New Zealand Student Visa Fees 2024 – Complete Details

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New Zealand Student Visa Fees 2024

New Zealand is considered one of the best places to study. To study the candidates must apply for a New Zealand student visa. In order to complete the application process the candidates are required to pay the required fees for a New Zealand student visa. The fees depend upon the student’s nationality. This country follows a system of three bands with each band having different application fees. Check the below guide to learn more about the New Zealand student visa fees. 


Know About the New Zealand Student Visa Process in 2024

New Zealand Student Visa Fees Based on Different Bands

The table below highlights the application of New Zealand student visa fees for different bands:

Student Visa TypeBand A (NZ$)Band B (NZ$)Band C (NZ$)Immigration Charge (NZ$)
Hard copy26020528017
Education Provider100NANA17

New Zealand Student Visa Fees as per the Visa Type for both Online and Offline Application

Check the below table to learn about the application fees for both online and offline modes as per the different types of New Zealand student visas:

Visa Type Online Application Offline Application
Permanent ResidenceN/ANZ$220 — $260
Skilled Migrant Category Resident VisaNZ$4,890NZ$ 4,890
Temporary Retirement Visitor VisaN/ANZ$3,790
Entrepreneur Work VisaN/ANZ$3,920
Entrepreneur Resident VisaN/ANZ$6,860
Global Impact Permanent Resident VisaN/ANZ$4,240
Parent Retirement Resident VisaN/ANZ$5,260
Child of a New Zealander Visitor VisaNZ$210NZ$190 — $240
Parent Resident VisaN/ANZ$3,610
Partner of a New Zealander Resident VisaNZ$3,610NZ$3,610
Partner of a New Zealander Visitor VisaNZ$210NZ$190 — $235
Dependent Child Resident VisaNZ$3,610NZ$3,610
Child of a Student Visitor VisaNZ$210NZ$220 — $240
Dependent Child Student VisaNZ$395NZ$340 — $480
Fee Paying Student VisaNZ$430NZ$440 —  $485
Parent and Grandparent Visitor VisaNZ$125 — $245NZ$235 — $280
Long-Term Skill Shortage List Resident VisaN/ANZ$4,240
Partner of a Student Work VisaNZ$700NZ$635 — $770
Post-Study Work VisaNZ$700NZ$625 — $860
Student and Trainee Work VisaNZ$735NZ$630 — $800
Child of a Worker Visitor VisaNZ$220 —  230NZ$210
New Zealand Aid Programme Student VisaNZ$395NZ$350 — $440

Work Part-Time in New Zealand: Complete Guide

How to Pay the Visa Application Fees?

There are two types of application processes and the payment of application fees depends upon the process:

  • Online Application: The candidates are required to provide bank details while applying online. After the payment is done successfully, the candidates will receive a confirmation email. They must keep a copy of the proof of payment.
  • Offline Application:  The candidates must provide their bank card details in the payment section of the application form. The candidates must ensure that they have sufficient funds in their account when they receive their application.

New Zealand Study Visa Processing Time

The processing time of the New Zealand Study visa is as follows. Note: the exact visa processing time depends on how complex the visa process is. A student visa application processing can also be delayed because of the huge number of applications.

Education Provider 80% completed within
PTEs (Private Training Establishments)12 weeks
Universities7 weeks

Top Universities in New Zealand

Here is a list of some of the top universities in New Zealand.

UniversityQS Ranking 2024
University of Auckland68
Victoria University of Wellington241
University of Otago206
University of Waikato250
Massey University=239
University of Canterbury=256
Auckland University of Technology (AUT)=407
Lincoln University=362


What is the rejection rate in New Zealand?

Although the rejection rate in New Zealand is quite low, the rejection rate is  3.97% as the visa can still get rejected due to multiple reasons.

Are the students allowed to work after completing their studies?

Yes, the candidates can work after completing their studies through a work visa.

Is it compulsory to provide proof of admission to an institute?

To apply for a student visa the candidates are required to provide proof of enrolment from an institute. In case enrolment is not available then an offer of place can be presented

How much fund is required for a New Zealand student visa?

The minimum balance required for a New Zealand student visa is around: NZD 20,000 each year. Those who are studying compulsory education (for students between 6-16 years) need approximately NZD 17,000 every year.

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