Get a Detailed Understanding of Norway Student Visa Fees in 2024 

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International students wanting to study in Norway need to apply for a student visa. The student visa legally authorises your stay and studies in the country for a specific period. You can apply for a student visa at an embassy or consulate. While applying for your visa, you will have to pay the Norway student visa fees. The fees are different for adults and children. You need to know about it for a smooth visa application. Therefore, in this blog, we have compiled all the details you need to know about Norway student visa fees. 


Who Needs a Norway Student Visa?

A Norway student visa is required by any non-EU international student wanting to study in the country. For long-term studies, the student will have to apply for a Schengen D Visa or National Visa. That is studies longer than 90 days within 180 days. You can live, study, and even work part-time with this visa till the period of the visa validity. To obtain a Norway student visa, you need to apply for the same and pau the Noway student visa fees.   

Types of Norway Student Visa 

There are two types of Norway student visas. You must understand the same to know about the Norway student visa fees:

  • Norway Schengen Visit Visa: This is not a student visa. However, this visa can be applied for short-term studies in Norway. That is less than 90 days. This visa is known as a short-term Schengen visa. Students who want to take up short courses, attend seminars, vocational training, etc would come under this category.
  • Schengen D Visa or National Visa: The Schengen D visa or national visa is a student visa that you can apply for long-term studies. Long-term studies here would imply studies longer than 90 days within 180 days. If you would like to pursue Bachelor’s Master’s, or PhD you will have to apply for this visa.

Norway Student Visa Eligibility 

The Norway student visa eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • You must have received admission to a Norway college or university
  • The course that you are taking up must be a full-time programme 
  • The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) must have accredited the educational institution
  • Additionally, you must have sufficient funds to cover your living and tuition costs. That is, a minimum of NOK 123,519 per year towards living expenses. This amount must be there in your bank account apart from your living expenses
  • Additionally, you must have secured accommodation in the country 

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Norway Student Visa Documentation Requirements 

To apply for the Noway student visa certain documents are mandatory. You need to present these documents for the application process, and to pay the Norway student visa fees.

norway student visa fees
  • A valid passport, and student visa application form 
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Offer letter from a university in Norway you want to study in
  • Proof of sufficient funds to pay your tuition fees and living expenses. For this purpose, you can submit your bank account statements, and work contact (part-time) that will specify where you will be working, the compensation amount, etc.
  • To prove that you can pay your tuition fees you must submit a tuition fee payment receipt 
  • Additionally, you must provide proof of accommodation. For example, a rental agreement, a school mentioning that they are providing you accommodation in the offer letter, etc.
  • Those applying from a country other than their home country must prove that they are legally a resident of the country. That is, they must submit a residence permit of the country 
  • Minor applicants will have to submit additional documents such as birth certificate, consent application for residence permit, parent’s/legal guardian’s passport copies, etc.
  • Lastly, ensure that your provide all documentation in English or Norwegina. If any document is not in these languages, translate the same. 
  • You must also provide any other additional documents requested by the embassy or consulate while processing your application.

Application Process for Norway Student Visa 

The application process for the Norway student visa is as follows. You must apply for the visa 15 days before your intended journey. However, the application for the visa must be sent 6 months beforehand.

  • You can apply for the Norway student visa at the Norwegian consulate
  • You can download the checklist for the study permit online on the official website of UDI –www.udi.no/
  • Next, you must complete the visa application form 
  • Lastly, you must turn up in person to deliver the visa application form and the documents 
  • You can visit the VFS application centre with which the Norwegian embassy in New Delhi has an agreement. You can book an online appointment for the same 
  • You need to pay the Norway student visa fees. A visa interview may be conducted, and you may have to submit your biometric information
  • Lastly, your visa application will be processed, and a decision will be arrived upon.

Norway Student Visa Fees 

The European Commission is responsible for setting the fees for a Schengen visa. Under the “amendment to the Visa Code” every 3 years the visa fees are changed or increased. The last amendment took place in January 2020. At that time, the visa fees were increased from €60 to 80€ for adults, and €35 to €40 for children between the ages of 6-12. On June 11th 2024, the visa fees were increased again! This time the fees were increased by 12%. At present, the standard visa rates are as follows: 

norway student visa fees
Particulars Visa Fee
Children between the ages of 6-12 €45
Children below the age of 6 Free
Applicants from Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Belarus€35
Applicants from  Cabo Verde€67,50 

Note: additional fees may be applicable for those applying through visa service centres. This is because the visa service centres would collect the applicants on behalf of the consulate in certain cases. 

How Much Bank Balance is Required for a Student Visa in Norway?

Apart from paying the Norway student visa fees, you need to meet other requirements. One such requirement is presenting documentation that proves you have sufficient money to live on (maintenance) while you are living in Norway. The minimum amount you need for a student visa in Norway is as follows:

Particulars Amount 
Minimum Balance NOK 13,790 a month or  NOK 151,690 a year  

As proof, you can submit documents such as grants and loan decisions from the Staten lønekasse, employment contracts for part-time work in Norway, etc

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Norway Student Visa Processing Time 

The Norway student visa processing time is provided below. You will have to pay the norway student visa fees to get your visa processed.

Particulars Processing Time 
Normal processing time 15 days
Processing time when additional documents are needed 45 days extension

Duration of Norway Student Visa 

The Norway student visa duration would be the same as the duration of your studies. When you receive a study permit. The duration would be stated in it.  

A study permit can be renewed by visiting the UDI website (if applicable). You can use the same account as you used when applying for the study permit.  A renewal must be submitted 3 months before the date of expiry of the student visa. 

Can You Work on a Student Visa in Norway?

norway student visa fees

Yes. When you get a student visa for Norway you automatically receive permission to work part time. You can work for 20 hours per week (this includes remote work) alongside your studies. If work is part of your education curriculum, then you can apply for full-time work. However, under no circumstances you can be self-employed on a student visa.

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What Happens If the Norway Student Visa is Rejected?

When a Norway student visa application is rejected. You have 2 options. They are:

  • Reapplication: If your visa application is rejected, the reason for the same will be provided in the refusal letter. You can check the same to understand the reason for the visa refusal and apply again. When you are reapplying ensure that you are not repeating the same mistake, and provide adequate evidence to make your application strong.
  • Visa appeal: Norway allows you to appeal against the decision made. You can choose this option if you feel that the visa decision has been unfair. You can appeal the decision by visiting the UDI website and filling out the form,

Best Universities to Study in Norway in 2024 

Here is a list of the best universities that you can study in Norway. The QS  World rankings of these universities are also provided for your reference.

UniversitiesQS Ranking 2024 
University of Bergen281
University of Oslo117
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)292
Norwegian University of Life Sciences1201-14001201-1400
UIT the Arctic University of Norway577
University of Stavanger1401+


Is Norway student visa easy?

The Norway student visa process is straightforward. As long as you meet the eligibility, and documentation requirements and apply on time you will receive the visa. In the year 2022, out of the 7.5 million Schengen visa applications only 1.3 million (17.9%) were rejected.

How much is a student visa for Norway in Indian rupees?

The student visa fees from Norway costs around  €90 for adults (INR 8,043.37), and €45 (4,021.68)  for children between the ages of 6-12. Those below the age of 6 do not ahev to pay the visa fee.

Is IELTS required for Norway student visa?

The medium of instruction in Norway is in English. Therefore, you must clear an English proficiency test in English. This examination can be either IELTS or any other examination like TOEFL. The minimum IELTS score you need is 5.7 overall to clear the IELTS exam. 

We hope you now understand what is the Norway student visa fees. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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