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University of Stavanger

Stavanger, Norway



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History, Affiliations, and Rankings

The 1969-founded Rogaland Regional College served as the university's foundation. The Rogaland Polytechnic and Rogaland Regional College amalgamated to establish the Rogaland College Center in 1986. Rogaland College Center amalgamated with Stavanger Nursing College, Stavanger Social Work College, the Norwegian Hospitality College, Stavanger Teachers' College, Rogaland Music Conservatory, and the Congregational College in 1994 to become Stavanger University College. In 2005, the government awarded Stavanger University College the status of a university. According to research publications per scientific staff member, Stavanger University is currently ranked third in Norway. ECIU (European Consortium of Innovative Universities) accepted the university as a member in October 2012. It is one of Norway's largest colleges educating master's level students in business administration and offers a wide range of academic programs.The University of Stavanger ranks #401–500th in World University Rankings 2022 #601-800th in Impact Rankings 2022 and #116th in Young University Rankings 2022.

Infrastructure, Campuses, and Courses

The University of Stavanger, located on the scenic South West Coast of Norway, is one of the largest universities in the country. Campus Ullandhaug is situated in the nearby neighbourhood of Ullandhaug. The university has 10,888 students and 1372 members and is organized into six faculties: Educational Sciences and Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Performing Arts, Health Sciences, and Norwegian School of Management.There are over 300 study programmes and over 1,800 courses offered at The University of Stavanger, ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate. The University of Stavanger Business School is a business school and a faculty under the University of Stavanger. The school offers a wide variety of educational programmes and is one of the largest institutions in Norway educating students at the master's level in business administration.

Accomplishments and Alumni 

The University of Stavanger ranks #401–500th in World University Rankings 2022 #601-800th in Impact Rankings 2022 and #116th in Young University Rankings 2022. In November, the University of Stavanger Business School became the first Norwegian business school to receive the EFMD certification. The university prioritises energy, health and welfare, and learning. The university promotes quality of life, good living conditions, and sustainable development. Some of the alumni are Hadia Tajik, Geir Bergkastet, Helge Eide, Ingrid Fiskaa, Leif Johan Sevland, and Bodil Arnesen.

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

Academic life at the University of Stavanger is organised into six faculties comprising various departments/schools, National Research Centres, and the Museum of Archaeology. In addition to supporting diversity, UiS encourages all qualified individuals to apply for positions at the university regardless of age, gender, disability, or national or ethnic background. Additionally, special events such as spinning marathons, Zumba parties, and climbing courses are organised.The university also offers inbound and outbound international exchange programmes to students, allowing them to explore new cultures, learn in a new environment, travel and meet new people. It can be taken for one or two terms, and past students have travelled to Italy, Finland, the United States, Australia, South Korea, and the UK.

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