MSc in Sports Science

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The constantly evolving world of sports and the high need for expertise in sports science has never been more. An MSc in Sports Science will give you progressive knowledge and the skillfulness needed to make a mark in this active field. The program dives into the scientific principles that promote athletic performance, that equips you with a thorough understanding of nutrition, exercise physiology, psychology, training methodologies and biomechanics. Whether you aspire to work with elite athletes, contribute to scientific research or guide beginners in the field of sports, an MSc in Sports Science will open doors into a vast field of opportunities.

Name of the CourseMSc in Sports Science
Study LevelPostgraduate
EligibilityBachelors in the relevant field
Duration1-2 years
Mode of DeliveryOffline
Career ScopeSports Therapist, Fitness Instructor, Physiotherapist, Sports Nutritionist, Physical Education Teacher

Why Should You Study an MSc in Sports Science?

There are several reasons why you should study an MSc in Sports Science. Here are some of them:

  1. Flourish in a Field You Love: If your passions lie in sports, fitness and exercise, an MSc in Sports Science will equip you with valuable skills and help craft a career in the area. 
  2. Support Numerous People: You will get to help a diverse spectrum of people who are energetically interested in their fitness and health, which will allow you to make a positive impact on their lives.
  3. Career Opportunities: The program will prepare you for a variety of career paths which include athletic coaching, sports nutrition, fitness, research, sports management, and education. 
  4. Professional and Personal Growth: The MSc in Sports Science provides an opportunity to enhance overall athletic well-being and performance, thus making it a very impactful and rewarding career choice. 
  5. Industry Need: Since Sports Science is acquiring worldwide popularity among athletes, scientists, coaches and medical specialists it is leading to an increased demand for well-qualified experts in the field. 

Why Should You Apply for the MSc in Sports Science program in 2023? 

Here is why you should apply for the degree in 2023:

  • You will get to create and execute training programs for athletes of all capabilities and ages. 
  • You will get to work with public health organisations to promote healthy lifestyles and physical activity. 
  • You will get to conduct research to improve and understand the areas of sports science. 
  • You can teach sports science courses at the university level. 
  • It will give you the skills and knowledge you need to work in a variety of rewarding and challenging careers. 
  • It is a highly regarded program that is offered by some of the best universities on the globe.
  • The job market is growing rapidly at an increasingly fast pace with a demand for qualified sports scientists. 

Top Universities for MSc in Sports Science 

University QS World Ranking Course Offered
University of Glasgow, Scotland76MSc in Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine 
The University of Edinburgh,Scotland22MSc by Research in Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences
University of Birmingham,UK84MSc by Research in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science 
University of Copenhagen, Denmark107MSc in Humanities and Social Sport Sciences (taught in Danish)
Cardiff Metropolitan University,UK154MSc in Sport and Exercise Science
Canterbury Christ Church University,UK1001-1200MSc by Research in Sport and Exercise Science 
University of Chester,UKNAMSc in Sports Performance Science 
University of South Wales,UKNAMSc in Sport, Health and Exercise Science 
University of Lincoln, UK851-900MSc in Sport Science 
University of Exeter, UK153MSc in Sport and Health Sciences
University of Sunderland,UKNAMSc in Sport and Exercise Science 
University of Kent,UK336MSc by Research and Thesis in Sport and Exercise Science 
Bangor University,UK481MSc in Sport and Exercise Science
University of Central Lancashire,UK901-950MSc in Sport and Exercise Science
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK590MSc in Sport and Exercise Science

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Admission Process  

As there are various universities in the world that offer MSc in Sports Science, the admission process would vary from university to university Though some criteria and documents would apply to all and would be necessary for you.  


  • A four-year bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.
  • Work experience might be required for some universities. 
  • Your test scores of TOEFL or IELTS
  • A Personal Interview might be taken to assess your suitability for the program.

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Documents Required 

MSc in Sports Science Syllabus

According to the 1 year- MSc in Sport and Excercise Science and Medicine from the University of Glasgow these are the modules you will need to complete:

Core Courses

  • Evidence-Based Biomedical Research Methods and Statistics
  • Exercise Physiology Lab Project 
  • MSc Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine- Dissertation

Optional Courses

  • Ergogenic Aids for Excercise Performance 
  • Exercise in Clinical Populations 
  • Physical Activity and Health: Epidemiology, Mechanisms and Interventions
  • Physical Activity and Health: Public Health and Behaviour Change
  • Sport and Exercise Medicine in Practice 
  • Sports Injuries for Doctors and Physiotherapists
  • Sports Injuries: Prevention and Rehabilitation 
  • The World Class Athlete 

Job Opportunities

These are the following areas of work that will open up for you after an MSc in Sports Science:

Sports TherapistFitness InstructorPhysiotherapist
Sports NutritionistPhysical Education TeacherStrength and Conditioning Coach
Sport CoachSport ManagerPublic Health Professional
Exercise Physiologist Sport ResearcherPersonal Trainer

Top Recruiters

These are the top industries that recruit after the completion of the degree:

  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Fitness Centers and Gyms
  • Corporate Wellness Programs 
  • Rehabilitation Centers 
  • Research Institutions 
  • University or College Athletic Departments
  • Public Health Organisations
  • Government Agencies 
  • Educational Institutions 
  • Sports Coaching
  • Sports Management 

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What is MSc in Sports Science?

An MSc in Sports Science is a postgraduate degree that provides students with an advanced understanding of the scientific principles of sports and exercise. You will learn all about the science and research that goes into sports and the betterment of a person whether athlete or individual. 

What is the scope of MSc Sports Science?

The MSc in Sports Science offers a wide scope when it comes to career opportunities, skill advancement and areas of specialisation.

What is the role of sports science?

Sports Science plays a vital role in in averting injuries, improving athletic performance, and boosting public health because it applies scientific principles to the study of human movement. 

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