)
Entertainment GBP 50 (INR 5K)
Transportation GBP 40 (INR 4K)
Miscellaneous GBP 300 (INR 30K)

Career Prospects and Scope 

This is another important thing you need to know if you want to complete your pre-med courses UK. Once you’re done completing your pre-med courses from the UK, you will be able to apply for bachelor programs in the medical field in the UK. However, keep in mind that you need to take UCAT. On the other hand, you can also go for PG courses after completing your UG courses. The students may work in hospitals or care homes when they have completed their studies or after graduation from the school of medicine. There is an increased chance that they will secure a good postgraduate program at the university of their choice if they have gained sufficient experience. The students will be able to work as junior doctors or trainee physicians after completing their studies. In order to obtain a higher career potential, they may move on to study at the postgraduate level.


Q.1. Can I study medicine in the UK after the 12th?

Ans: You will be able to study medicine at UK universities after completing your class 12th exam. But you need to make sure that you have secured at least a 50% score in the NEET exam. 

Q.2. Which course is best after the 12th medical in the UK?

Ans: Even though there are various courses available in the UK that you can pursue after your class 12th exam, medicine is undoubtedly the best course you can choose. 

Q.3. What are the fees of MBBS in the UK in Indian rupees?

Ans: The average fee for completing MBBS in the UK is around INR 35 Lakh. 

This is everything you needed to know about pre med courses in UK. Keep in mind that your academic marks alone cannot help you complete your dream of completing higher education at UK universities. You will need professional assistance from Leverage Edu so that they can help you complete your study abroad dream. Consider contacting us on 1800 57 2000 for 30-minute counselling. 

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